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Sex Education season 3 is not coming to Netflix in June 2021 – Netflix Life



Sex Education – Credit: Sam Taylor
Netflix finally shared the list of Netflix new releases coming in June 2021, and one of the shows fans wanted to see on the list was Sex Education season 3.
Sadly, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out the Sex Education season 3 release date on Netflix.
Although it’s been 16 months and change from the last time a new episode of Sex Education was released on Netflix, we weren’t expecting to see Sex Education season 3 on Netflix in June 2021.
In its Q1 letter to shareholders, Netflix shared that Sex Education season 3 would be a second half of 2021 release, meaning we’d see the new season between July and December. So, we can definitely expect the season of Q3 and Q4.
Sex Education season 3 was another new season of a Netflix show that was massively delayed because of the pandemic. Production was scheduled to begin in the spring of 2020, which was the time that everything shut down.
So, production didn’t actually get started until the fall of 2020. It wrapped in March 2021.
Normally, we have to wait about four to six months from the end of filming until the series is released on Netflix. If that’s the case for Sex Education season 3, we could possibly see the new season as early as August 2021.
Because of how everything is going and how uncertain things seem, I’m a little more conservative with my release date projections. I think it’s more likely that we’ll see Sex Education season 3 in September or even October.
I hope we don’t have to wait that long. We’re seeing some shows, like Outer Banks season 2 and Never Have I Ever season 2, turned around quicker than we thought. So, it’s possible that we could see Sex Education season 3 in August.
We’ll let you know the official release date when we find out! Stay tuned for more information.
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