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Here’s What Experts Say About Breast Cancer

Here is the list of things that the doctors have found out about the breast cancer and this information is crucial.



The breast cancer is taking so many lives. However, medical science is planning to prevent it by detecting it beforehand, the doctors and the survivors of cancer are making a change at this moment by educating the general public about cancer. Here is the list of things that the doctors have found out about the breast cancer and this information is crucial.

The right way to detect cancer

Many of the breast cancer campaigns promote an underlining message that you yourself can detect cancer. But according to the research, breast self-exams are not the right way to detect breast cancer. A proper medical examination is the best way to detect breast cancer at an early stage. The identification of breast cancer can take a toll on women and is an emotional burden. Self-examination is a good way to know about your body but is not always a good decision to detect cancer.

Check with monogram

If you feel that you are having dense breasts, monograms are the best way to check. Enquire with a doctor if the monogram is showing that you have dense breasts. This will help you determine if you have breast cancer or not. If the report comes as yes there is also a second way to check. A breast ultrasound, an MRI or the gamma imaging will give you the right result. These tests mean that you don’t leave the detection to chance.  Make sure you choose a hospital with the best cancer specialists.

The diet and weight does matter

A study has found that a woman who is obese is more likely to get a recurrence of cancer than a woman with a normal weight. Even through an effective treatment. Fat cells turn the hormones and inflammatory chemicals which can trigger the growth of cancer. High blood sugar can also increase the fatality of cancer. You have to steer clear of processed foods and eat diets that contain high fibre. Prefer foods packed with nutrients, for example, the whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats and fish.

Recovery is not the end of story

When the treatment is over there comes a time when you may think ‘I am a really a cancer survivor?  There may be several other treatments after the recovery period also. So when will you stop being a patient? You may feel that there is no close monitoring and might fear of recurrence. To avoid such fears, have a thorough breast cancer check-up even post recovery and make sure you choose the best cancer treatment in India who are experts in providing the best cancer treatments.

Not all sufferers of breast cancer lose their life. There is hope for the all the patients of this disease. There are many ways to detect it and also to prevent it. But the detection must happen at the early stage. Frequent check-ups are a must for women who are aged above thirty five. This will help them be aware about their body condition.

Any kind of uneasiness or abnormality should be brought to the notice of your health advisor immediately. Keep a close watch and catch it early!

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Same Day Dentures – Actually Worth The Investment or Not?



Did you say yes to same-day dentures? If so, then you are already on your way to a brilliant smile. It is one of the most prominent tooth replacement options in the latest dental technology. It has merely allowed streamlining the process and allowed people to come back home with a full set of teeth after just one appointment. Are you wondering how it works?

Mainly, one or more than one implant is inserted into your jaw bone, instead of spending 3-5 months. It clearly means that very minimal time is spent without a visible missing tooth. There are two ways how it differs from the traditional ones.

First of all, same-day implants don’t take much of your time, just a few hours. Whereas, the typical tooth implant procedure takes more than 3 months and that too, with a missing tooth. Secondly, it requires a very less number of visits. But remember, the success rate of this treatment is not that higher as compared to the standard one.

What is the procedure like?

In general, the individual doesn’t have to wait for several months for his gum/tissue to heal. Your dentures are on the spot, ready for the placement. Before the extraction, your expert dentist will take the impressions and images of your dental area. This procedure is applicable for:

  • Replacing a single tooth
  • Replacing 2-3 missing tooths
  • Full set of dental implants
  • All on 4 implants or All on 6 implants

Are you the right candidate for a tooth implant procedure?

If you are wondering what makes them different from other procedures. Basically, they don’t differ much, it is just the time that counts, and the lab work that takes almost a week. If you have made your mind to get it done? If yes, then simply head to a certified/licensed dentist near you and get them fitted while ensuring that the dentures satisfy your needs. Once done with the placement, you are good to go! So, what are you waiting for? Say no to those frequent and never-ending visits and the tedious waiting period.

Is the procedure painful? 

Generally, same-day dentures are implemented under local anesthesia. If any sort of sedation is required, that is also provided as it blocks the pain trails. After the effect starts to lessen, an individual may begin to feel a slight discomfort. But not to worry as the dentist recommends specific pain relievers.

Taking care of same-day implants

Well, it entirely depends on oral hygiene and how long you maintain it. Check out the tips below:

  • Brushing

Most expert dentists recommend using a soft-bristle toothbrush. The gentle bristles are generous to the crowns and tissues. Plus, they quickly adapt to the crown surfaces, which helps in thorough cleaning and removing the plaque. A pro tip to follow here is to use a toothpaste with Fluoride as it will keep the cavity formations and decay at bay.

  • Rinsing

Hold on, we are not talking here about the alcohol-based mouthwashes. Ask your dentist for any suitable recommendation. Going twice with mouth rinsing helps in lessening the plaque and bacterial load, which eventually leads to better oral hygiene.

  • Floss

An appropriate floss should be used to clean the area of contact for improving gum health. If an individual follows this, then there’s no risk of dental bone loss in the long run.

  • Generics

Remember, the key takeaway is to evaluate and get the treatment done from time to time. It is better to avoid smoking, alcohol intake, tobacco chewing, and consuming processed foods as much as you can.

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