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DxOMark: vivo X70 Pro's camera beats the iPhone 13 – comments –



Kj, 4 hours agoAgreed I think Hype carries apple More than Quality itselfoh yes, finally someone who is not blind.
Anonymous, 4 hours agoEven if iPhone had the best camera I would never buy one. It isn't a smart phone for me.Agree, its just a phone, not a smartphone 👌🏻
Who really cares if it beat IPhone camera.
I really don't understand why you folks on GsmArena making such a headline??
Clickbait or??

Does anyone knows a more straight site like GsmArena, just without all this s h i t, its annoying.
Even if iPhone had the best camera I would never buy one. It isn't a smart phone for me.
And no transfer of money took place 😅
Whackcar, 21 hours agoThe only people I've seen claiming that iPhone takes the best pics are those sellout revi… moreAgreed I think Hype carries apple More than Quality itself

Video shows how weak is the ISP of exynos 2100 compared to de Spectra of SD888.
Both use same HM3 isocell.
Thanu bro, 8 hours agoDxomark is a complete jokePlease, send me an alternative site…
And most people here know it. So don't rely on those "scores".
Thy who pays the bills gets the highest rating……

DXO Mark is more of a consultancy to Chinese phone-makers to tune their image processing. Their role as ratings is irrelevant. They get paid to fine-tune image processing and then they rate their own work. Apple and Samsung do not use their service and get low scores… surprise.
Not to be an iPhone apologist but this is a comparison between a phone that has a zoom lens (the Vivo) and one that doesn’t. The points available in the DxOMark zoom test are always going to skew this in it’s favour…
Dxomark is a complete joke
Paid advertising, 12 hours agoAm I the only one who thought DxOMark reviews is nothing more than paid advertising these days… moreI think that you are the only one who thinks it's only dxo
Do you think you can keep up a website like this with 3ads in a page?
First time I agree with DxO Mark.
Paid advertising, 12 hours agoAm I the only one who thought DxOMark reviews is nothing more than paid advertising these days… moreYou are not the only one. also gsmarena is like that as well
Am I the only one who thought DxOMark reviews is nothing more than paid advertising these days rather than factual reviews?
FYI, I am not a fruit fanboy and I was shocked how low they rate s21 Ultra too, which is way below than a lot of these Chinese fones IMHO is seriously questionable.
I don't even look at their website reviews anymore
I bought the iPhone 13 for 1500$+ in my country. One day I was next to my colleague at work and noticed how his Chinese phone was so much smoother than mine you guys, unbelievable! Apparently it's something called High Refresh Rate display which my phone doesn't have. I said to him that it must've costed him a fortune. He laughed and replied that it costed him 140$. Less than 10% of what I paid and still so much more smoother than mine.

This was so embarassing to me. I still won't buy an android because they don't have the big notches and thick bezels that my iPhone has which really sets it apart from other phones with their all-screen design but come on Apple, stop embarassing us and put HRR displays in non-pro models too. Now everybody thinks I couldn't afford the 13 Pro(which I couldn't btw) & it sucks.
Hmm sus…
We all know bout this… Its just u "fruiters" can't accept it 🤣🤣🤣
Anonymous, 15 hours agoNot to bash DxOMark, but it is a privately-owned spin-off with probably heavy Chinese investme… moreSo if the English speaking American Apple tops the charts of an independent French organization, whom every ranked company consults for improvements, Apple isn't looking for press recognition through bribes. But if a Chinese company making actual progress, one of who actually had to be stopped by the American Government to save Apple and further monopolize the American market than it already was, tops the charts or even beats Apple, then they are bribing for press recognition? And let's forget about the fact that Mandarin has the most speakers globally just to pass off the Chinese investment narrative even though English is the default language in the website and one needs to drop down to change languages.
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