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Every day, the majority of us binge-watch a myriad of TV shows and read numerous news articles or social media posts talking about the current political scene and the way it is developing. The current chaos and the uncertainty that goes with it are like reading a suspense book and waiting for the conclusion. We don’t know what will happen, or what will happen, and Imran Khan will be removed from the post of prime minister or what happens to the opposition PTI members becoming increasingly openly will decide the fate of Imran Khan.

However, amid all the political noise, that is the main focus of all news media, for reasons we are aware of, but there is also the actual news that goes under-reported and almost unheard of. On Wednesday, a man was murdered inside the wedding hall by a crowd believed to be to rob pockets. People continued to eat while the body lay in the middle. In the last few days, we were told the story of a man in his 20s who committed suicide as his business was burned down to the floor in Lahore due to a fire in an open space located in Lahore. We can only imagine what happened to him and what protections are in place for those in similar situations.

We’ve heard about the suicide of at most three female students from Sindh in Sindh, allegedly because they were harassed and threatened in various ways. It appears that there was an attempt to create the cover-up. The details aren’t precise, and it is clear that the people in charge do not care about the daily lives of young women who should be helping community members as medical experts. There’s also sporadic information about children fighting against starvation at hospitals, particularly those that are charitable and of people who attempt to help the children. In a state called a “new Pakistan, ” what is why children should be in this state and why families should be so desperate for any form of help that could stop their deaths?

There are many other stories. Now and then, we hear about train accidents that could be prevented. We hear about accidents on the roads, which could be avoided with the proper rules being adhered to and the appropriate training provided to drivers. We hear about police brutality from a police force that is poorly equipped, untrained and has received only a tiny amount of support from the authorities. Authorities recently supported an organization that killed four police officers rather than take action against them for their brutality against the civilian personnel in charge of security. We’ve been told of parents who have removed their children from schools because they’re too poor to remain in the education system to continue. This is not the type of change we had hoped to see in Pakistan.

It is also essential to look at the amount of violence occurring within the younger age groups of society, particularly those between the ages of 17-30. It is often the younger age group that is the perpetrator of such horrific violence as the lynchings in Priyantha Kumara. There are a lot of such incidents that continue to surface, along with cases of ‘honor executions’ of young women and even little girls.

There is something entirely wrong in our society that goes beyond the chaos we’ve caused at higher levels. The harm extends far in the entire soil of the nation that, until the 1970s, was viewed as relatively tranquil and civilized. But now we have murders in connection with buying small items in the homes of families or the theft of similar items from the streets. This is a matter that must be addressed simultaneously as the protests against politics we witness all over the world. The vote of confidence is crucial. It’s easy to see why it captivates the public imagination and why many discuss it. However, we must look beyond politics and the depressing and sad lives of the people who live in homes across the nation. Nothing has occurred that could positively impact their lives or make them slightly better. In the case of these people, they need to get something done, and it has to be done swiftly.

Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi is accurate when he writes about incompetence and poor governance. Instead of taking advantage of the Sehat Card, it would be better to spend money to improve the quality of hospitals run by the government that serves the most disadvantaged to ensure that they get quality medical treatment at any time and at all times. The Ehsaas program is insufficient to meet the demands of those who are hungry and in desperate need. We’re not willing to confront this fact and can see it only in places where hunger stares guests in children’s eyes. These are all essential tales. Stories of those who can’t locate enough pesticides for their crops are also important—also, the stories of people who are unable to discover life-saving medications that can save lives. The reason for these problems taking place and their impacts on individuals is something that we should be aware of.

In this regard, the media is accountable. In other parts of the world, the press is responsible for writing about people and their conditions. In the United States, we get very little of it, and our attention is on the political chaos that seems never to end. This is how it has been every year or decade in and out. In the present, we’ve yet again entered the 1990s, with the continuous pattern of changing government in one way that is not democratic following the next.

It is essential to understand more about what’s happening to our country so that we can concentrate on the real issues that must be addressed that include offering a decent education for every child, ensuring that households, regardless of which region they reside in, Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, have a proper meal served at least one or three times per day. We hear about pupils who arrive at school hungry and having no food whatsoever for breakfast and return home to a meal of roti with a few pickles or just chilies. It’s a shocking circumstance. The way we are willing to accept it illustrates the kind of person we’ve become. Humanity and compassion are beginning to disappear out of our lives. Sure, many people are trying to do their best to help others. But, it is not the best solution. While it is true that charity is always beneficial during moments of crisis, it’s not a solution for long-term issues. Strategies and solutions that last longer have to be found to help people enjoy more fulfilling lives. To achieve this, we need to be able to hear the stories of people who are unable to accomplish this right now.

Nargis Abbasi

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