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Doug Wright is an attorney at Holland & Knight in the firm’s Labor and Employment practice area and has particular expertise in executive compensation, the privacy of employees, as well as data security discrimination in employment and class action lawsuits. Doug has earned their Juris Doctorate from Cleveland State University’s Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and his Bachelor of Arts degree from Cleveland State University. In 2009, he was included in the Ohio Rising Stars list by Super Lawyers Magazine, a prestigious list of the top attorneys in Ohio. Ohio under 40.

About Doug Wright Holland

Douglas Wright Holland was born in New York City on the 29th of July, 1926. The father of the boy was the bank president, who was an attorney representing the defense after the 1929 Wall Street Crash. Holland’s mother was a dancer and homemaker who named him after the playwright Douglas Wright. The school he attended was Phillips Exeter Academy. He went to Yale College (Bachelor of Arts) and Harvard Law School (Juris Doctor). Holland passed the California bar test on the third attempt in 1950. He moved to Los Angeles that year with his first wife, Linda Douglass (daughter of Charles Douglass and Jane Davenport) and with whom they had two children. Jono Douglas Wright holland (born 1952) from her previous marriage to John Butler;

About Knight

Doug Wright has been recognized as one of the business’s top technical sales experts for the past 30 years. Over that period, his solutions have been of the highest quality to numerous Fortune 500 organizations, bringing teams together to deliver an impressive ROI for sales initiatives. Doug Wright is the president of Doug Wright Holland and Knight Consulting LLC. He manages the business strategy for Fortune 500 clients across various sectors, such as healthcare, finance, automotive, and retail. As a Partner for nearly 18 years in his previous position with W2O Group, Inc., Doug helped lead the company’s Technical Services division.

Services Offered

One of the most common requests is to change the title of a book. The process may vary according to the book’s title and complexity. In any event, we suggest authors go through this checklist before deciding whether or not to submit their titles to Doug Wright Holland Knight:

Are your titles a minimum of three words? This is important since many online retailers won’t take titles with less than three terms.

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How We Differ From Our Competition

We take pride in being distinct. Instead of joining the crowd, We aim to simplify your processes. From concept to completion, We are for you at each step. We will walk you through all the legal jargon, ensuring you don’t think about anything other than getting your business on the right track. Doug Wright, Holland, and Knight will be there for you, no matter your requirements.

A Few Words on Networking

Few things in the world can help your business more than listening well. It may seem simple but placing yourself in the position to listen to someone else has opinions about their desires or goals. This will help you get further along the path of success more than anything else you do. In our private life, we never consider a second thought about what someone else says. It’s a habit that is second to none. However, most people don’t show the same respect to colleagues at work. Being better at listening is crucial for anyone who wants to succeed in networking for your company, and we offer some suggestions for learning this ability.


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