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The Reasons Donald Trump Should NOT Be the Republican Nominee.



Before you throw out a MAGA hat or Let’s Go Brandon flag at me, I want to clarify one thing. I was a voter in favor of Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. If he becomes the candidate in 2024, I’ll vote for him once more. However, when we think about his position in an election in 2024, it is imperative to use the retrospectoscope, as I did a few some time ago. In the end, it’s all 20/20. Also, as Santayana stated, “He who does not learn from his mistakes is bound to repeat his past mistakes.”

Donald Trump promised to Drain the Swamp. Instead, he sunk into the Swamp. While he managed to get lots accomplished, he believed employing “experts” or trimming the edges would suffice. But instead, the water streamed into every direction and suffocated every effort to get things completed.

Trump was even undermined by those close to him. 45 was angry when Vice President Pence declared that his position was only symbolic on the 6th of January. But he did have an analysis I wrote of the Constitution handed the subject by Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis, which would have allowed him to pass the election to the six states that were contested for their legislatures to examine. This was further supported by an opinion piece from a former Inspector General from the Department of Defense (who quoted my report from AT). But Pence attacked the President with a knife in the back, without mentioning “by you leave.”

VP Pence was much more damaging than the single incident. Scott Atlas, M.D., has repeatedly pointed out the flaws in Pence’s behavior.

As the Chair of the COVID response committee inside the White House, Pence politely took note of Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci announcing that a particular step should be taken. Dr. Atlas would then present an entire set of research studies proving that the proposed strategy was the wrong decision to make. The Vice President would then thank everyone for their support and adhere to the non-scientific plan that Fauci and Birx proposed.

Trump has blasted this harmful conduct, but he didn’t bring the expert he selected to discuss the issue. That would have exposed to the President the culprits, and he could end the saga. However, Pence, the consummate politician, let two incompetent virologists take over America and his MAGA presidency.

Image: Donald Trump. Public domain.

This desire to seek out experts, as he did for the Skating Rink and the Wollman Skating Rink, makes Donald Trump a poor selection to drain the Swamp. Donald is just too confident, which has bitten him in the unmentionables. Instead of a skilled business person, we need an assassin to the White House. There is no way to be polite when the situation requires explosives, not scalpels.

I’ve stated previously that Florida governor Ron DeSantis should be our candidate. I’m still of the opinion. Florida also has its Swamp (not its Everglades! ), and DeSantis has proved adept in navigating the Swamp. Cato rates Florida with the rank of “#2 in the world” in terms of freedom in the U.S., and thousands of people fleeing socialism visit the state every year, making Florida red.

No matter who is the candidate which one you choose, you must remove the snake’s head. Without this, all is lost. At the White House, the first job is to remove all those who are not directly involved in running the building. Cooks, gardeners, and housekeepers are protected. They could then be trusted lieutenants employed to perform the minimum amount of work. Staff numbers of hundreds aren’t required. Ron Paul famously suggested that should he be elected by the voters, he’d dismiss all but the most essential 16.

The next step is to ensure that cabinet departments are equipped with “Chainsaw Al Dunlap” heads. Failure to inquire “How much?” after being told to jump must be the reason for the immediate demotion.

Of course, as Civil Service rules make actual firing difficult, various methods could be employed. For positions that require a security clearance, this authorization can be canceled. Approvals are purely discretionary, and, if not obtained, an employee cannot perform the job and could not even be able to work. Add an appointment in the Department of Irrelevancy in International Falls, Minnesota, and you’ve got an excellent recipe for the resignation.

The criminal could receive some months of severance compensation from quitting without the hassle to make the situation sweeter. However, there is no need to fill in the Chair when the employee has left. Government agencies are known for being overstaffed.

We shouldn’t leave the station without mentioning that many Executive branch organizations damage our freedom and wellbeing. Every regulation should be scrutinized to ensure that it complies with laws and the Constitution, and failing grades lead to rescinding. Although space isn’t enough for lengthy discussions here, The most apparent department to be eliminated include those of the Department of Education and the National Institutes of “Health.” DOE is awash in debt while universities grow wealthy. NIH funds over 40 percent of all medical research, and you’re not eligible for funding for work that doesn’t fit with the Swamp’s traditional beliefs.

In the end, sunlight is the most effective disinfectant. FOIA requests are frequently rejected, strolled, and deleted. FOIA requests should be of the utmost importance for every agency. They must be answered fully, without redactions within the thirty days allowed by law. Employees who are not in agreement are terminated immediately for misconduct. The public has the right to be informed. It isn’t safe to trust the government if they’re kept in the dark.

In the house-cleaning process in civilian departments, every general staff officer who is above two stars must be removed. Selecting replacements is “interesting,” but proper examination, which includes information from the ranks, could enable the Below-the-Zone promotion of highly efficient officers. These officers are mostly politically-motivated, and, as General Milley showed, his compliance with the legally-binding orders of the Commander in Chief isn’t reliable. Security clearances for them should be immediately suspended to prevent the sharing of inside details with New York Slimes and other establishment organizations with bad reputations.

Donald Trump was fitting that the people should become the leaders of this country once again. But he’s certainly not equipped for the job ahead.

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