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Mercedes is “absolutely desperate” to be able to see the 2022 F1 engine running.



Mercedes HPP boss Hywel Thomas claims the engineers at Mercedes HPP have been “absolutely desperate” to see how their new Formula 1 power unit behaves in the brand new W13.

Manufacturers had to modify their PUs to accommodate the different characteristics of cornering of the 2022 automobiles and had to adapt to the transition from E5 fuel to E10.

In essence, what’s happening with the 2022 aerodynamic package implies that drivers in this season will tackle turns in an entirely different fashion than in previous seasons, and the PU manufacturers have needed to adjust their processes to ensure optimal power distribution.

Thomas states that HPP has been doing extensive research with Brackley’s chassis group Brackley and is now ready to make more changes following initial testing of the new vehicles.

“The 2022 car is very, very different,” Thomas declared in a team video. “We know that the aerodynamics are different.

“And From all the information we’ve heard and all the work we’ve conducted the team at Brackley We believe that our car could do differently and the demands from the driver will differ when they turn corners, compared to the past.

“We’ve had simulations, we’ve made all the calculations, and we’ve also modified the engine and the way it is driven to be prepared.

“And we’ll be able to respond to the moment the driver switches the engine differently or perhaps at different timing.

“Of, Of course, it’s determined to make it to our first test on the track so that we can determine if the simulations are accurate. We hope they are.

“If not, we’ll be ready to adjust the PU as necessary to ensure that the driver gets exactly what they want when they ask for it.”

Thomas said that the new regulations allowed Mercedes to reconsider packaging and design to work best for the engineers of the chassis.

“Every year, we take a look at the power unit and how it sits inside the chassis to give us the best lap time.” He explained.

“With 2022 being an all-new chassis, what this means is that we will have a chance to look at everything from scratch.

“There are certain areas of the car that will be extremely sensitive to lap time. Additionally, there will be areas within the vehicle that are not as sensitive. We’re trying to accomplish using the PU to ensure that we remain as far as possible from the sensitive zones to allow as much flexibility as possible to the car’s designers and to bundle the parts of the PU into areas with less sensitive areas.

“So what that means is working hand-in-glove with the chassis department, and with all those engineers, to make sure that the PU fits in exactly where it needs to, to make sure we can make the fastest overall package.”

Thomas stated that the PU performance freeze, which will continue until 2025, presents another hurdle.

“The PU has a frozen performance specification. What does that mean? It signifies that from the beginning of 2022 up to the release of the next PU, which is expected to arrive in 2026, the engine’s performance has slowed down.

“And at mid-point of the year, the performance of electrical systems will also be suspended from a functional point of view. That means we won’t be able to make improvements in performance throughout the year. It will only be possible to make improvements to reliability.

“So with the new fuel, the freeze to performance of the PU throughout the season, and the whole new car, the whole new aerodynamics and fitting the PU within it, there is a huge challenge for everyone involved, especially team up in HPP.”

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