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The AFL is ‘interested’ in Clarko to be the coach of the Suns.



Gold Coast coach Stuart Dew is adamant that the prospect of replacing Alastair Clarkson, his former coach, is “not going to affect his thoughts” this season.

The former Hawthorn chief operating in the market and signaling his desire to return to AFL at some point, he’s been linked with being offered the Sun’s job, particularly if ineffective Dew can’t deliver a productive 2022 season.

Earlier this month, veteran journalist Caroline Wilson said that the AFL “wants” Clarkson to coach Gold Coast.

“I believe the AFL is looking for Alastair Clarkson as a be the coach of on the Gold Coast,” Wilson stated to FIVEaa.

“I had heard Alastair linked to other clubs. I’ve heard him even link with St Kilda, however, I’m sure the AFL’s dream is that of the Gold Coast.”

In the middle of this month, Sun’s young star Matt Rowell told the Herald Sun, “we have made too much progress with Dewey. We know Dewey is a believer in us, and that’s the huge factor.

“I’ve loved being a part of Dewey, and we are awestruck by the way Dewey coaches and the person he interacts with on the sidelines.

“I enjoy being with his friends and it’s the same for many of the boys. We want to keep in this direction for his sake and continue to improve.”

In an interview with the Fox the Footy channel’s AFL 360, Dew pointed at the positive feedback that he has received from his players as an incentive to feel confident about his club’s future.

“The players are my feedback and the club is a footy team, as you mentioned. Rowell has made these comments We’ve been blessed with Touk Miller Jarrod Witts Sam Collins who are all competitors who are determined to win the finals and are aiming at the top of the table. They have decided to end their careers by having me coach them,” he said.

“And then, our younger players are all eager to remain. Twelve months after my start, we decided to go quite deep in the list. We were aware that there would be some hurt. However, the players are fully aware of the journey they’re taking.

“We’re optimistic. They glance around the locker room and the footy field, and they see a long-term future in all. It’s our club, our story to tell, and I’m an integral part of it, so I believe in myself. I cannot control what people say, but I can feel it each day when I enter the football club.

“It’s not likely to be infiltrating my thoughts, but I have to be focused on the football club and players, and that’s what I’m trying to do. They make it simple, to be truthful, to remain focussed on them.”

The Suns scored their first victory over West Coast in WA on Sunday.

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