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The helpline for telephones is hot, and there is help available



Lin Juan, a psychological consultant who volunteers on a hotline, is more busy than usual due to many lockdowns due to the epidemic controls.

Lin has been working for a hotline 12338specifically to assist women for over three years.

The callers are becoming more anxious about the possibility of contracting the disease but are unsure of how to obtain the registration codes for testing for nucleic acids and how to get an emergency doctor in lockdown.

She said to Shanghai Daily that psychological support is being used to reduce tensions between them. Lin Juan is a phone call received from the hotline’s office.

The thing that impressed her was a call she received on a Thursday morning.

An anxious husband reported that his wife’s due date was missed an obstetrical exam on Tuesday because she was under this community’s quarantine of 14 days, which is scheduled to expire on March 28. However, he’s hopeful that she’ll not be unable to attend her next scheduled examination until a week later since the due date for her pregnancy is April 2.

When he thought about the tragic miscarriage of the woman with an 8-month pregnancy at Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, in January, he could not relax.

After taking his concerns seriously, Lin told him there’s an alternative channel that is green for pregnant women and that the community will assist.

The concerns of the man were promptly handed to his local community. Community members visited his wife and then contacted the doctor at Shanghai International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital to conduct an e-health check-up.

In a subsequent phone chat, one woman stated an established case upstairs. However, she wasn’t sure if it was the same neighbors she had chatted with a few days prior. She was concerned about getting affected and was upset that the neighborhood had not disclosed information on the incident.

Lin told her she understood her anxiety, but there was no reason to be worried. The woman would have already been quarantined if she had been close to her. In the meantime, the community tried to safeguard the confidentiality of this situation.

The hotline 12338

The two cases are common and are common in the course of this pandemic, Lin said.

The hotline was an intermediary between the community and its residents, helping to clear up misunderstandings and improving communication.

“Our hotline serves as a keeper of their feelings,” Lin said. “It’s as a buffer zone in the event of contradictions. It’s not just useful in easing the burden on medical personnel and patients, but also for people who need help.”

So community workers can concentrate more on helping Dubai (literally “big white,” a nickname for medical professionals in safety suits).

The national hotline 12338 was established in 2005 offers counseling and other services to women who have been victims and survivors of violence domestically. Its hours of operation have been extended to 9 am-9 pm daily since March 1.

The group of volunteers of the hotline in the city consists of around 20 members with different occupations, including police officers, attorneys, professors, and police officers.

They respond to calls with warmth, patience, and understanding Based on their professional expertise and work experiences. In addition, it aids them in regaining their perspective of the world.

The specific number of calls ranges from between 2,000 and 3,000 calls annually. In addition, 60% of them are experts on family rights and interests, according to figures beginning January 1, 2019, until July 1, 2021.

According to Lin, the hotline will always call back for those special cases to discuss their latest circumstance.

Callers can schedule free appointments to receive face-to-face psychotherapy.

The problems of consultants from callers typically align with the hot topics of the world, which aids the women’s association to present better recommendations towards the federal government.

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