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Ryan Mathie, CEO of High-Performing Coach, Shares His Journey on Building a Purposeful Coaching Business and Providing Real Value



In the world today, many people have the skill and the dedication required to coach others to greatness, but they, too, struggle when meeting their own limits and challenges around knowing how to bring their message to the world, how to build a profitable business, and often end up in doubt about their readiness, whether they are good enough, or if it’s even possible for them. 

To help these budding coaches build the required confidence to help their clients reach a breakthrough, create massive profitability, improve the efficiency of their products, and scale their businesses to six figures and above, High-Performing Coach, led by personal and professional development expert Ryan Mathie, has cracked the code on client acquisition and is helping these coaches serve the clients they love and build a thriving online business.

High-Performing Coach is a coaching business dedicated to helping coaches overcome their limiting beliefs and reach massive success in their professional pursuits by aligning them with the most effective business coaching available to drive motivated clients to their online business. High-Performing Coach employs a tested and proven success system that ensures that every coach and their business is prioritized and treated as essential without building fancy websites, sales funnels or paying thousands of dollars a month for ads to launch and sustain a successful coaching business.

At the company’s helm is co-founder and CEO Ryan Mathie, a personal and professional development expert hailing from the small town of Bellshill in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. At the age of 20, Ryan began his entrepreneurial pursuit when he moved from his hometown in Scotland to London, where he lived for 18 years. He then briefly relocated to the US before finally moving to the island and paradise of Madeira, Portugal, with his loving partner and her two beautiful children, to which he is their stepfather. 

Ryan’s personal and professional mastery was developed over the last twelve years after experiencing a profound transformation while walking through the streets of Bethnal Green, London.

This experience changed his life and left him with a desire to share all he has learned over the past decades with everyone else. He went on to work with one of the world’s leading organizations in personal development and growth as a senior coach, program leader, and staff member.

The next stage of his journey was inspired by a life of more impact and more freedom on his own terms and he put his thoughts and desire to action, and started coaching at $50 per hour.

With a bigger vision pulling him and a willingness to believe that he could create something extraordinary, he sought out and worked closely with some of the most forwarding thinking personal and business experts in the world such as Rich Litvin, Daniel Priestley, and Shanda Sumpter and went on a journey that took him to building a seven-figure coaching business as the CEO/co-founder of High-Performing Coach alongside, Maxwell Nee, Adrian Shiel, and Tina Brigley.

He created the training process and coined the phrase “Unshakable Belief,” the HPC Method which he named “The 5 Essential Elements to Creating a High-Fee Coaching Business and the Breakthrough Process,” which is showing his clients how to coach more powerfully than ever before, leaving their clients saying yes! Furthermore, he helps couples reach new depths in their relationships through Heart Power, a new company that he co-founded in 2021 with his fiancé, Olesea Rusu.

Over the years, Ryan has worked and continues to work with, be mentored by, and coached by some of the industry’s most progressive, transformational, and forward-thinking coaches and leaders. He has garnered over 17,000 hours of experience over a decade and has coached thousands of people worldwide, including multimillionaires, CEOs, actors, artists, and athletes.

His peers regard Ryan Mathie as one of the most highly trained, experienced, and best coaches globally. When asked what drives him, he responds with, “My growth and giving away all that I  learn to any who are open to it.”

Ryan is on a mission to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs take the lid off their earning potential by helping them take the limits off themselves.

This revolutionary leader continuously develops himself through breaking through his own personal limits and professional challenges. In those rare moments he is not causing breakthroughs, in his leisure, he loves talking for hours about things that matter. Moreover, he loves all kinds of dogs, running up and down mountains, playing golf, recycling, meditating, and being on time.

To learn more about Ryan Mathie and High-Performing Coach, visit the company’s official website. You can also stay updated with him on social media and check out his LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Five Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Seriously Need to Have a Break.



The brand new people you match, the new areas you visit and the different cultures you feel while on any occasion may have a profound effect on you

Entrepreneurs work day in and day trips seeking to accomplish their goals. Within an Entrepreneur’s mind, time equals income, but even an Entrepreneur needs a breather from most of the hard work. This break may help the Entrepreneur get back again to perform feeling rejuvenated and energized.

Please take a peek at why Entrepreneurs need to break free from the most common activities, even when it is for a couple of days.

Essence of life

The record “All perform and no enjoy, makes Jack a dull boy” is true for several future Entrepreneurs. It is sometimes most readily valuable for preventing once in some time and knowing that the sweetness of the entire world will not just help you in keeping you pleased but also wake solutions which would not have been possible when attached to daily activities.

Ameya Kulkarni, Founder of journey startup, Navigotravel, believes that Entrepreneurs may eliminate the very reason to call home when they overwork themselves.

“There’s more alive than simply subsequent your desires to accomplish success. Shacks of routine bind everyone. It’s easy to reduce the substance of life that way. Vacation enables you to escape these shackles and helps you learn to appreciate life as we know it. I rely on YOLO, which can be fundamentally You Live After,” Kulkarni advised.

Cultural Conversation

Spending so much time doesn’t give you much time for your friends. This may result in loneliness and even despair sometimes. Decide to try to take time to meet friends and family; there is a constant know which pal will provide you with the idea that may solve the situation that keeps saying in your business.

Cultural life is vital to stop you at the very top of one’s game. When reaching different Entrepreneurs, you get new ideas and perspectives which can support your business in specific problems.


With much activity and contemplating the future of the business, the Entrepreneur may need more time or energy to think about what is required and wanted. It is vital to prevent, go through the beautiful sunrise and think about specific questions. Mindfulness is an important thing to assist you in achieving the type of accomplishment you want.

Whether it is yesteryear’s achievements or failures in your businesses that you are highlighting, they both teach you important lessons. Analyzing what went correct and what went wrong can help you in the long-term goal of one’s business.


Going at it time and night can sometimes push your enthusiasm out. Vacation is seen to be one of the essential components of happiness. When exploring, progressive and new ideas strike. The brand new people you match, the new areas you visit and the different cultures you feel may profoundly influence you.

Remain Healthy

In many instances, when working late days, you consume lots of unhealthy snacks to keep your hunger intact. You will spot the upsurge in the usage of aerated products, with a large amount of coffee to stop you large awake up. This may end up being detrimental and can cause significant fatigue.

Entrepreneurs require to keep time away to sustain their health in check. A morning jog or a morning badminton sport will help decrease the strain hormones and get an excellent night’s sleep.

Aditya Deshpande, Co-founder of Environ Bikes, a Cycle production company, believes he is the leading point soldier of his venture. He believes a healthy body lets him accomplish his most readily useful until the final mile. Aditya rides his created Environ bicycles to perform and for his company activities.

“Health will take off the excess pressure developed in my mind due to the long work hours. I work 14 hours a day and often have extensive exploring and meetings. When healthy, I tend to be calmer and less cranky in most difficult situations. This not only will take off the burden from my staff but helps me retain my customers,” Deshpande said.

It is advised that entrepreneurs get time out, sometimes a personal vacation or even a group entrepreneur vacation where you can learn as you have a breather. You will detect changes correctly after this much-needed relaxation.

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