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Jim Gaffigan’s wife is completely wrong about voting pro-abortion Biden



Jeannie Gaffigan used tired, false arguments to convince Catholics to vote for Joe Biden.

November 13, 2020 (Love will End Abortion). — jim gaffigan wife, a comedian and actor, became the face of Trump Derangement Syndrome in August. He posted a series of vulgar tweets about President Donald Trump.

Jeannie Gaffigan, Jim’s wife, published an article in October explaining how her husband was set off by speakers at the R.N.C. Joe Biden was repeatedly called into doubt his faith and accused of sounding very much like a “fake Catholic”.

Jeannie also used tired, false arguments to explain how Catholics could vote for Joe Biden as the Presidential candidate for abortion. She concluded that it was “crystal clear” that voting for Joe Biden is the right thing to do.

Jeannie furthered the propaganda by joining the Biden Campaign’s outrageous “Catholics For Biden” push. She then published an article about how her Catholic faith, motherhood and vote for Biden just prior to the election.

Unfortunately, some Catholics were confused by the Gaffigan Family’s high profile support for pro-abortion Biden, and the rationalizations it was given, which may have led to others making the same mistake.

It is a truly malformed mind, not one that is properly formed. seamless garment and all the errors that flow out of it.

These errors are not being promoted by Jeannie alone, it is clear. She is simply repeating the false prophets Sister Joan Chittister (also part in “Catholics for Biden”) and Fr. James Martin.

Faithful Catholics are more open to the lies and rejecting the tired arguments that try to justify voting for pro-abortion candidates. These lies continue to be prevalent and cause grave divisions within the Church.

These are the top ten most important things to remember when confronted with this kind of nonsense.

1. Proper Perspective

Nearly 48 years of legal abortion in the U.S. and more than 61 million children who were intentionally killed by abortion have made us all less aware of the realities of abortion in this country.

When we lose perspective on the true nature of what we are discussing, belief in the disordered consistent lifestyle ethic/seamless clothing is common.

The Catholic Church’s teaching is very clear.

“Human life must always be protected and respected from the moment it is created.” “Human life must be respected and protected from the moment he is born.” -Catholic Church 2270

“Procured abortion is a morally grave act. This is evident when we realize that we are dealing in murder and when we look at the particular elements involved. One eliminated is a human being from the beginning of his or her life. “No one could be more innocent.” -St. John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, 58

Would we vote for candidates who are seeking to advance and protect our country’s future if it was “legal” to kill any other class of person?

Every day, approximately 3,000 children in America are killed by abortion. We have a 9/11 every single day in America, which is largely ignored.

2. Be Fortified in the Truth

What is our Christian responsibility and Christian call in responding to the realities of abortion?

Jesus warns us in the Parable of the Good Samaritan not to ignore our neighbor in need but to instead see them with compassion, and to mercifully serve (Luke 10 :29-37).

Jesus, in the Judgment Of The Nations, identifies Himself as “the least among these” and mercifully warns that we will be judged for what we do and don’t do for Him (Matthew 25,:31-46).

Are we able to see Jesus lovingly in every preborn child being killed in this country today? Are we really able to see Jesus in every pregnant mother in desperate need who is being manipulated and deeply wounded by the lies of abortion in this country today?

If not, we must strive to do so.

If so, then we should pray and work as hard as we can to end abortion as quickly as possible. We need to make it illegal in law and culturally unthinkable. And to minister to all those who are affected.

It is easy to see and correct the errors that are contrary to this truth if we are steadfast in our convictions.

One common error is that we should not focus on ending abortion but instead, we should aim to reduce it. This was a key argument of the Democrat Platform in years past, when abortion was considered “rare”. Although “rare” has been removed from the Democrat Platform, the tired lie is still being propagated.

It is possible to use the same logic to justify the atrocities of slavery in America, in this and other cases. Would it be fair for someone to tell abolitionists that ending slavery is not the goal, but reducing it, when slavery was legalized and was ingrained in American culture? No. It is right that the abolitionists worked hard to end this atrocity and to assist as many people as possible. We must do the same.

We can only do our utmost to avoid voting for candidates who are trying to promote the atrocity.

Another example is the tired and popular lie that prolifers are only one-issue voters, who don’t care about babies after they are born. Sometimes, this includes the absurd charge that pro-lifers are worshipping the idea ending abortion is idolatry.

It’s easy to understand that we, as followers of Christ, strive to love all people. However, there is a specific section of our nation being dehumanized every day and is being murdered by the thousands. It is true that those who claim they love all but vote pro-abortion candidates aren’t actually loving their neighbor in the womb.

It is also possible to explain that praying and working for the end to abortion means to love the unborn child, as well as the person who gave birth to it. One will not have the chance to live outside the womb if one isn’t protected in the womb.

This is not all. Just look at the pro-life activities in every community that have provided resources to pregnant mothers in need. These include pregnancy help centers, maternity homes, local initiatives that offer baby registries, babyshowers, and genuine friendship with families long after the baby is born.

3. See the Straw Man

Catholics supporting pro-abortion candidates are so weak, the only way they can defend their position is by misrepresenting the pro-life position.

It often comes down to the false accusation that pro-lifers don’t care about other issues than abortion. This is the same false argument that pro-lifers don’t care about other people than the womb.

The Catholic position is pro-life. However, there are real differences in the priority and magnitude of the issues.

This is the clear teaching of the Catholic Church.

“The inviolability and inviolability, which are reflections of the inviolability God, finds its primary expression in the inviolability human life. “The common cry for human rights — such as the right to health, home, work, family, and culture — is false and illusory if life, the most fundamental and fundamental right, and the condition of all other rights, is not protected with maximum determination.” -St. John Paul II, Christifideles, 38.

“Indeed the inability to protect and defend life’s most vulnerable stages makes it suspect that there are any claims to the rightness’ of positions in matters affecting the weakest and least powerful members of the human community. These issues can be logically grouped together as the crossbeams or walls of that house if we view the human person as the “temple of God” — the living house God. The house’s foundation is attacked by all direct attacks on innocent human lives, like abortion and euthanasia. These direct and immediate violations of the most fundamental human right, the right to live, directly and instantly. Neglecting these issues is like building our house on sand. These attacks can only be used to lull the conscience and make it impossible for other human rights to be protected. “Pope John Paul II reminds us that the command not to kill is a minimum we must respect. We must begin ‘in order say ‘yes” over and over again in order to gradually embrace the whole horizon of good’ (Evangelium Vitae 75). Catholic Bishops, Living the Gospel of Life 22.

Instead of addressing the logic of the authentic Catholic position they grasp at false moral cover to vote pro-abortion candidates. They distort and water down the Catholic position regarding the preeminence and ethanasia of abortion to minimize its reality.

It is enough to point out the strawman and to the Catholic Church’s teachings.

These words may help you to think about the words of St. Teresa from Calcutta, who spoke the following before President Bill Clinton and First lady Hillary Clinton at 1994’s National Prayer Breakfast.

“Any country that allows abortion does not teach its citizens to love but to use violence to achieve their goals. Abortion is the greatest enemy of peace and love.

4. Notice the Projection

People who support voting for pro-abortion candidates often accuse you of doing the same things. Their accusation that they are being ideological and partisan is a clear example.

Jeannie Gaffigan, for example, calls for Catholics “truly, honestly, separate ideology (a worldview based on supporting a candidate or party) from faith in Jesus Christ.” She then shows her attachment to Democrat talking points throughout the article with statements such as:

  • “I had a vision to raise children who were proud of being Catholic and proud to call themselves American. Unfortunately, this vision is becoming blurrier. But there is hope. This is the right moment for Joe Biden, I believe.”
  • “… I believe that Biden’s platform is better at addressing all other social issues I have mentioned.”
  • Nearly 250,000 Americans have died because of the inability of the Trump administration to coordinate a coordinated response to COVID. This number continues to grow with no end in sight. “The administration has made it clear that it is not going to play an active role in stopping this trend.”
  • “Donald Trump clearly doesn’t care about systemic racism.”
  • “…The president is on the road holding massive, in-person rallies to rally support from his base.
  • “Donald Trump’s refusal of to address climate change is making it less habitable,”

Jeannie seems to not realize that her opinions on these issues are just that, her opinion. She does however follow a certain ideological framework. These matters can be debated by good people. But what cannot be debated is the fact that every day thousands of children are murdered in this country.

Voting for pro-abortion candidates is voting for abortion. While you can say that you’re voting for the candidate “for other reasons,” it is not fair to understand that these reasons are objective facts and would not be able to reflect the reality of abortion in the United States.

5. Get This Red Herring

It is better to not get distracted by red herring arguments that distract from the main topic. However, there are times when the red herring argument is so absurd that it should be quickly caught and removed.

People who promote the belief that Catholic faithful can vote for pro abortion candidates will often suggest that those who support taxpayer-funded abortion on demand will do more to reduce the number of abortions through funding social programs.

If you come across this, ask them for evidence to support their claim. Then watch as they squirm at the idea that such evidence is not available.

One variation of this is that the proponent might claim that the abortion rates fall more when a Democrat president holds office, and therefore Democrat policies lower the abortion rate. Dr. Michael New did the research and found that the U.S. abortion rates have been declining over time. He also pointed out that there was a sustained, long-term drop in abortion rates that has been evident through each president since 1980. There is significant academic research that shows that the pro-life laws are what has contributed to the reduction in abortion rates.

Additionally, Joe Biden, the presidential candidate, committed to ending the Hyde Amendment. This amendment, which saves more than 60,000. Since 1976, it has prevented 2.4 million abortions.

6. Distinguish Between the Person and the Propaganda

It is important to pay attention to both the head as well as the heart of anyone involved in a discussion about these topics. Keep your focus on the facts and the error and not on the arguments. You may also need to consider other deeper experiences, wounds and realities.

While it should be obvious that we must avoid launching personal, ad-hominem attacks on anyone, it is important to mention this as passions can run wild over such important issues. It is wise to make a commitment to avoid any degrading comments about the person with whom we are engaged.

However, authentic love requires that we share the truth in order to benefit the person or people in grave error.

While it is best to start gently, it is important to not be too “nice” about correcting an error. False tone and casualness can misrepresent the importance of this important matter. In such situations, it is important to strike with a calm and measured manner.

7. Understand Mortal Sin

Voting for pro-abortion candidates is a sign that they are not in agreement with the Catholic Church’s teachings in other areas.

They might reject some of the essential teachings of the Church regarding human sexuality (ex. contraception, homosexuality, masturbation, etc. ), or another aspect of Church doctrine (ex. mortal sin, hell’s existence, women’s ordination etc. ().

While we cannot definitively judge their souls we can assess the serious offense of the act of rejecting essential teachings of Christ in morals and faith. It is important to recognize the possibility of them participating in this grave offense.

According to the Catechism for the Catholic Church:

“Mortal Sin is a radical possibility for human freedom, just as love is. It causes loss of charity, and privation of sanctifying grace. It is forbidden to be repented of and forgiven by God. This will result in exclusion from Christ’s kingdom and eternal death in hell. Our freedom allows us to make our own choices forever, without any turning back. “We must, however, recognize that an act can be considered a grave offense by itself, but we must trust the justice and mercy God accords to persons (CCC 1861).

In his Apostolic Exhortation Reconciliatio Et Paenitentia (16, St. John Paul II identifies the following: “As a personal act of sin, it has its first, most important consequences in him: That is, in his relationship to God, who is also the foundation of human life; as well in his spirit, weakening and clouding his intelligence.”

Let us also recall the instruction given by St. Ignatius in Loyola’s First Rule in his Rules for Spirit Discernment:

“The enemy uses the person who is in mortal sin to be mortal sin to offer them apparent pleasures. This makes them think of sensual pleasures and delights to keep them in their vices and to make them worse. These people are the victims of the evil spirit, who use the opposite method to prick and bite their consciences by using the process of reason.

This means that when someone is in a mortal sin state, they feel the enemy, his work and evil minions, as comforting and enjoyable, while the Holy Spirit and those He is working for their good, are irritating and painful.

It is important to realize that those who support voting for pro-abortion candidates will often deal with people who have been in persistent mortal sin and are therefore suffering from severely darkened intellects. This applies regardless of how smart they might consider themselves to be. It is important to realize that they won’t experience any correction of their error regardless of how gentle you approach it.

Here, we need to be particularly attentive in tending the deeper issues of the individual, separate from the work of rationally dismantling propaganda.

It is possible to pray sincere and fast for their conversion.

8. Like Sheep Without a Shepherd

These errors are unfortunately still being made because the U.S. bishops themselves are divided along these lines.

Several bishops argued that abortion is not the most important issue in terms of priority and magnitude at the U.S. Catholic Church Bishops’ November 2019 meeting.

San Diego Bishop Robert W. McElroy objected: “It’s not Catholic teaching that abortion should be the preeminent problem that we face as the Catholic world in Catholic social doctrine.” It’s not.

Other bishops supported the primacy of abortion, including Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, who corrected the statement: “… It has been the clearly stated opinion of the bishops conference for many years that the pro-life issue is still the most important. This doesn’t mean that the other bishops aren’t equally deserving of dignity.

Final vote of 143 to 69 was cast in which the text affirming abortion’s preeminence was approved.

Bishop Joseph Strickland posted, “Thank God that the USCCB voted for the uphold of the Preeminence of Sanctity Life of the Unborn.” It is sad that 69 people voted “no.”

The U.S. bishops cannot proclaim and apply the clear teachings of the Catholic Church with one vocal voice. This allows for the errors of the inconsistent life ethic/seamless clothing that falsely minimizes the reality of abortion to be perpetuated.

These errors are often promoted by those who cite misleading, ambiguous or even false statements made by different bishops. These people will surround themselves with priests who believe the same grave errors, and then they can even go to Catholic institutions that have these errors embedded, such as most colleges and universities that claim to offer “Jesuit education.”

We ask St. Ignatius, Loyola, and all the holy Jesuit saints to pray for us.

It is not only on the false consistent life ethic/seamless clothing that this anti-church is built but also on other errors regarding human sexuality and other aspects Church doctrines.

Our bishops are divided along these lines, and are therefore unable to faithfully repeat the Magisterial teachings in the Catholic Church.

If there is any hope for a solution, this must be acknowledged. The bishops are the ones who have caused the Church to be divided.

We can be wise to reject the inexcusable silence and false teachings of false prophets, even if they are wearing miters. Instead, we should look at those who proclaim the truth about Jesus and His Catholic Church.

9. Point the Way

To make their case, those who hold to the error in the distorted consistent lifestyle ethic/seamless clothing will cherry-pick Church documents. They cite statements that are not within the context of the Catholic Faith.

It’s easy to find statements that speak broadly about the dignity and importance of all human beings. We also agree with these statements!

However, the people in error falsely claim that we disagree with the statements, even though we don’t. They then attempt to make a straw man out of it by pretending that we are somehow denying the human dignity and rights of some people and the issues they face.

To help put such cherry picking into context, we can point to numerous statements in various Church documents. There are many other things one can point out that will help to clarify any confusion.

Catechism of Catholic Church

“The inalienable human right to life of all innocent people is a constitutive element in a civil society. The civil society and the legislative authority must recognize and respect the inalienable rights. These human rights are not dependent on parents or individuals; they do not represent concessions made by society or the state. They belong to the human nature of the person and are inherent in him by virtue the creative act from whom he was born. This includes every human being’s fundamental right to life and physical health from conception through death.

“The state denies equality to all people before the law, when a positive law takes away the protection that civil legislation should afford a particular category of human beings,” (2273) The state cannot place its power at service of citizens’ rights, especially those of the most vulnerable, the very foundations are of a state that is based on law.

“The embryo must be treated as a person from conception. It must be protected in its integrity, cared and healed as any other human being. (2274)

Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities: Campaign in Support of Life by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (2001).

“Abortion is a key issue in the Church’s concern for the dignity of human life. The direct killing of innocent people is considered abortion. (The Gospel of Life no. It is the most vulnerable and defenseless member of the human family. This issue of justice must be given priority by those who are called upon to serve the poorest among us.

Pope Pius XI stated the following in his Encyclical Casti Connubii no. 67

“Those in government must remember that public authority has the responsibility to enforce appropriate laws and sanctions and protect the lives of innocents. This is especially true since those whose lives are at risk and threatened cannot defend themselves. We must also mention infants kept in the mother’s womb. If the public magistrates do not defend them and instead make them die at the hands doctors or others, they should remember that God is the judge and avenge of innocent blood which cried from the earth to Heaven.

It is encapsulated in Bishop Thomas Olmsted’s voting guide Catholics In the Public Square, no. 17

Are all social and political issues equally important when choosing a candidate for the presidency? No! There are many important issues that the Catholic Church is involved in, including education, immigration, affordable housing, welfare, and health. We should be educated and support the most effective solutions on each of these topics. Direct attacks on innocent human lives are not something that can be justified by being right on other issues.

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Declaration on Procured Abortion (1974), no. 11:

“The human being’s first right is his life. While he may have other valuable goods, some are more important than others, this one is the most fundamental: the condition of all the rest. It must be protected above all other goods.

There are many other things, but we must remember that, even though there is a treasury of truth in the teachings Catholic Church, this is still a matter of reason that even a small child can understand.

There is a way to solve the problems that we face as individuals and as a nation. We must stop the murder of thousands of children every day, even if it is legal. This does not negate other problems that we face. Instead, helping people recognize and defend their equal value for the most vulnerable and defenseless helps them recognize and defend every human being regardless of other differences.

10. Abortion is the Most Racist Act Imaginable

We often find racism in the list of “other issues” pro-abortion voters have compiled to morally justify voting for pro-abortion candidates.

People who say they are concerned about racism but support pro-abortion politicians may not be aware or disingenuous of the fact that abortion literally kills black and brown people in their communities. This is disproportionally, and even advances towards the elimination of all black America.

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, which is the largest provider of abortion in the U.S. was a racist and eugenicist. She advocated for the elimination the so-called “unfit” and “improvement” of the gene pool.

A 1939 Letter to Dr. C.J. Gamble, the heir to the Procter and Gamble soap business fortune and co-founder of Human Betterment League of North Carolina, which was linked to forced sterilization of predominantly black Americans without consent (the program ended 1977 and the NC State government publicly apologized in 2002), Sanger explained her Negro Project, which served the same eugenic purpose as Gamble’s to eradicate black Americans.

The following strategy is suggested by the letter:

1. To earn the trust and respect of black Americans, train and hire a black full-time doctor. This will allow them to infiltrate the black population as well as the medical establishment with their plans and ideas.

2. To infiltrate black churches, do the same thing with black ministers. Sanger says, “The minister’s work is also essential and he should also be trained, possibly by the Federation, as to our ideals or the goal that we want to achieve.” We don’t want the word to spread that we want the Negro population exterminated. The minister can help if any rebellious Negro members have the idea.

Sanger launched the “Negro Project” in her Birth Control Federation of America. This would become Planned Parenthood.

Sanger promoted sterilization and birth control as a way to achieve her eugenic goals through the “Negro Project.” As the next President of Planned Parenthood, Alan Guttmacher (Guttmacher was also the VP of American Eugenics Society) would do the same with abortion. Planned Parenthood kills more black people every two weeks than any KKK execution in a century.

Many leaders of the black community are right to call abortion what it really is when it concerns black Americans: Black Genocide.

Rev. Walter Hoye explains that black America has fallen below its replacement level at 1.8% total fertility rate due to abortion.

Ryan Bomberger is another, and he states that “it’s so frustrating for me that these college students fail to see the obvious.” They are taught terms like “systematic racism” in minority studies, but nothing is more systematically racist that the government-funded destruction and killing of black women in the womb. They don’t even see the hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter declaring its support for the abortion movement.

It is also true that 79% of Planned Parenthood’s abortion centers are within walking distance to African American and Hispanic/Latino communities. However, Planned Parenthood insists that they have moved in with their abortion killing centers to our community to “help them.” Let’s murder your baby so you can live a better lifestyle.

It is obvious that Planned Parenthood’s racist structure and the reality that black America is falling below replacement level are both real. This makes it clear that Planned Parenthood and those in charge of its direction are targeting minority communities.

Racism should be a strong reason to oppose pro-abortion candidates and certainly not a reason to vote for them. Is there anything more racist than the systematic targeting of black America?

Let’s conclude it!

People who support abortion often don’t like being called “pro­abortion.” They are too close to the truth in their world of euphemisms. They prefer to be called “prochoice.”

It’s always a good idea to ask them what “choice” they favor. Let them identify it as abortion. If you really want to help them face the truth, ask them to define abortion.

The “Catholic” and “Christian” pro abortion voting crowds have another twist: they will claim to be pro-life under a new definition that allows them to falsely feel better about voting for pro-abortion candidates. This is a more misleading language game than the ones who claim to be pro-choice, but really mean pro-abortion.

It is worth lovingly reminding such people that there is nothing “pro-life” about voting for candidates who are campaigning on a platform to push forward the ongoing, daily, government-sanctioned mass murder of the preborn. While we can help them to be informed, ultimately it is up to them to decide which direction they go.

Despite all the rhetoric about “choice”, the truth is that ending abortion really comes down to personal choice.

We continue to see abortion in our backyard because not enough people are willing to take a stand and end it.

Some people will argue that it is impossible to end it, and they continue to live their lives believing that abortion is a part of human life. This lie must be exposed and rejected.

Many Americans believed that slavery could never end, even though it was legalized and accepted as a part of the fabric of the United States. But, those who opposed slavery in the past did not listen or follow their advice.

Instead, the abolitionists worked hard to fight the evil of slavery. They pushed forward each day until slavery was made illegal under law and culturally unthinkable.

Certainly those opposed to slavery wouldn’t vote for candidates who seek to promote slavery. This would be absurd.

What do you choose?

Will we choose prayer and maximum determination to end abortion as quickly as possible?

Is it even possible to simply pray in plain English “for the end” of abortion in our local churches?

There are many things to do. One aspect of that work should include the most simple task: not voting for pro-abortion candidates. It would actually be best to unify and use the power we have to end abortion in one election cycle.

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