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LGBTQ online newspaper blasted for report on Ted Cruz's daughter's sexuality – Washington Examiner



An LGBTQ online newspaper is facing backlash on social media over a report published on Sen. Ted Cruz’s teenage daughter.
Social media users piled on criticism after LGBTQ Nation reported Monday on the sexuality of Cruz’s daughter, which she revealed on TikTok. Roughly 21 hours after sharing the story on Twitter, the tweet had garnered thousands of quote tweets and comments, some of which were full of profane condemnation.

Among the high-profile people who trashed the news site was conservative commentator Meghan McCain.
“Ted Cruz’s daughter is 13-years-old,” McCain wrote on Twitter. “This is exploitation of a minor and disgusting ethical malpractice on the part of the media.”

Ted Cruz’s daughter is 13 years old. This is exploitation of a minor and disgusting ethical malpractice on the part of the media.

Stop this. Leave her alone.
These people don’t care about Ted Cruz’s little girl, they are gloating over normal teen angst.
The same people who said stories on Obama’s college-aged daughter were off limits now have no problem reporting on Ted Cruz’s 13 year old daughter
Growing up is hard. Growing up in the public eye is even more difficult. Navigating and figuring out who you are and which paths to take is not easy. She is a minor with thoughts, feelings, and emotions—shame on you for using her as one of your political hit pieces.
Stop complaining about these perverts and report this tweet as targeting a minor for sexual content.
She’s a kid and you’re publishing this info on her. Pretty tacky.

She’s a child. What the hell is wrong with you?

Did a child predator write this? She’s 13.

Cruz’s daughter began using her TikTok account to answer questions users might have about being the child of a U.S. senator. As of Dec. 30, her account was made private, according to the Dallas Morning News.
The story by LGBTQ Nation claims Cruz’s daughter had pronouns and the word “bi” in her account’s bio. A screenshot of a comment thread showed her saying she had not told her father about her sexuality yet.


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