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By published 1 October 21
Apple’s latest phones are not without their share of issues — here’s a round-up of iPhone 13 flaws
All of the iPhone 13 models have certainly impressed since they debuted earlier this month. The iPhone 13 Pro Max, in particular, currently claims the top spot in our best phone rankings, but all your options — including the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro mini — are excellent additions to Apple’s lineup.
Still, anything built by human hands is bound to have flaws. And some initial problems have cropped up with the iPhone 13.
The good news is that none of the issues people are running into for now — as annoying as they may be — sound like they’re dealbreakers. Even better, they should be fixable with a software update, with the first fix rolling out as we speak. It’s unclear when other software updates are coming, though, which forces people who paid $699 and up to grin and bear some shortcomings with their new phones, at least for now.
Here’s a round-up of the biggest issues reported with the iPhone 13 so far. Check back for updates on when these problems get fixed, and we’ll also keep an eye out for any additional bug reports.

The ProMotion displays on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are capable of ramping up their refresh rates to 120Hz when the action on the screen demands a smoother, more immersive experience. That’s the theory at any rate. In practice, some third-party apps aren’t working properly with the iPhone 13 Pro’s fast-refresh rate.
Specifically, some apps combine 120Hz scrolling and full-screen transitions with 60Hz animations, creating a jarring visual experience. Affected apps include the Apollo Reddit app, according to a 9to5Mac report.
How to fix it: There are two issues at play here. For starters, Apple says that app makers need to flag their software with a declaration they can support 120Hz. Apple plans to clarify this requirement to developers. Second, Apple plans to fix a bug involving animations built using the company’s Core Animation tools; that fix is coming soon via a software update.
The new iPhones may not have restored Touch ID, allowing you to unlock your phone with a fingerprint, but there is a workaround for unlocking your phone when you’re wearing a face mask and Face ID won’t work. Earlier this year, the iOS 14.5 update added the ability to unlock your phone with a face mask on if you were also wearing an Apple Watch.
iPhone iOS 14.5 watchOS 7.4 Unlock with Apple Watch
That’s pretty convenient — unless you happen to be one of the unlucky iPhone 13 owners who discovered that the Apple Watch unlocking trick no longer works with your new phone. Apple confirmed as much with a note on its support page.
How to fix it: A software fix is now available. The iOS 15.0.1 software update promises bug fixes, specifically calling out the Apple Watch unlocking issue for iPhone 13 users. You’ll also need to download the accompanying watchOS 8 update.
Several users say that the new iPhones aren’t responding to taps. Specifically, it sometimes takes several taps for the iPhone to recognize your input. The problem flares up with Tap to Wake and on the lock screen as well as iOS-wide incidents. Upper corners of the screen seem to be most vulnerable to this issue.
iphone 13 mini display on in hand with plants in background
How to fix it: This sounds like a software update rather than a problem with the iPhone 13 hardware. In fact, some iPhone 12 users have also reported this problem after upgrading to iOS 15. That leads us to believe a fix is coming in a future iOS update.
This one’s not so much a bug, but a feature. The iPhone 13 Pro models feature a new macro mode that uses the phone’s 12MP ultrawide camera. Try to shoot an object that’s within 5.5 inches of the lens, and the phone will shift from the main wide lens to the ultrawide shooter. Apple says this approach is better for capturing close-up details.
Not everyone agrees. Review Raymond Wong of Input says the switching messes with the framing of the shot, with the camera capturing a different frame from what appears on the view finder.
How to fix it: Apple says a future software update will allow iPhone 13 Pro owners to turn off this feature if they prefer that their phones not automatically switch to the ultrawide angle camera when taking macro shots.
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