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Knowing how much to pay pest control workers is one of the most efficient ways to keep and hire the best technicians.

This guide can help you whether you are looking to hire your first employee or if you have questions about how much you pay your pest control workers.

This quick guide will show you how to get the right compensation and win over all pest control technicians.

This guide will show you how to:

  • The average salary for pest control technicians in your area.
  • Consider these factors when deciding on a salary for a pest control technician.
  • There are many ways that bonuses, benefits, and perks can contribute to total compensation.
  • How to ensure satisfaction in the job of your pest control technicians
  • How much you pay pest control workers will affect your bottom line, quality of work, and attention to detail.
  • Remember that pest control employees reflect the image of your pest control company.

This article will provide you with all the information you need about how much to pay pest control workers.

1. Get a quote on pest control

Before you decide how much to pay your pest controllers, make sure to check your pest control prices.

You will need to determine your man-hour rate in order to determine if you are charging too much for pest control services.

You are in the business of selling time, so you should know how long it takes for your pest control technicians to complete certain jobs.

This formula will calculate your man-hour rate.

(number of workers) + (hours worked)


(Price of the job).

If your pest control technician spends 15 minutes spraying a yard of mosquitoes and charges $125 per spray (or $500 for a season), your hourly rate would be $833.

(1) x (.15).



Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled! Both you and your pest control technicians should keep track of the time spent on each pest control service. Pest control software is the best and most efficient way to track your time.

Now that you know what your man-hour rate is, you can calculate how much you can pay pest control workers. You must remember to allow for overhead costs and profit goals. Costs for marketing, insurance, gas, and gas.

Also, you need your pest control prices to cover your overheads and still make enough money to grow your business.

2. Find the average salary for a pest control technician

The salary of a pest control technician will vary depending on what position you are in. These wages can also vary between salaried and hourly.

Below are some salary ranges offered by pest control companies for various positions as pest control technicians:

  • Technician: $34,000-35,000 annually
  • Start Technician: $3,200-4,000 per month
  • Route Technician: $35,000-55,000 annually
  • Mosquito and Pest Control Technicians: $16-19 an hour
  • Field Technician: $60,000-100,000.
  • Irrigation Technician: $18-24 an hour
  • Apprentice Field Service Technician: $14-18 an hour

The above-mentioned salaries for pest control employees indicate that there are many salary options.

These salary ranges are too spread out to be used as a basis for employee wages. It is important to compare your salary with the salaries of your local competitors for similar positions so that you are able to compete with them.

This step will help you to understand the local competition in order to find out what it takes to hire the best pest controllers in your area.

3. Decide how to pay your pest control employees

Pest control companies typically choose to pay their workers hourly or salaried.

Let’s look at the most common methods of paying pest control workers.


You might pay your pest control workers an hourly wage, depending on your business’s needs.

This pay scale will allow you to pay pest control workers a fixed hourly wage up until they work 40 hours per week. You’ll then pay them half-time for hours worked beyond 40.

Pest control business owners often prefer to pay hourly wages because there is less chance of losing profits.

For entry-level positions and new pest control businesses, an hourly wage is a good option.

This method should be used if you are following the Overtime Laws in Canada.


Salaried pay is another payment option that pest control companies love.

For highly qualified employees in pest control and/or leadership, salaried compensation is almost an automatic offer.

Based on the local competition and your business setup, salaried salaries can be very effective in attracting top talent to your area.

Consult with your accountant or financial advisor to ensure you make the right decisions for your pest control company.

4. How to set your pest control technician salary

Pest control technician salaries are often very subjective due to the many factors that you must consider.

The pay scale you choose for your pest control technicians – hourly, salaried or flat – will determine how much you are able to pay them.

These are the key factors to consider when determining the salary of a pest control technician.


Different parts of the country may pay less or more due to differences in the cost of living.


The general rule is that the lower your unemployment rate, you will have to pay to attract pest control technicians.


You don’t want your pest control candidates to remain unemployed. To avoid that, you will need to compensate your employees.

5. How to keep your best pest control employees

Although competitive pay is important for keeping the best pest control workers, it’s just one factor to consider.

Other forms of compensation are important to the best pest control workers. These include benefits, company culture, and bonuses.

Therefore, aside from offering competitive wages, it is important to treat your pest control technicians well – listen to and treat them fairly, give them a clear career path, set goals, and open doors.

These are just a few ways to keep your pest control staff top-notch.

  • Plan 401K
  • Insurance for health
  • Incentive programs
  • Paid Time Off (PTO).

Events for team building in companies

Remember that these are only a few ways to properly compensate pest control workers.

Even though you might not be able to offer all these compensations at the start of your pest control business, you can still make it a priority and offer additional compensation as you have the budget.

Remember to always remember! Listen to your pest control workers’ concerns and needs and be open to their feedback. This is the best way for you to prevent your top pest control technicians from leaving you in favor of your competitors.

Learn how much to pay pest control employees to grow your business

Finally, you now know how much to pay pest control workers to help grow your business.

Talk to your accountant or financial advisor before making any financial decisions regarding your business.

When you are deciding on how to compensate pest control technicians properly, it is important to listen to the feedback of your employees.

Your pest control workers’ compensation is more than just money. It’s also about the company culture

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