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Hair experts say these are the 5 most helpful mind razors for 2022.



Although the trend of shaved foreheads and deep curls has been popularized on TikTok over the past year, there is nothing more amazing than removing your hair. Although the shaved head trend was popular during the pandemic, it is still appropriate for both men and women today. This is an excellent option for those who are just beginning to lose weight or need a low-maintenance look. Patrick Butler, the complex director of knowledge at Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, says it’s a good choice. It can be maintained at home, but it is a bold choice, according to Butler, who has more than 25 years of experience working in hair care.

A mind razor can be used to keep your hair clean, whether you are planning to buzz it or not. We contacted hair professionals to help you decide which mind razor is right for you. We gathered their top tips and recommended some highly rated options to consider.

What exactly is a mind razor?

Monica Davis, a hairdresser and founder of MyStraightener, describes a mind razor as a software tool that uses oscillating rotary knives to cut hair. They are covered with a thin metal layer and run at high speeds. There are many resources available that can help you maintain a clean mind. These include clippers, cutters, and razors. However, a good mind-raser “can cut as easily and as close as the skin as possible without frustrating skin and minimize lumps and ingrown hairs due to its regular speed,” Davide Marinelli, creator and creative director of Davide Hair Business in New York City. Butler explained that the shock absorber effect of mind razors allows them to adapt to your head shape.

Head razors versus clippers, cutters, and razors

All three resources help maintain a clean head, but it depends on how you want your hair to look. Davis said that you could use clippers to replace scissors and a toothbrush, while a trimmer can eliminate scissors, while a trimmer can be used as a substitute for scissors. A [head] razor is used to replace basic information razors.

Butler stated that a mind-shaving razor is only suitable for close and clean shaving. It has three to six knives and can be used to cut hair as close as possible to the scalp. Butler said that the mind razor’s ability to cut more area is dependent on how many rotary knives it has. This can lead to a more straightforward finish. This can benefit people who have cut their hair to just a few strands.

According to Butler, a trimmer is better suited for trimming the hair around your ears and throat than for heavy removal. Davis explained that the trimmer has knives that can be used for shaping, edging, and detailing.

Butler pointed out that the clipper was designed to quickly cut long and solid hair. It is also better if you are looking for a fresh cut rather than a complete shave. The clipper is usually more substantial than a trimmer, which leaves the hair at the same length. Marinelli stated that it would not feel clean but more like a “five o’clock shadow,” which might make you want to use a mind razor afterward.

If you have longer hair, a blade can provide a thorough shave using just a few drops of water and shaving gel. Butler said that a straight razor can be “unforgiving” and requires patience and skill. He said a mind razor is “a push of key and a smooth glide around your head without any issues about cutting yourself.”

The most helpful mind razors of 2022

We have compiled a list of expert-recommended options to help you shave your head. The mind razors are water-resistant and have both dry and wet shaving capabilities. They also come with a lithium-ion battery that allows for longer battery life under our professional guidance.

AidallsWellup 5-in-1 Electric Heads Shaver

Butler prefers the AidallsWellup 5-in-1 Electric Head Shaver because of its six pivoting knives. It can be used dry or damp so you will need water or shaving cream. He explained that you support the razor while you massage your head. Then, the pivoting knives will be used to wrap the outer lining. There are five parts to the razor, one for shaping sound and another for serious skin brushing. AidallsWellup has an ergonomic design and an apreshavee massage brush to reduce stubble and smooth skin. The brand suggests that the razor should be priced at 90 minutes to be effective simultaneously.

Brain Shaver Pitbull Silver PRO Electric Shaver

Marinelli and Butler recommended that the Brain Shaver Pitbull be equipped with four knives to ensure its durability. Brain Shaver stated that although it doesn’t have additional parts, the mind razor has an ergonomic handle between your hands and an edgy design to catch hair extras. This prevents them from getting lost and causing a mess. It has a 90-minute run time, and an LED display screen will show you how much battery is left.

Remington Balder Seasoned Hair Shaver

Marinelli also recommended the Remington Balder Seasoned Head Razor, with its five rotary knives that are durable and quick to shave. The Remington razor is similar to the Brain Shaver in that it has no parts. However, it does gather hair in one of the knives, which can be removed to remove it. It also has a runtime of 50 minutes, which is the fastest among the razors on this list. The model claims it takes 4 hours to cost fully

Flexibility Grooming with the FlexSeries Electric Hair Shaver

Marinelli praised the FlexSeries Electric Head Shaver for its five variable knives. Your model states that it simply glides on the skin. It has five parts. A trimmer and accuracy cutter with three safety pads, a nose, an ear hair trimmer, and a skin-shedding brush. The Flexibility Grooming Razor is easy to use thanks to its ergonomic design. The razor has a quick USB receiver cable and a micro cleaning brush to remove the knives. It has a runtime that is 90 minutes, depending on the brand.

Kibby Electric Razor

Six blades are included in the Kibiy Electric Blade. The brand also offers Flexibility Brushing and AidallsWellip mind shavers. This highly-rated mind shaver has five tools: a hair clipper and nose hair trimmer. It also includes a massage tool to soften stubble. The Kirby has an ergonomic design but also features a self-locking function that activates when the blades are blocked. The shaver can run for 90 seconds after being received. It also features an LED display that displays how long it has left to charge.

Before you buy and use a mind shaver, here are some things to keep in mind

You should consider the features of mind shavers that will make it easier to wax and last longer. We spoke with hair treatment authorities to identify key features, such as preservation, battery life, and water resistance.

Dry shavers versus wet shavers

Although most mindshavers are designed to be used in both dry and damp conditions, some designs can only be used in either of these situations. Butler stated that he likes damp waxing as it softens hair and opens pores. He said the shaver could cut hair closer to the scalp, making it smoother and reducing irritation.

Another thing to note is that if you are cutting dry, which is usually less time-consuming than moist waxing, because it doesn’t require waxing foam or jumping in the shower, the edge is “pushed to move about dried epidermis, which may get annoyed based upon your pressure,” Butler stated.

Battery life

Davis stated that the more recharges you produce per month, the better. Davis said it was not ideal to be surprised by a dead battery in the middle of shaving. So, she suggested that a mind-shaver with a common sign for the battery is a good idea. Butler said that lithium batteries are superior because they can “hold a charge longer than standard rechargeables.”


You should always read the cleaning instructions to ensure that your face shaver lasts. Butler said, “I always check to see how many blades it has” and how easy it is to remove the protection for cleaning. For those with a busy schedule, he suggested looking for a type that only requires occasional oiling or cleaning.

Water resistance

Many mind shavers can be used in water-resistant situations, such as when you are going to shower and want to clean up any hair wax or cream that may have accumulated on the blades. Davis noticed that waterproof products are generally more durable.


Higher prices don’t necessarily mean a better product, as with many other purchases. Although some shavers can be expensive at $100, most stable ones should cost between $50 and $60. Davis advised us that you shouldn’t spend much on mindshare if you are on a tight budget. You don’t have to pay much for this product, as many great alternatives exist.

Before you use a mind shaver, here are some tips for how to treat your face.

Butler suggests that you wash your face first before waxing. Davis recommends using apreshavee gel to prepare your skin and hair for a thorough shave. He said prepping the hair first will soften it and allow the shaver more efficiency around the head.

Butler said that a waxing cream buffer is unnecessary when using a mind shaver. This may make it more difficult for the blades to work during hair removal. To give you a more pleasant waxing experience, Butler suggested using a brush to apply a thin coating of cream. Davis said that once you have turned off your facial shaver, you can wash your skin with excellent water and moisturize your skin with a product designed for the scalp or skin.

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