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Love And Care saved a Filly Injured By A Bear



This is a memory from a long time ago. Way before I found out the web beyond checking the mail. This is a time when I was a nomadic horsewoman in the Himalaya.

I was living in the high pastures of the Kullu valley with my herd of horses. We were in the meadows below the Hampta Pass – in regards to a 6 hour walk from Manali. The wintertime has been rough, and we were camping out in the high altitude pastures where we leave them for the summers, supplementing their diet with some grain to help them significantly catch on on their health a bit faster.

Precisely what a place to be in! We were camped in the meadows at Juara. Alpine meadows – the air is crisp, the water is superior and flows right through the pasture. A few empty stone structures that could later become nomadic tea stalls plus camps of herb gatherers dotted the scene, with sheer black cliffs rising on both sides in stark contrast with the plush comfort of the place. A location straight from some fantasy tale. One could believe some nature spirits living here, particularly on moonlit nights, once the scene goes black and white, with the moonlight strong enough in places to join up come color. Precisely what a life – the horses are living free around me, prancing using their improving condition. Pye, my bitch, by my side, and the sounds of the stream for the company.

The days were pretty idle. Feeding the horses a couple of times per day was no pain – they used to come happily enough for the treat. Beyond that. Very little to do. Cooking, enjoying the paradise I was living in, early to bed, early to rise. Perhaps an occasional trip to Sethan – the last village with this route, and the sole entirely Buddhist town in the entire Kullu valley, where my god-family lived. A classic idyll as I helped the horses to get fit for the challenging Himalayan Tours for the season.

The occupation came unexpectedly A gaddi camp was passing by, about to camp a little higher compared to pasture we were in. I recognized the shepherd and invited him for a cup of tea. When he saw me, he chose to camp near our camp itself.

Over a cup of tea, I realized why.

A filly of his, have been attacked with a bear yesterday, and have been hurt badly. Initially, believing that she’d die anyway, he hadn’t taken her to a vet. But she hadn’t yet died. She was severe, with her wounds infected, and was struggling to keep up with the moving camp to check out her mother. This was developing a problem since the mare used to keep awaiting her, and slowing the caravan.

I’d already gained an excellent reputation as a dog lover, and my animals were often a point of interest for local livestock owners for the glowing condition I used to maintain them in. Plus, I was gaining a reputation being an enthusiastic “unofficial vet” from the knowledge of animal medicine I used to gather for the well-being of my horses in a land where vets weren’t readily available, and often very not even close to the place of need.

He wanted me to take a consider the filly and see if there was any a cure for her, also to seeing if she could be pay if there weren’t. I refused flat out to put her down, as I do not believe that animals ought to be killed when they’re fighting to recover. Plus, I lacked the kind of knowledge and equipment it would decide to try to put her down. I consented to take a look and see what I possibly could do for her.

We went into the pasture and unloaded his horses to create camp and then look for the filly. She was poorly. She was sleeping, exhausted after the field without even coming to become listed on the herd, once she saw that they had halted.

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Frequently Asked Question- Sole Rep Visa



Keywords: Sole Representative Visa, Representative of an Overseas Business Visa, Sole Representative Visa Guidance, documents required for sole representative visa, overseas representative visa, Sole representative visa UK extension

Q1. What is a Sole Rep Visa?

Ans. The Representative of an overseas business route also known as Sole Representative of an overseas business is an immigration route particularly designed for individuals who either are looking to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary or register a branch for an overseas parent company. This route is necessary for individuals who have been posted on a long-term assignment to the UK by their employers as an overseas worker.

A major consideration with Sole Representative Visa is that the sole rep must be recruited outside the UK by the overseas company whose headquarters and principal place of business is not in the UK.

Q2. What are representative of an overseas business eligibility criteria/requirements?


  1. The prospective sole rep must be able to demonstrate extensive industry-related experience and knowledge.
  2. The prospective representative of an overseas business must be recruited and employed outside the UK whose principal place of business is outside the UK. The company must have no subsidiary, branch, or other representatives in the UK.
  3. The applicant must hold a senior position with the overseas company and have full authority to take operational decisions on the company’s decisions.
  4. The applicant must intend to establish a company’s commercial presence in the UK.
  5. The applicant must not accept any kind of employment in the UK except for the Overseas Company.
  6. The prospective sole rep must meet the maintenance requirement.
  7. The applicant must meet the English language requirement.

Q3. What documents are needed for Representative of an overseas business Visa?

Ans. The applicant must provide the following documents:

  • A current passport or valid travel identification.
  • Evidence demonstrating the financial ability of themselves and dependents, for instance, bank statements or payslips for the last 6 months.
  • Details of accommodating during the stay in the UK.
  • Evidence demonstrating the English requirements by passing an approved English Language Test with CEFR level A1 in speaking and listening or an academic qualification recognized by UK NARIC as equivalent to UK’s Bachelor degree or master’s degree or Ph.D.
  • Applicant’s tuberculosis test results.
  • A certified translation includes passports, a photocard driving license, a letter from a government department, a credit card statement, council tax bills, or letters from a hospital signed and dated by a professional person.

Sole Representatives must also provide

  • A detailed description of the business’s activities.
  • A letter confirming the overseas business intending to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary or register a branch in the UK with the same activity as it runs in the overseas.
  • Job description, salary details, and employment contract.
  • A letter confirming the applicant’s familiarity with the business and authority to take the operational decision.
  • Evidence to prove that they are directly employed by the business.
  • Evidence to demonstrate that he or she is recruited outside the UK
  • Evidence of senior position in the business with the authority to make a decision on the company’s behalf.
  • Evidence to certify that the sole rep will be working full time for the company for the duration of stay without carrying out any other work.
  • Evidence that he or she does not control a majority of the overseas majority.

Q4. Is it possible to extend the Sole Representative Visa?

Ans. Yes, however, a sole rep needs to comply with Sole Representative Visa Guidance.

  • A sole rep is in the UK with valid entry clearance as a sole representative of an overseas business.
  • The company’s headquarter and principal place of business continues to be outside the UK.
  • A sole rep is still actively involved full time as the Sole Representative of an overseas business
  • The employer must certify that the individual is still needed for the job.
  • A sole rep is capable enough to meet the maintenance and accommodation requirements.

Q5. How does an immigration solicitor help in obtaining a Sole Rep Visa?

Ans. An immigration solicitor provides advice on legal requirements as well as make sure that the client is compliant with the immigration rules. They are capable to deal with a wide variety of business immigration matters with varying degrees of complexities.


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