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Hero Brooklyn nanny faces fight for life – New York Daily News



A selfless Brooklyn nanny faces a daunting fight for her life after pushing a 1-year-old boy to safety from an oncoming truck that instead slammed into her.
Arcellie Muschamp, 52, remained in a medically-induced coma at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Brooklyn Methodist 10 days after shoving a stroller carrying little Rowan Duhaime to the side of the road on Dec. 20, with the pickup truck instead plowing into the heroic mother of two on a Park Slope street.
“We didn’t get the best prognosis,” daughter Rahzel Muschamp, 22, told the Daily News. “Right now she’s in a medically-induced coma so that her body can take the time to heal. This definitely will be an injury that will affect her for the rest of her life.”
The nanny, an immigrant from Belize, was struck while pushing the stroller across the intersection of Union St. and Fifth Ave. Eyewitnesses recounted her fearless act of courage before the truck slammed into her with enough impact to tear one of her boots in half.
The victim was rushed to Brooklyn Methodist, where she immediately underwent brain surgery, but has yet to make much progress in her recovery, said her daughter.
“The doctors are doing all they can,” she said. “The staff and doctors and nurses at Methodist have been incredible. Right now, it’s just up to my mom on whether or not she’ll be able to pull through.”
The comatose mom was a beloved figure in her Park Slope neighborhood, where she arrived in the 1990s. And Rahzel Muschamp said she was spending as much time as possible at her mother’s bedside, visiting every day.
“It’s incredibly difficult, but my mom has a really big family and we’re really grateful for the support we’re getting from everywhere,” said Rahzel. “We’re so in awe of all the support we’ve been receiving and everyone is rooting for her.”


Hamza Chohan

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