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Small Organization Photo: Second-Chance Accomplishment



As employers across the country are coping with workforce shortages, a traffic control companies business in Louisville is rolling out a reputation for helping other corporations find personnel who need you to take an opportunity on them.

NTC, a professional women-owned business developed in 2007, gives traffic control companies for power and construction companies, sells personal protective and protection gear, and presents workforce consulting. But for owners Robin K. Corridor and Michelle Wayne, NTC’s objective reaches much beyond providing quality services.

From the beginning, Corridor and Wayne set out to produce a business that makes a difference in people’s lives and uplifts the community info. As part of that objective, NTC uses personnel who have offender documents to allow them to re-establish their lives, offer to their loved ones and turn into an adding person in society.

“We wanted to be always ahead inside our industry and reveal that women may and do experience in a male-dominant field,” Wayne said. “We also wanted to show our personnel that the second-chance tag does not suggest a number opportunity.”

NTC’s expense in second-chance employees—and Corridor and Wayne’belief in them—has paid off. The organization started with no investors and had almost no seed capital. NTC has had the opportunity to recruit, help and maintain quality personnel, earning a reputation for thoughtful preparation and focus on detail. This success led to the growth of a consulting team that supports a diverse band of companies that build second-chance labour forces.

“We believe you ought not to be tried for the others of your life due to a mistake. It is essential to allow somebody to function, offer their household and be at the duty bottom,” Wayne said.

“No one desires to be explained by their past,” Corridor said.

NTC is not a temperature agency. It generally does not recruit personnel, Wayne said.

“The personnel arrived at people,” she claimed, and NTC helps them find positions with area corporations that want great employees.

“We get calls from persons throughout the state looking for careers since they have found out about what we are performing,” Wayne said. “There are corporations on the market which will hire them; they only do not know how to find them.”

NTC is also productive in the neighbourhood, participating in programs that offer Xmas gifts and dinners for people, college materials, layers, etc. These neighbourhood connections lead to more contact with individuals looking for a second opportunity as well as corporations which have labour shortages.

“We are the area of the fabric of this neighbourhood,” Wayne said.

Wayne answered a couple of additional questions for NTC with this month’s Small Organization Snapshot.

The Lane Report: We’d enjoy knowing about some of one’s second-chance success stories.

Michelle Wayne: “Bryan” came to people 36 months ago. He was unable to locate a job anywhere. He did it difficultly and now is a supervisor. This is an estimate from him: “I have already been with NTC for 36 months in March. Before being welcomed to become listed on NTC, I had major issues obtaining ample employment that I could offer my family. Since then, I have already been offered a boss place with a take-home vehicle. I’m happy that I was presented with the opportunity to offer to my children that my past does not establish who I am. I’m living evidence that after an individual chooses to produce a modification inside their life, it could be reached when someone thinks of you. NTC thinks in persons like me. I contemplate NTC as a household, and they address people as such. Now my expenses are paid, my children consider the positivity in me, and I’m like I have a purpose.”

TLR: Just how many personnel are you experiencing?

MJ: Thirty-eight, but we are heading into the busy period, and we’ll be employing another 10 to 15 in the summer.

TLR: How did you obtain interest/start in your field?

MJ: Robin’s background was new construction, and the quarry was government. We achieved and turned friends and company partners. We’ve had the opportunity to endure and succeed in our sections as a result of our nurtured associations and second-chance employees.

TLR: Once you meet somebody new, how do you identify your company/job?

MJ: We are 100% person owned, and many of our husbands don’t assist us. (We are requested frequently where our husbands are.) We are a happy second-chance boss that delivers professional quality and qualified traffic control. As a result of our success with second-chance employment, we can position personnel and consult for companies on the best way to build and repair their workforce. Inside our income team, we’re a provider for 50-plus manufacturers. Having a warehouse of over 4,000 s.f. Helps people to inventory for the local customers.

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