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Top 4 Career Opportunities in Physical Education



A bachelor’s degree in physical education prepares graduates for a very promising career path. As more people and institutions strive to adopt a healthy lifestyle, the work of physical education expert becomes even more valuable. With only four years of study, you will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge you need to not only stand out in the job market but also be an expert in what you do. 

There are a lot of jobs you can partake with a degree in Physical education. We discuss four of the most promising below. 

Physical Education Teacher

This is the most immediate career option graduates with a degree in physical education have at their disposal. In fact, most of our graduates start here before going ahead to explore other options. 

As a physical education teacher, you will most likely be working in elementary schools or high schools. Your primary task will be to help students lead a healthy lifestyle by drafting and implementing effective physical education curriculum. You will lead students in playing games that boost their overall physical wellbeing and even help with designing healthy dietary plans. Working in such an environment with young and energetic students is very contenting making the work of a physical education teacher an entirely enjoyable experience. 


If you don’t fancy the more commonplace physical education teaching profession, perhaps being a coach would be the best fit for you. With a physical education degree, you can specialize in coaching sports teams and physically prepare them for tournaments. As a coach, your work environment includes middle schools, high schools through colleges. 

Although being a physical education teacher is fulfilling, if you want more action, you should try coaching. This profession comes with a very attractive salary and it is one that many graduates with a physical education degree start with. The U.S job market in particular, is opening its arms wider for physical education coaches as more schools and colleges embrace sports and healthy living.

Personal Sports Trainer

Working with students is an amazing adventure. They are eager to learn and give you the satisfaction of successfully doing something you love. However, sometimes you might want to go low-key. Physical education is not all about working with groups of people. You can still be a personal sports trainer and curve a great career path. 

As a personal sports trainer, you will be working with individual people as opposed to groups. In other words, this means that you will be self-employed and enjoy the feeling of being your own boss. In this case you will be coaching an athlete at a time focusing on a particular sport you are an expert in. For example if you were playing baseball in College, you can be a personal sports trainer for that particular sport. 

Personal Fitness Trainer

Before you get confused, let’s make it clear that a sports trainer is not the same as a fitness trainer. What is the difference? Sports trainers train people to be better at whatever sports they play while fitness trains people to be more physically fit. Sports trainers work in fields while fitness trainers mostly work in gyms. 

If you are physical fitness diehard with a degree in physical education, you can choose to be a personal fitness trainer and live your dream career. You will get the opportunity to work with renowned people such as movie stars and wrestling champions while pocketing a good salary. 

Hopefully, this guide has helped you realize that taking a degree in physical education is not in vain. If you have the passion, go for it. 

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