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LSU was named Amazon partner, but changes were made to Red Stick Social



Ameco opens Prairieville location

Ameco is an engineering and maintenance firm that has opened an operations facility in Prairieville.

The site at 15089 Airline Highway will support capital construction, maintenance, operations, shutdown and turnaround, and assistance for disaster relief to contractors in the fields of procurement, engineering, and construction contractors.

Ameco announced that it is currently engaged in capital projects that will cost $12 billion at its new plant. In addition, the building is home to 8000 square feet of office space and warehouse space spread across 6.5 acres.

Amazon selected LSU as an education partner.

LSU was selected as an educational partner of Amazon’s Career Choice program, providing workers on a per-hour basis who live in Louisiana and work for Amazon with access to both on and off-campus bachelor’s degrees and short-form college credit certificates.


The school is expected to award degrees and credit for college to Amazon employees via LSU, LSU Shreveport, LSU Eunice, and LSU Alexandria.

The program’s career options allow employees to develop new abilities. For example, in the U.S., Amazon is investing $1.2 billion to train over 300,000 employees in 2025 to enable them to be promoted to more lucrative, high-paying jobs.

For information on Amazon’s Career Choice, visit

Red Stick Social expands hours and announces a new direction

Red Stick Social is operating all week after reducing hours because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Government Street is a Government Street business that offers live bowling music, private event spaces, and food and beverages spread over five levels.

The company has a new executive team.

Michael Hueffer is the general manager. Michael Hueffer is the general manager. Baton Rouge native has over 30 years of experience in high-volume hotel and service industry expertise.

Derrick Milton, the executive chef, is another Baton Rouge native. The executive chef has over 25 years of experience in culinary.

Julie Ybarra, acting sales director, has over 20 years of event and corporate sales and managing experience.

This month, Red Stick Social will begin making improvements and improvements to the outdoor space, including the construction of a massive, permanent outdoor stage and an all-weather artificial surface that will replace the current staging area and the temporary grass surfaces. Additional planned improvements for the outdoor area include creating a bar in a container and shade structures, seating, and shade structures. Improvements to the interior are also planned to increase the quality of food and drink selections and expand the area for private events and entertainment.

LSU computing science faculty member is studying the security of smartphones

Chen Wang, an assistant professor of computer science at LSU, is currently developing a gripping-hand verification method that will ensure that the correct person is holding a smartphone before showing sensitive information like email, calls, and app-related notifications.

Wang collaborates with a doctoral student in the third year Long Huang on security measures.

The phone’s microphone captures the sound if a notification tone is heard. A computer-generated algorithm analyzes the sound and then extracts biometric characteristics that match the profile of the user’s feature or recorded handgrip. If the two features match, the verification is successful, and the confirmation preview appears at the top of the screen.

Since music sounds are signals which can be absorbed, reflected, or reflected with our fingertips.

“Because individuals have various hand sizes, fingers lengths, strengths for holding as well as hand shape, effects on sound are different and can be identified and learned using AI,” Wang said.

Wang will commercialize these techniques within three years.

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