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iPad Pro With Glass Back Reportedly Canceled Due to Its Fragility – Wccftech



Apple is not having a great start to the new year. We have hardly gotten through the first month, and in addition to previously reported that the company’s AR headset may be delayed until 2023, we have now come across info stating that the company’s first iPad Pro sporting a glass back might be canceled. Apparently, durability was a major concern.
Several Apple products support Qi wireless charging, and past reports have revealed that the company has been exploring a way to bring the feature to the iPad Pro. Unfortunately, people familiar with Apple’s plans have reported that a future tablet with a glass back might not be a viable option, not because it would be too expensive or impractical, but its durability would take a nosedive.
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An iPad Pro with an aluminum shell can easily obtain a chance at a second life if it is dropped and lands on its back, but one with a rear glass panel would need a miracle to survive. Though incorporating a glass back to the iPad Pro would also make it easier for the slate to be compatible with the MagSafe Charger, it would make it heavier too. Currently, Apple charges a whopping $599 for ‘out of warranty’ repairs for the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s glass back, so imagine the cost of the iPad Pro’s glass back if you accidentally drop it and have to visit an outlet.
Though this variant has reportedly been scrapped, Apple is still exploring other ways to bring wireless charging to the iPad Pro. For instance, several prototypes that the company has developed features a larger Apple logo at the back and is made up of glass. This change would allow power to be transmitted through the material. Since the MagSafe Charger would magnetically connect to the iPad Pro, Apple is also exploring ways to incorporate stronger magnets to prevent accidents from happening.
This particular iPad Pro would also charge faster than iPhones when connected to a MagSafe accessory. Though it would be aesthetically pleasing for a glass back to show up on a massive product like this, we can understand Apple’s perspective on things, assuming they have scrapped this variant.
News Source: 9to5Mac
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