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Ray Thomas Blackbook: The next step to fame for amazing Golden Slipper winner Fireburn



On Saturday, Golden Slipper winner Fireburn will make history as she attempts to be the first filly ever to take home the Triple Crown.

Golden Slipper Golden Slipper winner Fireburn will be seeking Triple Crown glory when she competes in this year’s Group 1 Sires Produce Stakes at Royal Randwick in two weeks.

Trainer Gary Portelli said his brilliant filly Fireburn and his hapless Sejardan were both able to finish the big race on Saturday in good order, and they would both be training to be Sires.

“Both horses you’d never think they raced yesterday,” Portelli stated.

“Fireburn is massive. She is gorgeous. Dejardin took care of everything the night before; he’s mostly stayed at three-quarter speed and sped up the final 100m.


Golden Slipper-winning duo Brenton Avdulla and Gary Portelli. Picture: Jenny Evans–Getty Images

“They will both be going to the Sires with the similar jockeys (Brenton Avdulla on Fireburn, Jason Collett on Sejardan) and hopefully we will have a couple of 1-2s to the stable.”

Pierro (2012) was the final horse to earn the highly sought-after juvenile triple crown, which includes three races: the Golden Slipper, ATC Sires Produce Stakes, and Champagne Stakes. Burst (1992) has been the sole filly won the triple crown.

Racing NSW chief steward Marc Van Gestel was highly praised for Fireburn’s incredible effort to get past the severe interference to take home the Golden Slipper.

“It was an amazing experience. I’ve never seen anything like it before; Van Gestel told reporters. “Fireburn’s victory was quite impressive.”

The trainer at Godolphin James Cummings also considers whether the runaway Rosehill Guineas winner Anamoe needs an additional run before the $4 million Queen Elizabeth Stakes (2000m) at Randwick on April 9.

Cummings is aware that Anamoe will take into consideration Verry Elleegant Montefilia, Zaaki, Think It Over, Duais, and coin Queen Elizabeth, which he refers to as”the “race at the end of the carnival” and is considering whether his colt should race at the Group 1. $1.5m Tancred Stakes (2400m) at Rosehill on the weekend or in the $2m Australian Derby (2400m) at Randwick in the next two weeks.

However, David Payne, trainer of the snazzy Ranvet Stakes winner Montefilia, has decided against his horse participating at the Tancred Stakes, preferring instead to keep her in good shape ready for Queen Elizabeth Stakes (2000m).

Verry Elleegant was a good bet against Montefilia despite running across the center of the track, where it was difficult to get the ground.

The trainer Chris Waller also favors sending Verry Elleegant straight to Queen Elizabeth Stakes’ next start.


Shelby Sixtysix’s impressive victory in the Group 1 The Galaxy was an important win for gamblers.

This Danny Williams trained sprinter started priced at $9 at the market opening but was later pushed to $5 before starting as the $ 6.50-second favorite.

The sprinter beaten in Highways during this training has increased between $101 and $26 in preparation for 15 million The Everest later this year.

Forbidden Love was supported with confidence by the trainer and was able to take The Guy Walter Stakes and Canterbury Stakes, and the punters remained in their faith in the mare that backed her to $2.40 favorite in the George Ryder Stakes.

She maintained her winning streak, secured another Group 1 in emphatic style, and secured some huge bets, including $7000 at $2.50 6,500 for $2.50 and $4,000 with $2.40.

Anamosa was heavily backed before getting in the Rosehill Guineas. The $1.80 favorite was the main reason for 55 percent of the betting market. It also accounted for a few of the most successful bets, including $5k at $1.70 twice and five thousand at $1.80.


ANYMORE was spectacular during his win at the Rosehill Guineas, securing a third Group 1 win with the destruction of his competitors. The impressive three-year-old colt had a blast running to 2000m and is tough to beat in whatever race the next race he will be running.

MAZU (Darby Munro Stakes) and FORBIDDEN LOVE (George Ryder Stakes) Both are in an excellent performance, and there’s no reason to doubt that they will maintain their winning ways in The Championships. Mazu is the top choice for the 3YO Sprint at Arrowfield as well. Forbidden Love drops 7kg to 50kg to compete in the Doncaster Mile.

LAWS OF Indices LAWS OF INDICES, the French winner of the Group 1 Winner, has been getting better each time he runs with the Annabel Neasham stable. He also put on a great Doncaster trial in his third placing to Forbidden Love in the George Ryder. Laws Of Indices also look good on the Doncaster with 53kg.

SUREFIRE is yet another horse imported from the UK that has made a splash. He finished second at 2000m and was a strong winner in the closing stages in the race, finishing in second place behind No Compromise during the Queen’s Cup. Surefire only weighs 50kg to his name in the Sydney Cup and is emerging as a clear, lightweight contender.

MONTEFILIA was far too impressive for the current Horse of the Year Verry Elleegant in an exciting Ranvet Stakes. Maybe Montefilia seemed more comfortable on the very heavy track than her rival, but this mare has had four wins at the Group 1 level and is a winner regardless of track conditions.


Fireburn’s efforts to overcome extreme interference to take home she won the Golden Slipper was exceptional as she ran her final sectional of 600min 35.23s. No one else Golden Slipper runner broke 36s in their final sections.

Anime ran away in his winning run in Rosehill Guineas, winning by an enormous margin. He also ran through his 600m race within 34.98s despite being put off close to the finish end of the line. The runner-up Converge was the sole horse to run in the 36s mark for this race, clocking 35.84s but being more than six lengths slower than the winner.

Shelby Sixtysix attacked the line to win a heated race with a popular win in The Galaxy. The final 600m time of 33.95s was among the top performances of the day, with his final 200m time of 11.41s one of the day’s top times.

Mazu’s shift in “gears” was amazing during Mazu’s “gears” was impressive in Darby Munro Stakes. Mazu completed an impressive 12.06s sectional from 600m to 400m. He then ran an impressive 11.25s segmental that ran from 400m to 200m, as he ran without a hitch.

Best Of Bordeaux was the only horse that broke 11s for a 200m sectional split. He was able to run 10.91s between the 1000m and the 800m while working hard to get through the field and claim the lead from the beginning for the Golden Slipper. The effort he put in to hold to finish second was remarkable.


“I saw the colors of Fireburn begin to fade and then when she decides she’s going to be a snitch and she does She has an enormous motor and Brenton What a thrill!” trainer Gary Portelli.

“Once I got straight and balanced myself, I began picking them off one-by-one until I reached the 200m and thought ‘this one is going to be the winner of the race,'” said Brenton Avdulla, the participant of Fireburn.


“The Queen Elizabeth Stakes is our primary goal, and I’m not worried right now,” claimed Trainer Chris Waller after Verry Elleegant’s defeat to Montefilia in the Ranvet Stakes.

“It’s very special since Verry Elleegant has been named the Horse of the Year. Although, I’m wondering what it does to her (Montefilia) right now she may be in the top tier”, added David Payne.

“Shelby Sixtysix, get him into The Everest. He’s a legend”,” declared jockey Robbie Dolan after winning The Galaxy.

“How does he do? This is amazing. Are you sure he is in The Everest? “What is an amazing story. I’m stunned. What do you think?” Danny Williams said.

Fireburn Golden Slipper, ATC Sires' Produce, Champagne Stakes | NT News


After winning the Golden Slipper, Dejardin was a long entry in the stewards ‘ report. The race went badly for Sejardan shortly after the start, and he was constantly examined and crowded until the last 150m, where he finally went to the side and ran through the race for ninth. Extreme has also run into numerous times and could have been more than seventh.

Overpass was a leader’s follower and eventually minor third placer in The Congo through The Galaxy. However, when he was required to locate a run, the “door” would not stop closing. Overpass was forced to steady himself at 250m. He could not find a running space until the 150m, only to become crowded once In The Congo shifted in close to the line. Overpass was able to run the line without testing and came in fifth.

Raging Bull had to be scratched in the barrier for Raging Bull was scratched at the barriers for Rosehill Guineas after an unusual incident that ended up winning Anamosa. When both horses were prepared to enter the barriers, anymore broke out and punched Raging Bull’s stomach. After a vet inspection, Raging Bull was deemed ineligible to race.

Chalk Stream raced in three-wide, without covering throughout the Queen’s Cup, and did well to come in third. However, he was more inclined to stay throughout the race and was difficult to steer out in the straight.

Harmony Rose ran out of space near the 500m mark, was checked, and almost fell during the Epona Stakes. However, it was a good job for her to stand her ground and ultimately finish sixth Monegal.


RUN of the Day

An exciting day that included 5 Group 1 races was Anamoe, a fantastic colt that took the spotlight. The trainer James Cummings got it exactly right, and he was peaking at the right time to win the Rosehill Guineas by nearly seven lengths. There was a sign that his horse would explode with a more impressive parade, and he did exactly that. As a result, the Godolphin team can head towards Queen Elizabeth shortly with plenty of confidence.


The Frankel mare Steinem stood wide without cover in the last race, and even though she was beaten to third, the race was an enjoyable run. She was a little short of her fastest distance, but she ran well enough to suggest that she could be able to improve further.


Speaking of the last, Hasstobegood is a candidate for more easy races and was very excellent. Joe Pride, the trainer Joe Pride, will find the best race for her, and she’ll be competitive in her next races.

RIDE of the day

Robbie Dolan has had a tough week, losing his ride on the highly-publicized colt Profondo but he remained cool. He raced with just two rides, and he won both of them, including winning his 2nd Group 1 on new cult hero Shelby Sixty-six. He beat his former boss. Congratulations! Robbie, They were beautiful rides, and you deserve a lot of acclaim.

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