Developing Your Brand.



Every day businesses are bombarded with sales representatives vying for attention and dollars. You could be the 15th or 10th person to have walked through their home, called or emailed the day before, seeking their time. Our potential customer thinks about the first thing is, “Why should I offer the person my time or even cash?” In other words, we must be able to answer, “Why?”

The central part of answering the question “Why?” is developing our brand. Products have to establish their own “brand,” as do we. What are we representing? What distinguishes us from other companies? What can we do to show our professionalism as a professional marketing agency that can assist our clients in generating revenues?

This leads me to the photo of this adorable dog. The dog’s name is Trip, and he’s the ambassador for goodwill for The Hotel Indigo in Columbus, Indiana.

The brand Hotel Indigos have built revolves around a dog that lives at the hotel, welcomes guests, and offers the feeling of home for tired travelers. They also provide the option of fish (in fishbowls) if you would like to keep one in your hotel room throughout your time at the hotel. This is one of the ways Hotel Indigo stands out from other hotels.

So, what do we have to say about ourselves? What can we do to create our brand? People don’t purchase what we offer, and they want to know why the reason we’re doing what we’re doing. We require a “Why?” script. Have you got one? If not, why not take the time and design one.

Building your brand requires constant exposure. What we teach our clients about developing their brands applies to us too. What are you doing with social media to build your business? Are we able to communicate the issues we’re solving for customers and the achievements we have made through the different platforms?

What are the best ways to establish the value of your work? Do you blog? Do you distribute newsletters to your clients? What is your method of networking? Have you got a particular message? Do you manage your clients’ marketing on several platforms, even though you don’t have a presence on all platforms? What are the benefits the team and you provide your customers? What is the word that people use to describe you?

Success requires more than “good services in today’s competitive market.” It demands outstanding service. It requires being different. It’s not necessary to sell puppies or fish. However, it is essential to promote your brand’s image: to yourself constantly! More revenue is in the pipeline!


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