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Covid-Related Burnout Is Having A Big Impact On Small Business Owners: Survey – Forbes



Burned out matches against a white backdrop. According to the results of a new Capital One Business … [+] survey, “small business owners are acutely feeling the impact on their mental well-being and their ability to maintain work-life balance as a result of navigating pandemic-related disruptions and fluctuating mandates across the country for nearly two years.”
Covid has had a devastating impact on many small businesses, forcing hundreds of thousands of them to shut down. Now comes word about the impact the disease has had on small business owners.
A new survey from Capital One Business found that many of the owners are exhausted. And for good reason.
According to the company, the survey found that “small business owners are acutely feeling the impact on their mental well being and their ability to maintain work-life balance as a result of navigating pandemic-related disruptions and fluctuating mandates across the country for nearly two years.
“And this burnout is likely…compounded by additional challenges, including rising inflation, The Great Resignation, and the current Omicron surge.”
Janice Litvin, the author of the Banish Burnout Toolkit, said that, “unreasonable workloads and deadlines eventually cause burnout. True burnout is defined by the World Health Organization as chronic stress that is not successfully managed.”
Burnout can create a crisis at and for any organization. The crisis can be much worse for small businesses, however, especially if owners have no help. According to the Small Business Administration, 81%, or 25.7 million, have no employees.

The Capital One Business Survey was conducted among U.S. small business owners. Small businesses are defined as those with total annual revenues less than $20 million. The survey collected insights from 1,000 business owners. It was conducted by Morning Consult from an online panel from November 17 to November 21, 2021. The margin of error for business owners is +/-3%.
Many small business owners are nothing if not optimistic, however.
According to the survey, more than half (52%) of the business owners expect their work-life balance to improve in the next six months and 63% expect business conditions in their area to improve in 2022.
Given the important role small businesses play in the U.S. economy, there is lot riding on the ability of their owners to bounce back from Covid’s impact on their health. According to the Small Business Administration, there are 31.7 million small businesses in this country. More than 80%, or 25.7 million, have no employees and 19 percent, or six million, have paid employees.
Litvin observed that, “small business owners are often very committed to and passionate about their work, so burnout can creep up without them even noticing. When people ask ‘how can I tell if I’m burning out,’ my answer is to look at the micro clues, such as negative thoughts, like ‘I’m getting overwhelmed with all my emails.’”
She said that, “Avoidance clues are a sure sign of burnout. They include thoughts like, ‘I wish I could stay in bed till noon today.’ The most obvious clue is an angry outburst at a loved one. That is a telltale sign that something else is bothering you.
“Other clues include: problems sleeping, feelings of resentment, or digestive issues,” she concluded.


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