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Saudi skier ignores the pressure from the historic Beijing Winter Olympics.



After only seven months of training and during a worldwide pandemic, the giant slalom skier qualified for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

This is his first and only Saudi achievement, but Abdi, who is self-deprecating, is determined to stay out of the limelight.

Arab News spoke out ahead of the Games, which will take place from February 4-20. Abdi said, “I don’t want it to be about me.” “I don’t want the attention, the spotlight.

“I want it to be about Saudi. This should be about Saudis. I want it to inspire other Saudis to pursue a passion and do new things.

Abdi’s story of the unexpected began last March when the Saudi Winter Sports Federation gave him the opportunity of a lifetime.

The SWSF had a seemingly wild ambition to send Saudi athletes to the Winter Olympics. They helped Abdi finance top coaches, training programs, and travel to competitions.

Although the 24-year-old is not a novice skier, he has dedicated his entire life to the sport, starting at age four.

He’s comfortable in his abilities and has a natural cool-headedness.

Alpine Skier Fayik Abdi is Saudi Arabia’s first ever Winter Olympian. (Supplied)

He said, “I’m going stay relaxed,” ahead of his race on February 13. “The only thing that I am nervous about is COVID at the Olympics or before it. But I don’t worry as much about anything else as you might think.

“That’s a part of my personality.

How did a man from a desert country become so fascinated by skiing?

Abdi was born in San Diego to two Saudi parents. She grew up in the Kingdom between the age of 3 and 14. My mother was a keen skier, and she taught me how I could ski in Lebanon.

“I was 14 years old when I decided to go to Florida boarding school to become a professional football player. I was constantly injured while playing football.

“I had to let it go and decided to ski. That was what I felt.

“I attended the University of Utah in 2016. I studied criminal justice. He laughed and said that he wanted to learn criminal justice because it was easy for him to ski.

Alpine Skier Fayik Abdi is Saudi Arabia’s first ever Winter Olympian. (Supplied)

“While I was at university, I worked as a ski technician and took online classes. I skied for over 120 days each season. I wasn’t racing. I was freeriding. Because I was doing what I love, it was the best time in my life.

“When I’m skiing, I don’t worry about anything.” “I only think about skiing and the moment at hand.

He graduated in December 2020 and returned to Saudi Arabia to start a project to bring sand-skiing back to the country.

While doing so, he answered an advertisement looking for Saudi skiers who would like to film a photoshoot in NEOM. This new megacity is located on the Kingdom’s northwest Red Sea Coast.

Alpine Skier Fayik Abdi is Saudi Arabia’s first ever Winter Olympian. (Supplied)

Sultan Salama (CEO of SWSF) had heard about Abdi’s ski prowess and asked him to meet him in Riyadh with his colleagues.

Abdi stated, “They asked me whether I wanted to go to the Olympics.” “I wasn’t sure if they were real. “I was like, “Well, the Olympics are in 11 months. I’ve never trained to do anything like that.”

“They asked me for help in finding a program and a coach, and I was able to see Jeff Books, a Canadian man (and a former ski instructor).

In August, Abdi began training in Austria, and he and his team competed in countries like Italy, Sweden, Montenegro, Montenegro, and Switzerland.

His strenuous regimen was made more difficult by COVID-19’s disruptive effect.

“It’s been very challenging because we haven’t been allowed to go to races that we wanted to due to cancellations, and we haven’t been permitted to train at venues.

“It’s just another challenge that adds to my journey, and it makes (my qualification) even sweeter.”

Books and his coaches understood that Abdi’s Olympic qualification hopes were difficult to achieve.

Abdi stated, “They’re even shocked about where we are right now.” “They are completely mind-blown, to be honest.”

Abdi participated in “about eleven races” in Europe. He explains that the Olympic qualification criteria are “You must have five results to average under 160 points.” Add your five best results and divide them by five to get your average.

“The world’s best skier has zero points. Our objective was to get below 160 points. If you achieve this, you are qualified. I have 131 points.”

He explained his grand slalom technique by saying: “In alpine ski, you have four disciplines — Slalom (or giant Slalom) or GS, super G, and downhill. As speed is concerned, Slalom is slowest, while GS and super-G are second and third, respectively, and decline is fastest.

“In GS, you have gates about 25-32ish meters apart. You race the course twice. The race is won by the person who has the fastest time on both runs.

Rakan Alireza, Salman Al-Houwaish, and Abdi could also secure the points they needed to qualify for Beijing 2022. However, they have regrettably missed being selected.

Abdi stated that Alireza, a cross country skier, must have been a part of a World Championship to qualify.

Abdi defeated Al-Houwaish due to his lower world ranking (3722) instead of Abdi’s 3,512.

“When we started this project, we were both told that we could both go if we qualified. After we had both qualified, it became clear that only one of them could go. This changed everything. Abdi stated, “It’s been complicated for Salman and me for the past two to three weeks.”

“This is life, and this is the sport, and sometimes it’s cruel like that.

“I feel for him and consider him (to-be) like a brother.” He will be a great skier and a great person in all aspects of his life.

Abdi will fly the flag solely for Saudi Arabia in Beijing. He insists that he is there not to embellish the numbers or enjoy the “glamor” of this occasion.

Wayne Rooney is his greatest inspiration. He was a legendary footballer from England and Manchester United, and he hopes to continue that tradition in China.

“My goal is to ski as well as possible in every race. Races are just skiing, and that’s something I believe many racers forget. They try to do something in races different from what they did in training.

“I want as many countries as possible to win. I will be competitive.

“This is a long-term trip for me. This is not a race to reach the Olympics. I want the next Olympics, and then the next.”

Abdi stated that whatever happens next in his amazing skiing adventure, he owes everything to the SWSF.

“They are legends to me. They were stars, and it was terrific that they trusted us with seven months of training so we could qualify for the Olympics. They deserve so much credit for their trust and support. Their ambition is remarkable.

Abdi is a remarkable individual. It is heartwarming to hear that he hopes to leave a lasting legacy after retiring from skiing.

“Honestly, my greatest dream and accomplishment would have been to breed a central male and female skier and have them become World Cup Skiers. This would help Saudi Arabia be on the map and make it a top-tier country globally.

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Why did Daniel Patry Break His Gabriel Kuhn Body Into Two Parts, despite being friends?



16-year-old after Gabriel Kuhn, 12, refused to repay $1.75 for virtual currencies, Daniel Patry sodomized him as well as killed him and cut to pieces his corpse. What began as a means to allow Gabriel Kuhn, then 12, to make new friends and have a blast was turned into the death penalty when he was introduced to Daniel Patry, then 16.

Due to his past of violent outbursts, Daniel’s parents referred the boy to a variety of Brazilian psychiatrists with the hope that one of them would help their son of 16 years. Daniel was scared of doctors and refused to open up to them. However, his aggressive behaviour in therapy eventually led Daniel to quit attending therapy.

Some claim he was in a psychiatric institution, and others claim that he quit attending classes. Neither claim has been confirmed.

Daniel, most of the time, was on the internet engaging in Tibia games. Daniel played for hours and hours playing the Tribia monster in his interactions online with other gamers.

A Conversation between Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

During one of his lengthy games, Daniel was able to meet Gabriel as Daniel and Gabriel moved next door to one another and acted as fast acquaintances.

There were lots of coins available to spend in the no-cost Tribia game. Coins can be used to purchase everything within the game, including new characters and outfits and virtual animals.

Gabriel has created a private server to ensure that Gabriel as well as Daniel can play the game together. Gabriel once contacted Daniel and asked that he take a loan to borrow virtual currency so that the player could buy items from the virtual store of the game. Gabriel needed 20 thousand pennies, or around $1.75, to purchase something in American currency. After a few days, Gabriel said he would return the coins. Daniel took the loan offer.

When Daniel attempted to log in to the game one of the days Gabriel was scheduled to return the money, he discovered that he was barred off the servers.

Daniel Patry Meets Gabriel At Home

Daniel Patry

Daniel was irritated and decided to decide to pay Gabriel an unexpected visit to his home. When Daniel finally came to Gabriel’s house, He had already decided to end Gabriel, his “buddy.”

When Daniel returned home, Gabriel was there by herself. Although Daniel due Daniel the money and blocked Daniel from his server, He had no idea that the teenager was capable of such a rage. To try to repair the fences between him and his friend, Gabriel welcomed him inside, and he entered.

After entering the house, Daniel immediately launched an attack upon Gabriel and slashed the boy, who was smaller in size and brutally beat him several times.

While Gabriel lay on the ground in pain as well as bleeding, Daniel was laughing at his ridicule. Gabriel then declared (with determination) that he was telling his mother about the incident Daniel did.

Daniel cut the computer cord of Gabriel and began to choke Gabriel. The incident reportedly sparked his sexual desire, and he launched into a sexual attack on Gabriel while he continued to tighten cords around his neck.

Daniel Hems Gabriel’s Body into Two

Daniel believed that Gabriel had died and attempted to squeeze his body into the crawl space but failed. He found a hacksaw within the house and began cutting Gabriel’s body up into small pieces, thinking that this was the most convenient method to move the body.

Thankfully, Gabriel had not yet died. Then, he fell and screamed. Daniel was awed by the possibility of being able to hear Gabriel screaming and fighting. Despite Gabriel’s pleas for help, he kept cutting his body until it was split into two pieces.

He tried to stuff Gabriel’s head and body into the crawlspace after creating Tibia symbols inside his body. When he realized that his body would be too large, Daniel abandoned it in the hallway and ran away. The following day, Gabriel’s brother discovered the grisly scene.

Daniel admits to killing.

Gabriel Kuhn Murder

When the police first learned of the dispute on the internet, and were able to question Daniel. Daniel admitted to having killed Gabriel and also provided the investigators with gory details of the incident. Daniel didn’t appear to feel guilty as he recounted his experiences.

The moment they learned that Daniel had been sodomized by Gabriel and had sex with him, they believed they were homosexual. In response, he snarled and denied his homosexuality.

Gabriel spent three years in a Juvenile detention Center.

Daniel Patry was tried and was found guilty by the courts in Brazil as a young man and found guilty of three-year imprisonment in a juvenile detention facility. The prison sentence was lifted in 2010, and Daniel was released. Following Daniel’s release, his whereabouts and whereabouts were largely unrecorded. Perhaps he’s been using the name of a different person now.

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