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Tips and Tricks for Quality Air Conditioning Installation



A brand new ac system can give you greater comfort, more energy savings, and advanced features which your older unit didn’t have. But an improperly installed ac system will not do you worthwhile at all. Ensure your ac system runs properly and efficiently for years into the future by following these tips.

Choose a Professional

The only way to ensure that ac installation goes smoothly is by calling a specialist for air conditioner installation. Installing an air-con system is not just a benefit of the most popular do-it-yourselfer, who does not want the appropriate instruments and knowledge to ensure everything is right: correct refrigerant levels, secure brackets, right pressure, correct voltage, etc. Usually, experts are called to fix somebody with little knowledge, and sometimes at a greater charge than the initial installation might have been.

Assure The Contractor Is Qualified And Insured

Just how to weed out the low-grade contractors from the qualified kinds? The method is very simple. An expert contractor will also have his license, permit, insurance, and other credentials in order. It’s since they’re aware that a prospective client has to request them. Since it’s your right as a customer to verify the claims of a prospective contractor, you should always ask to see their papers for physical proof. A company trying to shy away from showing proof of their assertions is somebody you should never trust. A trusted HVAC contractor could have the license to work in your state and carry the necessary insurance to keep you and your property safe.

Know about Energy Efficiency Ratings

Your professional HVAC technician can allow you to understand the energy efficiency rating of your unit. Still, in general, you will find two things to look for: the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and the ENERGY STAR label. The SEER of your unit should be at the very least 14, but probably the most efficient air conditioners have a SEER nearer to 20. The ENERGY STAR seal is a level from the EPA that the air conditioner is efficient without sacrificing any performance. Though a more efficient unit may be much more pricey initially, the savings should offset this extra cost.

Keep Your Technician Informed

An undersized system will not keep your home as cool as you need it and will consume lots of energy attempting to complete so. A big system may short cycle and wear down quickly, which explains why the sizing is a vital section of ac installation. Make fully sure your technician takes the time for you to measure your home and keep your contractor informed of one’s needs.

Maintenance Schedule

If you want to be sure that your air conditioner works properly and efficiently for years into the future, you should get on a maintenance schedule as soon as your AC is installed. Enrolling in a maintenance program ensures that the ac system remains effective for longer, and it could keep your monthly bills low and prevent repairs.

Do Not Let Sub-Contractors Perform On The System

You ought to generally partner with an HVAC company that employs its employees for all services, including installation. Sub-contracting the task does not mean a poor job, neither does it guarantee a top-notch job. With an investment as expensive since the air conditioner, you always need to aim to get the most effective service.

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