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Ranveer Singh-Starrer ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’ To Discharge On May 13.



Mumbai: Bollywood livewire star Ranveer Singh’s film “Jayeshbhai Jordaar” will be released on May 13. The film was scheduled for launch in February. But, the release was delayed because of an Omicron outbreak.

Ranveer describes what we could expect from Jayeshbhai’s character that will be.

He states, “Jayesh is not your typical hero who is larger than life; however, what he does throughout the story sequence is an act of courage. This is what I was drawn to. He turns into a hero, and the feats he can do are truly amazing. He is the superhero of an unusual style.”

The movie is full of praise for director Jayeshbhai Jordaar Divyang Thakkar, who considers having made some of the more lovable films of the past in Indian cinema.

Ranveer claims, “My mentor Adi Chopra called me one day and stated, ‘I’ve discovered an amazing script and would like you to read it. I was interested in the narration. Divyang Thakkar, who has never directed before, delivered a story that had me laughing through my tears and guffawing, both crying and laughing simultaneously. The box was full of tissues placed on the table, which ended when the narrative was over. I was entertained and moved.”

He declares, “I agreed then and right there and then to be part of the film. The core of the film is the director and writer Divyang Thakkar. He’s pure joy and love. The kindness that is his life, his kind humble, loving and humble soul he has manifested in his writing, his work in his film, and even the character I play.”

He further said: “Jayesh is a character which I’ve never tried before, so it was completely new and different to me to play, that was an extremely thrilling experience for me. I needed to create something new because this kind of characterization and emotional beats are ones I’ve never played before. I was fascinated by the chance of making something original and distinctive for myself, and as an artist, It’s been a satisfying experience.”

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1 Comment

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