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Topeka woman’s woodworking skills are perfect for her do-it-yourself business Board & Brush.



Jamie Clark is a veteran working alongside her father and husband.

She was always comfortable with tools. Her father was a strong supporter of her.

She said she could recall him showing me how to use the lathe at age 7 or 8. He was always open to me doing things with him.

They worked together on projects such as windchimes, end tables, and other related tasks.

Her husband and their family are avid woodworkers. They have even renovated homes and added on to them. This was the time when the big guns emerged.

Clark now helps others to master the skills she has so well. Clark bought Board & Brush last August.

“Oh my goodness, this is incredible!”

Board & Brush Creative Studio is located in Suite 300 at the Burlingame Mall, 3703 S.W. Burlingame Road welcomes guests to bring their snacks, including wine or beer.

The company offers do-it-yourself experiences such as private parties, bachelorette gatherings, and corporate events. Participants pay a flat fee to receive all the materials they need to complete their projects.

Clark stated that she is thrilled to see people’s confidence rise after finishing wooden signs or plant holders projects.

“Oh my goodness, this is incredible! This is amazing! I’m coming back. Customers say that they already know what the next item they want to make. Clark stated, “I’m available to schedule,”

“It was a really enjoyable first experience.”

Bobbi Shin, a long-standing customer, held her first party in April 2019, just two months after opening the location.

She said, “To celebrate my birthday, we held a private party and had around 30 of our friends there.” It was a great first experience to have all my family members and friends there.

She has completed over 30 projects since then. She prefers larger wall hangings, but she also has experience with wood storage boxes and planter box construction.

Two nutcrackers are her favorite projects. These are harder to make.

Shinn spoke about her second nutcracker, saying she had forgotten how difficult it was. “Everyone laughed at me because I went to the studio with a diagram printed, a photo of the stencil, and all the colors labeled.

She was matched with the right colors by the organization.

Shin started at Board & Brush in January as an employee.

She said, “I can be there and help others create and not need to take home projects.” “I love being there. “I love to see what everyone does.”

“If you are able to follow directions, you will be able to do this.”

Deena Robinson has been an employee of the business since February 2019. She teaches classes on the weekends and evenings.

She said, “We listen and make music, and we meet new people.”

Although the business has many regulars, new customers are often welcomed. Robinson enjoys hearing them proudly share their creations.

She said that she told them, “If you can follow directions, then you can do it.” “And the hardest part is choosing paint colors.” The majority of guests who have been invited back say that they will.

Classes are usually held on weekends and evenings. Most classes last three hours, but there are a few shorter and more family-friendly classes. All prices are available on the website. Guests must register in advance.

“Just about everything for everyone.”

According to the store owner, she loves how different projects can look.

Clark stated that people could choose the same theme. Clark said, “You can make it look how you want it.”

You can choose from color schemes, wood distressing, stencil techniques, and modern or rustic farmhouse designs. These themes include seasons, home, family, sports, hobbies, holidays, travel, and other activities.

Clark stated that there are hundreds of designs to choose from.

Customers can also buy items created by the team or take-home kits that they can create.

Shin stated that Board & Brush allows her to let her passion for home decoration shine and serve as a stress reliever.

She said, “I just happen to get paid for it now.”

New designs are released by the company every month on the first day of each month. The latest spring releases are featured here.

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