Cogent Education provides international coaching for students who have sporting talent.



Cogent Education Consults is a Nigerian-based education consulting that offers students with intelligence and sports talent the opportunity to pursue their dreams in an international environment.

Gbubemi M, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, said this. Boyo speaks out about the company’s activities in Lagos.

She reiterated that the consultancy is committed to providing quality education to Nigerian students anywhere globally.

Boyo says that “Cogent Education Consultancy offers counseling and application services to international students interested in studying at universities and colleges around the globe.” Some of these gifted students may also be talented in sports, so asking them to give up their talents for Education can sometimes impact the experience of studying abroad.

“So, we thought of ways to help them get into schools that encourage sports participation. This strategy has resulted in a surge of applications from people interested in playing basketball, football, or lawn tennis. Many schools will admit students interested in one or both of these sports.

“Cogent Education Consultants is staffed with highly-skilled professionals who are experts in international student support, education counseling, visa counseling, student placements abroad, and student counseling. Students can find the right university for them by working with us.

“Cogent Education Consultants began assisting Nigerian students in accessing quality education starting May 8, 2019. She said that many students have graduated from different schools around the globe after working with Cogent Education Consultants.


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