Among all the summer souvenirs we accumulate-pocketfuls of smooth lake rocks, destination t-shirts, and checks on our bucket list-by far, the most precious ones are the photos of our memories. Photographs I take during the summer months are usually my top of the line throughout the season, possibly because summer is so captivating- sun flares, landscapes of lakes, pool floats and popsicles, and energetic youngsters having fun in their free-spirited adventures.

The most frequent question I get. However, the most frequently asked question is, “What do you do with all of those photos?” Since storing these precious memories in dusty folders in the dark abyss of our computers and phones seems unfair. They should be enjoyed, loved, relived, treasured, and displayed! I’ve always been an enthusiast of apps that allow you to unlock your photographs and allow them to be displayed tastefully display them.

When I found Mixtiles, an app that transforms your photos into stunning wall art- I realized it wasn’t just an ideal way to mark our summer but also a thoughtful present for my dad following having so many wonderful memories at Bliss. A small, lonely wall in his den is now a gallery of his grandchildren enjoying summer in this beautiful part of the world.

And the best thing? It didn’t take 500 nail holes as well as spackle, cursing, and giving up-I’m talking; I don’t think an art gallery has ever been that way to me. I’m speaking for a close friend.

Before I get into more details, Mixtiles is offering 15 percent off your first purchase and FREE shipping when you enter the coupon code KELLE15 when you the time of checkout (valid up to August 31st, 2018). You can order by downloading the Mixtiles app from the app store or visiting

This is how it operates. In the Mixtiles app, you can choose the photos you want to transform into tiles from your library. Then, you select the design you prefer (we picked the Classic with white matt style, but there are other styles to choose from). Add them to your cart, make an order within five days (! ), and your tiles will arrive. The quality of the print and the color are stunning.

Lainey and I had a blast making arrangements before displaying the arrangements.

It was an exhausting, time-consuming task-in reality. Mounting the gallery to the wall was quick and simple. Peel and stick.

I utilized a level to get the first row in line, and the rest was easy. If I didn’t align a tile correctly, all I had to do was take it off (with the wall intact) and re-stack it.

Poppa is in love with his new walls.

Do you have precious summer memories on your phone that would make a happy gallery on your wall? Bring some color into your child’s bedroom. Bring some love to your workplace. Flower fields, ice cream trucks, and sunset scenes? Make the scenes into Mixtiles. Use promo code KELLE15 to get 15 percent off when you check out!


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