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The Benefits of Using Fiber Optic Cable Blower



Wireless technology brings so many benefits into modern people’s life. It simplifies the connection between devices. You also can create a more complex network for various purposes. There are also many other benefits you can get from this technology as explained on this website. Despite its usefulness, all equipment for creating a wireless environment still needs a cable to work. Thus, the supportive equipment for this system, like a cable blower, is still necessary.

Here, you will learn more about one of the best types of cable blower that many companies use these days. If you are interested in what kind of cable blowing equipment that is, simply continue reading our content below.

The Fiber Optic Cable Blower

The need for fiber optic cable has been increasing these days. Therefore, many companies use this type of cable blower to fulfill this demand. It is made so it can insert the fiber optic cable that is known for its sensitivity and delicacy toward the change or pressure which can affect its performance. So, it requires a high-performance cable blower, which is a fiber optic cable blower.

Moreover, there are many reasons why those companies choose fiber optic cable blowers over other types. Below, we have summarized the benefits you must know about this cable blower.

It Works Much Faster than Standard Cable Blower

The old method uses the cable pulling technique to insert the cable into the compartment or pipe. That requires more time and money to finish the entire project. However, a fiber optic cable blower simplifies the process and increases its installation speed. The standard fiber optic cable blower has an installation speed of up to 300 feet per minute (FPM). That is several times much faster than the pulling methods.

This cable blowing machine uses compressed air to propel and carry the cable through the duct. The duct is adjusted to be air-tight. Therefore, the cable can move as fast as the air that is inserted into the duct or pipes where we want to install it. That is the reason why you can install the cable much faster.

Another best thing about the speed of a fiber optic cable blower is you can adjust its speed. Thanks to this feature, you can choose how you install the cable under different types of conditions and applications. It also prevents any damage that could happen because of the application design. Some of the cable ducts have more complicated designs than others. If you use the maximum speed of the cable blower, it will only damage the cable you install in it.

You Get More Control

The fiber optic cable blower also has more features that allow you to control the installation process like what you want. The speed adjusting feature is one of them. Other than that, you can find the adjustable tractor feed grip pressure. You can adjust how strong the pressure you want to give to the cable, so it can follow the duct design without any problem.

To support the grip control feature, you also can adjust the pressure level. It gives you more advantages for application on various cable types. Some cable blowers also have a sensor that detects the cable slippage or blockage inside the duct. In short, this cable blower will lower the risk of installation failure.

It is Versatile

Many features and fully controlled functions give you more freedom to use this tool on various cables and duct sizes. You can use it on any duct diameter. Therefore, you will find the fiber optic cable blower on different types of fieldworks.

Lightweight and Portable

Many fiber optic cable blowers are compact. Those tools are lightweight and easy to carry around. Furthermore, this equipment has only a few parts and accessories. It only has a hydraulic hose, the air pressure maker, seal kits, and conduit packs. Therefore, you won’t have a problem carrying it around and putting it into your car.


The cable blower might not be equipment suitable for individual usage. It is mostly used on big projects to build cable networks. But, the information you have here at least will help you to understand one of the best things that were born from modern technology.

This equipment has a role in supporting wireless technology, which is the essential technology for modern society. If you have a company that runs the cable installation service, we hope this article and other articles on this website can become a good reference for your business.

Muhammad Mubeen Hassan

Hi. I am Muhammad Mubeen Hassan. I am SEO Expat and WordPress Websites Developer &  Blogger. 30 years old. I help entrepreneurs become go-to in their industry. And, I like helping the next one in line. You can follow my journey on my blog, for list Click Here If you need any post so you can email me on my this Email:  

Hi. I am Muhammad Mubeen Hassan. I am SEO Expat and Wordpress Websites Developer &  Blogger. 30 years old. I help entrepreneurs become go-to in their industry. And, I like helping the next one in line. You can follow my journey on my blog, for list Click Here If you need any post so you can email me on my this Email:  

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