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Ukraine war: Russia trying to starve Mariupol into submission MP



A Ukrainian MP has claimed that Russia for trying to force the besieged port city Mariupol to surrender.

Dmytro Gurin was in the room shortly after Ukraine turned down the Russian deadline requiring Mariupol’s defenses to take the arms for the safe exit into the city.

Mariupol is a strategic objective of Russia’s military. Russian military.

About 300,000 people believe to be stuck in the area with supplies running low and aid denied entry.

Residents have been subjected to weeks of Russian bombardment but without running water or power.

Mr. Gurin stated that there was no doubt about Mariupol being released.

“Russians do not open humanitarian corridors. They don’t allow convoys of humanitarians to enter the city, and we can clearly know that the intention for Russians is to create hunger in the city] in order to establish their position in the diplomatic process. And in the event that the city doesn’t surrender and the city does not give up, they will let anyone out. They will not allow humanitarian convoys in the city.”

According to the plan that Ukraine was given until at 05:00 Moscow time (02:00 GMT) to accept, Russian troops would have established safe corridors outside of Mariupol starting at 10 am Moscow hour (07:00 GMT), initially to allow Ukrainian soldiers and “foreign military” to be disarmed and to leave Mariupol.

Two hours later, Russian security forces claimed they could have permitted convoys of medicines, food, and other items to be allowed to enter the city safely after the removal of roads was completed.

The deadline was set, but it passed, and it was gone.

If Russia were able to capture Mariupol, this would aid in creating an area of land between two regions in eastern Russia: Donetsk and Luhansk, which Russian-backed separatists rule, and Crimea, which was taken over in 2014 by Russia during 2014. But Mariupol’s advocates have remained firm.

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There is a growing concern about the situation for humanitarians as Yaroslav Zhelezniak, who is one of the Ukrainian Members of Parliament from Mariupol, has called it “hell in the middle of Earth.”

Residents spend most of their time in basements or shelters. In the meantime, authorities say that Russia continues to wage war on the city from the air, land, and sea.

Photos show a city that is devastated, with whole areas destroyed. Mayor Vadym Boychenko stated that more than 80% of homes were broken or damaged, with a third of them needing repair.

Bodies are being thrown out in the streets since it’s too dangerous to remove them.

Mr. Gurin claimed that teams can still not clear the rubble of the theatre that Ukrainian officials believe was attacked by Russia on Wednesday. Many people are believed to be in the basement that escaped the attack. Moscow has denied that it targeted the building.

“The services cannot clean this debris because the shelling continues and the bombing doesn’t stop. It’s extremely risky,” he said. He couldn’t estimate how many people have managed to leave the area because “we do not have any connection to Mariupol.”

Since the war, officials estimate that around 250 people have died in Mariupol, but the real number could be much higher.

The previous attempts to evacuate the civilians of Mariupol have been thwarted from the city by Russian fire. However, local authorities claim that thousands of people have been allowed to evacuate in private vehicles.

The Ukrainian vice-premier reported that 3,985 people fled Mariupol to Zaporizhzhia on Sunday. On Monday, the government will send around 50 buses to collect more evacuees in the city.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has said the Russian siege is the definition of a “war criminal act.”

“This is a completely deliberate strategy,” he said. “They [Russian troops] have a clear directive to do everything they can to make the humanitarian crisis within Ukrainian cities an “argument” for Ukrainians to join those who are occupying.”

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