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South West Water to spend PS10m on anti-pollution efforts.



The utility huge South West Water has committed close to PS10m to mitigate the negative impact of the upcoming construction of homes along two rivers only a few months after the Environment Agency found it had not met its pollution targets for the 10th time in a row.

The Exeter-based firm, part of the Pennon Group, will now invest the funds in the Rivers Axe and Camel catchments. This comprises PS5.3m of investment already in place and PS4.5m, which is a mixture of increased spending and the addition of new funds to aid in “nature-based solutions” that aim to lower the amount of nutrient pollution within the catchment.

The company noted that even though the development process creates jobs and homes, it creates environmental impacts. The solutions based on nature that it offers through this financing will aid more sustainable development.

The investment will help improve the treatment process and build the South West Water’s Up Stream Thinking catchment management program that works with partners to safeguard and improve the natural habitat and land.

The work in this area could generate up to 100 hectares of new woodlands and wetlands that will create natural buffers that will enhance water quality in rivers, improve habitats, and aid in the growth of ecosystems.

South West Water said it would also continue collaborating with developers to promote nature-based drainage strategies for new developments and ensure that drainage systems can handle the load as new homes are constructed.

The announcement came a few months before that the Environment Agency hit South West Water with the lowest environmental score of the nine major water and sewage companies located in England and Wales.

In 2021 the regulator identified the regional monopoly due to its lack of performance and claimed that the performance of 2020 was “consistently unacceptable” for the 10th consecutive year. Stock Exchange-listed Pennon, which recently received permission to acquire Bristol Water, has been condemned for cutting capital expenditures over the last few years.

In 2021, the advocacy organization Surfers Against Sewage annual Water Quality report – in which water companies spewed raw sewage into ocean waters 517 times in 12 months. The report also criticized discharges close to beach areas in the South West Water region during the bathing season and pointed to the region’s performance “notably poor performance for the third consecutive year.”

Susan Davy, chief executive of Pennon Group, said the new expenditure would nevertheless contribute to the environment. She added: “We have a track history of working with our partners throughout the region to help restore, protect and improve the land area of around 100,000 hectares by implementing our Catchment Management programs. This investment will allow for sustainable housing development through a plantation of trees and the establishment of wetlands within the catchment area through ongoing collaboration. We are aware of the need to do all we can to facilitate the region’s leveling up goals.”

Nargis Abbasi

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