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More brands are tapping into the power of TikTok in the MEA region.



The paradigm shift in content creation has occurred over the last few years. It is now more simple and accessible for everyone and anyone, according to Shant Oknayan (head of Global Business Solutions at TikTok, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa).

According to Khaleej Times, this paradigm shift has led to content libraries expanding exponentially and new content genres flourishing. We expect this trend to continue as the consumer is back in control of the content they consume.

He said that TikTok serves content to its users based on their interests and consumption patterns. This contrasts with what they might be looking for or what their friends or family are sharing. People consume content that they find interesting, educational, and engaging. The possibilities for content on TikTok are endless.

He said that TikTok had essentially made it easy to create content. It put a studio with music and effects in everyone’s pocket, which allowed them to become content creators. Our consumers from content-driven communities allow for the evolution of content to be as diverse as these communities. We are witnessing a new type of word-of-mouth. This results in different content and movements on the platform and has real-world business impact.

The platform’s simplicity in content creation and consumption is another factor that makes it stand out. Any content can be viral depending on how many people engage with it. Our algorithm is fair and gives every piece of content the same chance of being discovered as celebrity content. Okay, said that any creator, regardless of their size, can instantly go viral if they are engaging with the audience. This gives brands a wide range of talent to choose from.

Okay was asked about the increasing number of brands using the platform to market their products and services. He said that TikTok is “a shopper’s paradise” that caters to all businesses.

He stated that TikTok for Business was launched in 2020 to enable businesses of all sizes to harness the power of TikTok and grow their brands. We also created tools to assess native advertising’s impact and value. The number of international, regional, and local brands that have explored the platform’s capabilities has grown steadily over the past two years. All these brands are using TikTok to gain insight into the culture and connect with the conversations taking place in their communities.

Okay also highlighted the incredible power of TikTok’s community to increase discoverability, which in many cases has led brands to become overnight success stories. He revealed that the secret to success is “Community Commerce,” where consumers seek validation before making a purchase. The TikTok community can be trusted as a source of peer review and word-of-mouth recommendations.

“You may be familiar with #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, which resulted in a variety of products, including Feta cheese, Sunset lamps, and KVD cosmetics, selling out in stores and continuing to have real business impact. Community Commerce is our vision of the future of marketing and is what TikTok stands for. He said that brands could achieve amazing results when advertising messaging is presented as an advertisement but enjoyed like entertainment.

TikTok’s annual “What’s Next Trend” Report was released earlier. It revealed that 67% of users in the region believed that TikTok had inspired them to shop, even though they weren’t shopping, and that 78% believe that brands that interact with users are the best.

It also identified content that experienced significant growth in 2021 or remained one of the most popular topics for Arab audiences. This report promises to have an impact on brands in 2022. In the GCC, Tech content consumption grew by 302 percent in 2021. Fashion content grew by 287 percent, Food & Beverage content rose by 197 percent, and Beauty content rose by 16%.

Oknayan stated that while these categories will continue to thrive, many other categories and subcategories are popping up every day. This reflects the community’s diversity and provides brands with the opportunity to reach out to relevant communities authentically.

When asked if the platform would see more collaboration between brands, content creators, and brands, he replied. Brands can not only speak to their audiences on TikTok, but they can also speak through them. To present authenticity and realness, brands can tap into the creator communities and consumer culture built on TikTok. This can be done seamlessly through the Creator Marketplace.

He said that brands realize the benefits of utilizing the platform to unleash their creativity, particularly when they work with our talented content creators and give them creative freedom to do what is best for them: to engage with communities authentically with them TikTok.


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