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How to save money in your supply chain?



Saving money is key in any business, more so during financially unstable times such as Covid. We have witnessed, maybe first hand, how entire industries have been closed down overnight due to border closures, Covid restrictions and the lack of raw materials. Due to this, companies may be forced to go back to basics with local supply. This often means increased costs, however companies would have more control over aspects such as quality and delivery. Their supply chain needs to be agile enough to account for any unexpected shocks.

Raman Bhalla took the supply chain market by storm and created 6 figure company Pro-Source Direct to ensure that no business would ever have to encounter unnecessary difficulties when sourcing the products they need.


Raman Bhalla, founder of supply chain agency Pro Source Direct says: “Pro Source Direct helps our customers maximise their supply chain and in turn save money. Our analysis of your current supply chain allows us to gain an insight on your current pain points, such as areas of your supply that are haemorrhaging money. By identifying these points, we are able to create an action plan and are able to look at implementing solutions.

We asked the CEO of Pro-Source Direct to give us his top tips all about how to save money in your supply chain.

  1. Treat your supply chain with as much importance as any other sector of your business. Small businesses often overlook the importance of an efficient supply chain. An efficient supply chain that is managed properly can have such a positive effect on sales and increase in revenues and profits.
  2. Don’t let your supply chain dictate you, be in full control. We can help with this. This is where our experience and relationships come into play. A good relationship with your suppliers is essential. Keeping the relationship positive is the tricky part. There are several things that need to be addressed, things that many SME’s overlook. What is the process if a product is damaged ? What is the process if my products don’t arrive on time? These are the things that need to be outlined and agreed to avoid issues moving forward. We specialise in building these relationships.
  3. Evolving from a supply chain to a supply network, this will help to plan and account for unforeseen circumstances, like many have just experienced with Covid and Brexit. We can help you implement a back up plan for your back up plan. Having a supply network can be difficult to manage. Again, this is what we do best.
  4. Mistakes such as human error are inevitable, don’t stress. Prepare for these mistakes.
  5. Don’t get complacent, study your market. Once a supply network is in place, it is easy to think the job is done. Communication is vital with all involved within the supply chain.

Do you need help with your supply chain? Contact Pro-Source Direct to book in a call to discuss how they can help.

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