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The Role and Use of Extensive Air Polishers in Oral Health Care



Dental health is a major concern throughout the world these days. While earlier it was neglected,  today, with the advancement of dental care procedures, swiftness, and awareness, people look up to intensive dental care as part oftheir routine health care. Today, dentists look for superior and technologically competent support of tools and gadgets to offer patients superior care. The world of oral health care today revolves around the belief “work smarter, not harder.” Therefore, extensive air polishers integrated with intense Airflow Therapy and advanced biofilm management system make tooth stain removal, reducing biofilm, and plaque care seamless and efficient.

Role of Extensive Air Polishers

Dental air polishers are an integral dental care tool that finds application primarily in removing stains from the surface of teeth. Earlier, for stain removal,rubber cup polishing used to be an effective method. However, advanced air polishers use  slurrypowder that is composed of glycine, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, and calcium sodium phosphosilicate. Now this composition of the slurry powder to clean the surface of teeth changes following the condition of the patient’s teeth. As of example, for sensitive teeth,mainly glycine is used.

The purpose of using extensive air polishers is to treat plaque, reduce biofilm and remove stains fromteeth. Now, as easy and simple as it sounds, cleaning stains is a strenuous job if done completely manually. The modern technological era intends to minimize manual effort, strain and at the same time enhance efficiency. This is the same with air polishers against rubber cup polishing which minimizes operator’s fatigue. Air polishers are highly efficient devices that can even be used to deep clean cavities, grooves of teeth without applying pressure that cannot be done with rubber cup polishing.

Reason to Choose Air Polishers

Today, dental experts look for efficient methods and technologies to ease dental care procedures, but even reliable and pocket friendly. These are major investments for dental clinics since each dental tool and device need to be highly effective and time saving as well. Air polishers are effectively efficient for stain and filth removal, and the procedure incurred is painless. There are patients with hypersensitive teeth, for whom high pressure and harsh teeth cleaning and whitening procedures are troublesome. Air polishers are a big relief for them, which offers seamless and gentle whitening of teeth. Air Polishing comes up as effective, promising, reliable, and gentle compared to conventional teeth polishing.

Advantages of Air Polishers Treatment

The use of Air Polisherscomes with an extensive range of benefits, including:

  • 100% safe and harmless compared to conventional teeth polishing techniques.
  • Completely painless, gentle procedure appropriate for patients with sensitive teeth.
  • Efficient and reliable, effective stain removal, plaque cure, and cleaning of the cavity as well.
  • Gentle and damage risk-free treatment for dental implants as well.
  • The polishing is done with the help of slurry powder and airflow, without direct pressure or strain of teeth.
  • Hygienic and smart, time-efficient teeth whitening is approved for anyone above 16 years of age.

The use of air polishers of rubber cup for teeth whitening has gained popularity over time. According to experts,this procedure is less abrasive and painful than prophylaxis pastes used in other processes. Even if any soft tissue is strained, it takes hardly twenty-four hours to recover and soothe. Besides, the airflow helps to smooth root surfaces of teeth as well as removes bacteria. Nevertheless, it is a touch-free procedure, which is comfortable for many patients too. Besides, extensive air polishers make teeth whitening procedures not only potent and hygienic but even affordable.

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