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Earthquake: Two following dead Japan was struck by an earthquake



According to officials, the powerful earthquake that struck the north-east region of Japan has left two dead and 160 injured; however, it caused only minor damage.

Two million homes were initially cut off from electricity, and the bullet train was derailment; however, none of its passengers were injured.

The Japan Meteorological Agency lifted a tsunami warning early on Thursday morning.

According to officials, the magnitude 7.4 earthquake occurred within the same region, similar to the one that led to the Fukushima nuclear accident but did not cause any damage this time around.

In certain areas, the quake was so powerful that people could not stand it, and the buildings moved in the capital city of Tokyo. Japanese authorities said that the earthquake struck around 23.36 on Wednesday (14:36 GMT) at 57 kilometers (35.4 miles).

They warned of the possibility of aftermathshocks in Fukushima, Miyagi, and Yamagata prefectures.

The moment the disaster occurred, the Japanese weather agency released an alert for tsunami waves of 1 millimeter (3.3ft) for areas of the coast to the north-east. Still, the advisory was lifted the following day when waves that were one-third of the high reached shore.

Several people in the north-eastern part of Japan were injured by falling objects. In the city located in Soma, Fukushima Prefecture, local media reported that a man in his sixties passed away. Another death was announced within Miyagi Prefecture.

There are reports that four people were killed in the quake. However, the government spokesperson Hirokazu Matsuno claimed that the number of deaths directly caused by the quake is still to be confirmed.

The power supply to more than 2.2 million homes was cut temporarily in 14 prefectures, including the Tokyo region. However, by mid-morning, the local electricity company announced power had been restored to most areas.

It was a fortunate escape for the passengers of an express train derailment due to the earthquake in the northern part of Fukushima city. Luckily, it wasn’t speeding, and nobody was injured.

Staff and passengers were held for nearly four hours aboard the ship before being freed.

Japan’s Premier Minister Fumio Kishida told reporters earlier that the government was trying to determine the extent of the damage. Authorities claimed emergency services were being bombarded with requests.

The buildings in Tokyo were shaken for two minutes or more. Further to the north in Fukushima, there was a shaking stronger.

Within Ishinomaki located in Miyagi Prefecture, a city official has told the AFP news agency that he’d been awakened in the morning by “extremely violent shaking.”

“I heard the ground rumbling. Rather than feeling scared, I immediately remembered the Great East Japan earthquake,” the man said about the 2011 catastrophe.

The earthquake of Thursday occurred nearly 60km from the shores of Fukushima near the epicenter of the largest and largest earthquake Japan has ever experienced in its history, which killed more than 18,000 people 11 years ago.

The 2011 earthquake caused an earthquake and damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant, triggering the onset of a catastrophe as radiation leaked from the plant.

Nuclear officials said there was no evidence of abnormalities following the earthquake that struck Wednesday night in the devastated Fukushima site.

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Why did Daniel Patry Break His Gabriel Kuhn Body Into Two Parts, despite being friends?



16-year-old after Gabriel Kuhn, 12, refused to repay $1.75 for virtual currencies, Daniel Patry sodomized him as well as killed him and cut to pieces his corpse. What began as a means to allow Gabriel Kuhn, then 12, to make new friends and have a blast was turned into the death penalty when he was introduced to Daniel Patry, then 16.

Due to his past of violent outbursts, Daniel’s parents referred the boy to a variety of Brazilian psychiatrists with the hope that one of them would help their son of 16 years. Daniel was scared of doctors and refused to open up to them. However, his aggressive behaviour in therapy eventually led Daniel to quit attending therapy.

Some claim he was in a psychiatric institution, and others claim that he quit attending classes. Neither claim has been confirmed.

Daniel, most of the time, was on the internet engaging in Tibia games. Daniel played for hours and hours playing the Tribia monster in his interactions online with other gamers.

A Conversation between Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

During one of his lengthy games, Daniel was able to meet Gabriel as Daniel and Gabriel moved next door to one another and acted as fast acquaintances.

There were lots of coins available to spend in the no-cost Tribia game. Coins can be used to purchase everything within the game, including new characters and outfits and virtual animals.

Gabriel has created a private server to ensure that Gabriel as well as Daniel can play the game together. Gabriel once contacted Daniel and asked that he take a loan to borrow virtual currency so that the player could buy items from the virtual store of the game. Gabriel needed 20 thousand pennies, or around $1.75, to purchase something in American currency. After a few days, Gabriel said he would return the coins. Daniel took the loan offer.

When Daniel attempted to log in to the game one of the days Gabriel was scheduled to return the money, he discovered that he was barred off the servers.

Daniel Patry Meets Gabriel At Home

Daniel Patry

Daniel was irritated and decided to decide to pay Gabriel an unexpected visit to his home. When Daniel finally came to Gabriel’s house, He had already decided to end Gabriel, his “buddy.”

When Daniel returned home, Gabriel was there by herself. Although Daniel due Daniel the money and blocked Daniel from his server, He had no idea that the teenager was capable of such a rage. To try to repair the fences between him and his friend, Gabriel welcomed him inside, and he entered.

After entering the house, Daniel immediately launched an attack upon Gabriel and slashed the boy, who was smaller in size and brutally beat him several times.

While Gabriel lay on the ground in pain as well as bleeding, Daniel was laughing at his ridicule. Gabriel then declared (with determination) that he was telling his mother about the incident Daniel did.

Daniel cut the computer cord of Gabriel and began to choke Gabriel. The incident reportedly sparked his sexual desire, and he launched into a sexual attack on Gabriel while he continued to tighten cords around his neck.

Daniel Hems Gabriel’s Body into Two

Daniel believed that Gabriel had died and attempted to squeeze his body into the crawl space but failed. He found a hacksaw within the house and began cutting Gabriel’s body up into small pieces, thinking that this was the most convenient method to move the body.

Thankfully, Gabriel had not yet died. Then, he fell and screamed. Daniel was awed by the possibility of being able to hear Gabriel screaming and fighting. Despite Gabriel’s pleas for help, he kept cutting his body until it was split into two pieces.

He tried to stuff Gabriel’s head and body into the crawlspace after creating Tibia symbols inside his body. When he realized that his body would be too large, Daniel abandoned it in the hallway and ran away. The following day, Gabriel’s brother discovered the grisly scene.

Daniel admits to killing.

Gabriel Kuhn Murder

When the police first learned of the dispute on the internet, and were able to question Daniel. Daniel admitted to having killed Gabriel and also provided the investigators with gory details of the incident. Daniel didn’t appear to feel guilty as he recounted his experiences.

The moment they learned that Daniel had been sodomized by Gabriel and had sex with him, they believed they were homosexual. In response, he snarled and denied his homosexuality.

Gabriel spent three years in a Juvenile detention Center.

Daniel Patry was tried and was found guilty by the courts in Brazil as a young man and found guilty of three-year imprisonment in a juvenile detention facility. The prison sentence was lifted in 2010, and Daniel was released. Following Daniel’s release, his whereabouts and whereabouts were largely unrecorded. Perhaps he’s been using the name of a different person now.

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