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Google Offers Up to $100,000 in Career Certificate Scholarships for Small Businesses in the USA.



Google announced recently that they would give every American business 500 Google Career Certificate scholarships for upskilling employees. This could amount to as much as $100,000 in workforce training.

Google Offers Up to $100,000 in Career Certificate Scholarships for Small Businesses in the USA.

Google Career Certificates allow job seekers to study part-time for 3-6 months to acquire the skills necessary to fill positions within high-demand areas. There is no need to have a degree or previous experience to be eligible. These certificates are part of the Grow with Google campaign. New Google Career Certificates were recently explicitly added for digital marketing and eCommerce.

Digital Tools for Small Businesses

These certificates will help businesses learn how to sell products and services online and market analytics and measurement. This certificate is particularly relevant for small businesses, as the online market has grown dramatically since the Covid-19 pandemic. Nearly half of small business owners lack the skills necessary to use digital tools.

Two out of three small and medium-sized U.S. businesses reported that digital tools helped them find new business opportunities during the pandemic. This includes most Black-owned SMBs and Latino-owned SMBs. They will all benefit from digital marketing and the e-commerce Google Certificates that focus on the skills required to expand their online presence.

The certificates will give the recipients hands-on experience using digital marketing tools such as Canva, Constant Contact, and Hubspot. Small businesses will be able to retain and train their current employees and provide new skills to help them tap into new revenue streams.

Unlocking “New Areas of Economic Potential”

Lisa Gevelber (founder of Grow with Google) stated that technology continues to drive economic growth and create job opportunities. Both job seekers and employers need to have the skills to build an online presence and unlock economic potential. Google is delighted to assist with our Digital Marketing Certificate and E-commerce Certificate. We also pledge to empower every American business to train its employees free of cost.

Amy Schultz, Canva’s Global Head of Talent Acquisition, said: “We are proud to partner up with Google to help anyone improve their digital skills. Visual communication and digital skills are essential for every job. The world is rapidly becoming more visible.

We look forward to working with Google to empower people in a market about skills development.

Graduates will be considered for roles.

The program was developed by Google experts with input from many top eCommerce companies. It has been approved by the American Advertising Federation and the American Association of Advertising Agencies.

The program offers graduates access to a network of employers that includes over 150 companies, including Deloitte and Infosys, Verizon, and Walmart. Each member company has pledged to consider each certificate recipient for entry-level positions.

Since its inception in 2018, the certificate program has been completed by around 70,000 people. Three-quarters of these individuals report that the program positively affected their careers.


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