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Snack Shack brings business to Southside again.



Snack Shack brings business to Southside again. Snack Shack brings business to Southside once more.

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Hannibal -“HANNIBAL” – “Start small, then grow” is her mantra.

Nickie Shepherd lives up to her word in a tiny kitchen built for just one person. She has an order window at the front. She serves burgers, snacks, and much more in the snack Shack situated on the Southside of Hannibal.

An ever-expanding menu, Shepherd, has made it through the first year as restaurant manager since it opened in September.

Its name suggests that the Snack Shack was first intended to serve only snacks such as soft pretzels and nachos. However, it quickly expanded into meals such as bacon cheeseburgers topped with French fries. Every day, Specials on the menu like chicken and beans, ham, and noodles, are why Shepherd claimed kept customers coming back throughout the winter months.

Shepherd has also stated that her growth was due to her place of residence.

Across the street to the right of the Snack Shack, 800 Birch Street is a wooden structure that was once was a convenience store. The neighborhood, also known as Southside Hannibal, was barren of businesses before the time that Snack Shack opened.

Shepherd has always dreamed of opening a restaurant; however, getting the initial cost is difficult. She decided to purchase an old shed and began looking for a suitable property to lease.

“We determined after a search throughout the town that the best southside area because there’s nothing else,” she said.

Though she hopes to continue growing and eventually expand her business that could include seating indoors, Shepherd is committed to remaining in the area. She also suggested using the building in her possession to sell food items.

“I believe they’d like little groceries here, but only last-minute items when they get home from the office,” she said.

Jacob Johann and several of his colleagues eat breakfast at the Snack Shack at least once every week. They are all in agreement. They think the Snack Shack provides a wonderful location.

“They are open throughout the winter months and offer excellent cuisine,” he said. “There is nothing else like it on this site, and, compared to other places, it’s a bargain.”

The tiny space and absence of employees, apart from her — make it possible to charge low prices, and she intends to keep them this way for as long as it is possible.

“Things are so costly nowadays, and raising children is extremely expensive,” she said. “The kids should be able to have a night out with treats or take a bite out once in a while, So I try to be as low-cost as possible.”

Even though she is the sole person working there, Shepherd has plenty of assistance in serving customers after the school day is over. The Snack Shack is a joint venture between the family in which three of her children help out.

“They enjoy coming to the center, and it’s an amazing time for them,” she added. “In the future, when they find a job, they’ll have one way to get there, thanks to understanding how to handle money and customer service.”

The children also assisted in developing an appetizer item that is a cheese-filled tortilla where the taco shell has been filled with cheese shredded and then placed in the sandwich maker.

Her sister also assists typically once per week to allow Shepherd an opportunity to take a day off, other than Sunday, if she is at work. Snack Shack is closed.

Shepherd is excited to add some brand new items to the menu.

Beginning next month, the Snack Shack will open at 5:30 a.m. and will serve breakfast sandwiches, biscuits, and gravy until 11:11 a.m. She will bring out her grill to serve barbecue dishes during the summer months.

She’s eagerly awaiting her participation in the Spring Fling Craft show coming to the Snack Shack from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. on April 9. The event will also include the Easter egg hunt that will include more than 500 eggs for children of all ages, starting at noon.

The egg hunt costs $5. The money goes to the charity Abilities (Marion County Services.)

The Snack Shack also offers online ordering to pick up or deliver via DoorDash. Follow it on Facebook at the Southside Snack Shack or visit its website at

Nargis Abbasi

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