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How to Write Business essay example



How to Write Business essay example

Don’t know where to use an example in a business essay? Don’t worry about that, because we will provide the steps to write a business essay and where to put an example.

The professors of business schools assigned the business essay to their students to broaden their horizons regarding business. But some students get frustrated when they have to write such an assignment. The reasons behind this are various, but the main reason is they do not know how to write it and what examples they need to consider in the elaboration part.

In this blog, we are going to tell you how to write a business essay and business essay example. Let’s discuss the points which we need to follow while writing a business essay.

Select the Topic-

 If your professor gave you the title or topic for the writing, it is good. But when you need to choose the topic on your own then it is a benefit for you because you can choose the topic as per your interest. Take time to set down the title so that you can clearly focus on the content of the assignment.

Understand the objective-

Whenever you get a business essay to write, your primary objective is to understand the topic and how to respond to the question. You need to analyze the market situations strategically. Your business essay may be about marketing, management, finance, and other business areas. 

You can not write them as descriptive essays because in these types of essays, we need to collect the data and facts regarding the topic of the essay. So read the topic carefully and understand what you need to write.

Respond to the issue-

There are various problems that occur in the field of business, and whenever you need to discuss such problems, your focus should be on providing the solution and proving why that solution is best and reliable. A lot of research is needed in order to understand the problem and its solution.

Sources for research- 

You can rely on online and offline sources for your research, but they should be credible and relevant. In online resources, you can use websites, blogs, etc., whereas, in offline sources, you can go for books, newspapers, and magazines. Note down the data and facts that are important for your topic.

Business Essay Example and Reference-

In order to support your ideas you need to provide the reference to the reader and examples. You need to provide the already occured examples so that you can present evidence related to the issue. Business essay example is a thing that enables the reader to trust you and your solutions.

Structure of a Business essay-

The structure of a business essay is to include the content in the different sections such as introduction, body, and conclusion. We should know what we need to write in these sections.

Introduction: It is the first paragraph of your essay. It should be in a single paragraph for a short essay and two-paragraph for a long essay. In this part, you need to present your point of view or start your essay by defining any term.

Body: Your essay body maintains the main content of your assignment. There are multiple paragraphs in the body part, and each of them should include-

Topic Sentence

Main Idea

Supportive Idea



Sum up

The first line of your body paragraphs should be related to your main issue(topic sentence). When you present your point of view or main idea, you have to support it with the help of evidence; it may be fact, study, research, survey, etc. Then you have to elaborate your idea in the elaboration part and present the relevant business essay example to strengthen your point of view. In the last line, you have to sum up your idea, supportive idea, and elaboration in a single line.

Conclusion: Conclusion is the last part of your essay, and you need to briefly summarise your ideas and present a central idea of the essay. Don’t use tricky words in the conclusion part; it should be simple and easy to read.


You need to include a synopsis in your essay when it is asked of you. When your essay crosses the limit of 2000 words, then it becomes valuable to add a synopsis of around 100 words. It gives the ideas about the main argument in the essay.


References are the list of sources that you have used while writing your business. You have to add them to the last page of your essay. It should consist of the author’s name, institution alphabetically.


Review your essay and check for the errors and mistakes such as spelling, punctuation, grammar etc. Remove these mistakes to make your essay flawless.

Points to remember-

When you’re writing your business essay and business essay example you need to remember some points below-

Ensure you get the question with its meaning.

Do some reading and make notes

Choose your sources

Identify the main concern

Clear your position regarding the issue

Create an outline

Structure you content

Review your essay and edit it to remove the errors.

Check the instructions and guidelines and follow them.

Follow the proper format

Avoid complex sentences and words


Now, I hope you know how to write a business essay properly. In this blog we have explored the steps, structure and points to remember before writing your business and business essay examples. When you are writing a business essay on your own, spend sufficient time to understand it and research it. In addition you have to remember the points we have given below in order to avoid any type of problem.

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