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How to get 500 likes for instagram



Get influenced by other models and industries

Where would you move your enthusiasm from? If you’re following your market or your group of friends, you will not discover new ideas. As an alternative, take the time to research and find inspirational accounts to follow. Get this a variety of your industry, related industries, and industries wildly outside your circle. Even when the consumer base isn’t exactly like yours, the chances are that you’ll have the ability to find some inspiration within their posts strategy to get 500 likes for Instagram.

Run a Like-based contest

A number of the highest engaging content on Instagram is centered around sales and giveaways. People like to enter contests, and the easier they’re to join, the more engagement you’ll receive.

To operate a like-based photo contest, you will need the entry requirements to be that they should like the post. Usually, one other two requirements will include the following account and tagging a pal or two. Selecting a position for access is such a low barrier that you’ll be sure to receive quite a bit of engagement.

Draw the very best records

Give credit wherever credit is due. When applicable, draw on the post and in the caption those that you’re working with. For example, when you have prominent services and products or people in your photograph, draw them on the post. It requires a small timeframe, and it provides credit to the makers. Frequently, these tickets bring about the manufacturer’s choice of your seat and commenting on them.

Ask to tag a pal

You have ever seen an Instagram post that was so interesting that you immediately wanted to share with a pal? At these times, you always have several options: copy the link and text it in their mind, send it via DM or tag them in a comment. If you have interesting or funny content, asking users to order a pal is a simple step. These were likely already going to tag someone anyway, so this is just the following step.

Go with a meme or trend.

When used strategically, memes and trends in posts still drive engaging results. You can find whole meme accounts on Instagram specialized in themes and topics. To add this to your account, you will need first to ensure you have the best audience. This means they’re proficient in pop culture and are on the web often enough to recognize a meme once they see it. For a few brands where this sort of humor isn’t healthy, a meme could become more alienating than helpful, so make certain you’re tuned into your audience before going with something just because it’s trending or viral.

Tag your post’s location

Especially relevant to travel and retail brands, tagging a spot ensures that your photo comes up when people are looking at a location. It’s easy enough to accomplish and shouldn’t take more hours from the publishing time.

Many Instagram-savvy diners also use Instagram to research the best food and drink options at a restaurant. By setting up a tagged location, they can easily find photos of the meals they want to try out. If your content is good, the likes come into play organically through the place tag.

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Social Media

What Is Social Commerce? A Definitive Guide.



The influence of social commerce in determining the buying behavior of the users is growing potentially. Read the blog to know everything about it. 

Social commerce, put in simple words, is the act of selling products through social media platforms. This marketing strategy has seen the dawn ever since Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat introduced their users to find their inspiration and buy products directly on the platform. 

Brands selling their products on eCommerce platforms had to redirect their visitors to their website. But, with social commerce, this process has changed altogether. Now, all the action takes place within the social media application. 

How Does Social Commerce Works?

Taking care of customer problems is the first and most important step in conducting business successfully. But, most brands are instead concerned about gamification of the process and introduce tactics that aren’t reliable and promising. 

However, if the brands were to consider the two most crucial things to perform well in the market, it is the product and delivering the best buying experience to the customers. 

The former can be made better with R&D. But, for the latter to be better, the need to leverage technology better should be examined. 

Here, social commerce comes to play the role of a compass. Consider these facts:

  • In 2020, social media platforms had 3.6 billion active users.
  • 30% of the people shopping online claimed their likeliness of buying products from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. 
  • 70% of users using Instagram look forward to the platform to find inspiration to buy products. 

Social commerce platforms allows brands to capitalize on this behavior of the users and helps them upsell by providing their buyers a streamlined buying experience. 

Keep reading to know what are the advantages that brands can encash with social commerce. 

Enhanced Reach 

The social media platforms offer unmatched reach for businesses. By introducing social commerce, brands can reach out to billions of people using social media. 

Users today are constantly looking out for products that they can incorporate into their lives. In addition, they are using social media platforms to discover products and know the past experiences of the users with the brand. 

Through social commerce, they can easily come across the brand while scrolling their feed or via UGC and explore more about the brand’s deliverables. 

Curtailed Shopping Experience

The attentive span of the users has reduced drastically. This makes it very important for the brands to deliver an experience to the users while capitalizing on their inspiration. 

Social commerce facilitates this by streamlining the users’ purchase journey and letting them purchase the product in two simple steps. First, after finding the right product, they can directly add the product to their cart and check out. 

This not only keeps them hooked on the buying process but also encourages them to buy more products. Thus, positively impacting sales for the brand. 

Better Selling Opportunities

With an enhanced reach, better product discoverability, and more user trust, brands can scale up their conversion rate and sales easily. 

This is the biggest advantage of social commerce as generating revenue has become the biggest concern for brands conducting business online. 

Moreover, UGC is yet another contributing factor in sales. It speaks for the brand and lets potential users get attracted and engaged in knowing more about it. 

Easy User Trust And Engagement

User trust and engagement is the most important factor that determines growth and expansion of the brand. 

Building user trust, especially in a digital space, is rather difficult. Here, the role of social commerce is indispensable. As it easily engages the audience with premium UGC or brand-generated visuals. 

It fetches the attention of the users easily and gets them hooked to the brand. 

Engage The Audience

Audience engagement is a huge problem brands are placed against as users look up to brands that are more humane in their approach and evoke an emotion easily. 

Through social commerce, brands can easily engage their audiences by showcasing alluring content. Choosing to display UGC is a smart option for brands, as it can not only attract audiences but also influence their buying decision by informing them about the past experiences of the buyers. 

More and more brands are introducing social commerce to be able to grab the attention of the audiences with utmost ease and inspire them to make a purchase from the brand. 

Over To You

Social commerce is the new-age result-driven marketing strategy that is enabling brands to capture the market and expand their footprint by simply alluring the attention and engagement of the audiences. 

It helps in combating the constant surge in competition by helping brands get discovered, win the easy trust of their audiences, and inspire them to know more about the brand, resulting in better sales and conversions. 

Now that you know everything about social commerce, why not think about leveraging it now?

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