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US companies end their silence about abortion rights.



NEW YORK: After decades of carefully avoiding this taboo subject, more US companies are now taking a stand for abortion rights. This signifies that a new generation has more influence and different expectations than the previous generations.

Many American businesses responded publicly just hours after the leaked Supreme Court opinion suggesting that the national right to abort was being overturned.

Levi Strauss stated in a statement that “Given the stakes, business leaders must make their voices heard to protect employees’ health and well-being,” Protecting reproductive rights is one way.

Like the iconic denim brand Apple, Apple has pledged to pay for employees’ travel costs to other states to have an abortion.

Yelp stated that revoking the nationwide abortion right “will jeopardize the human rights of millions of women,” and urged other companies to “step up and safeguard their employees.”

In September, Texas passed a law banning abortion after six weeks. This was before most women knew they were pregnant. There were no exceptions for rape and incest. The stigma around speaking out is now broken.

Amazon, Uber, and Citigroup all stated that they would cover any additional costs Texas legislation may cause their employees.

“We are in an unusual political time when this issue’s back up as a pressing issue. It will force businesses to take a position,” Maurice Schweitzer, a professor from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of business, said.

“Businesses located in states that might overturn abortion access have to decide if they will offer this benefit by providing travel to locations where they could be accessed. Or are they? Neeru Paharia is a professor at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business.

“It forces many of these (companies), to take a stand about this issue.”

According to The New York Times, Tesla moved its headquarters from California into Texas and has pledged to pay for its employees’ expenses related to abortion.


Paharia said that the newfound courage of US businesses is linked to the fact that “in this country, people who support abortion are more numerous than those who oppose it.”

She said that the announcements made by leading companies are part of a “general trend,” which has been growing for the past decade and that “picked up steam” under Donald Trump.

Many companies are being pressured by their employees to address hot-button topics such as immigration, LGBT rights, and gun regulations.

Mark Hass, Arizona State University’s journalism and communication professor, said that “this is a new generational phenomenon.” “The millennial generation, Gen Z, are increasingly concerned about the company they work for and their values.”

He said, “Companies such as Apple, Amazon and Uber all depend on having the best employees.” “So their employees kind of become their North Star,” or guiding force.

Paharia agreed, “It’s tight labour market, certain job skills are difficult to find.”

She said that employees expect more from their employers in a country where trust in the government has been declining for years.

Schweitzer distinguished between the flagship companies of the new economy, whose employees have higher education than the average and can often work anywhere, and the more traditional companies that are sometimes found in more conservative areas of the United States.

These workers are often less mobile and skilled but have a more significant influence on their employer.

He said that tech companies would react strongly to it, whereas other companies would prefer to stay away.

Firms that publicly sided with the opposition have, unlike before, generally avoided any backlash, boycott calls, or smear campaigns.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio introduced Tuesday a bill that would prohibit companies from getting tax breaks for expenses related to abortion-related travel. However, the Bill is unlikely to be passed.

But, the “groups that are interested in restricting abortion accessibility, they’re not majority.” Schweitzer said that they appear to be winning this issue now. “So it’s not surprising that they are being quiet,” Schweitzer said.


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