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What Is the Difference between Invisible and Brown Packing Tape



Did you know that tape was first invented by a surgeon?

You are right. Surgical tape is essentially the very first type of tape. It is interesting how the idea of having an adhesive strip got so popular that we now have tape for almost everything. From fixing thing to packaging stuff, there is a tape for everything. Today, however, we will stick to (no pun intended) packing tapes.

The question we will investigate today is what the difference between invisible and brown packing tape is?In all honesty, it seems like it is a matter of preference. If you have brown boxes and carton, you choose the brown tape. If you have white boxes or colored cartons, you will go for the invisible one.

We wish it were that simple so we could just end the discussion here, but things are actually quite complicated, not to mention, interesting at the same time. So, let’s break things down and explain each type of tape one by one.

The Brown Tape

This one has many names: the brown packaging tape, the box sealing tape, the carton sealing tape, or simple the brown tape. As the name suggests, it is brown in color because it is primarily created for brown corrugated fiberboard boxes or what we commonly call packaging cartons.

We have said it before, color isn’t the only distinguishing factor. The material they are made of and the type of adhesive used is what differentiates one tape from another. There are two main types of brown tapes. One is the polypropylene tapes in brown color. The other one is the brown Kraft paper tape.

 The color brown makes the tape blend with the color of the box,so there is definitely an aesthetic purpose to it. It is why companies offering delivery and shipment prefer using brown colored tapes to make their packages appear appealing when delivered.

Now speaking of material, poly tapes are the ones that are commonly used because they are more affordable and lightweight – but we will discuss that in the transparent tape section. For brown ones, let’s stick to the Kraft paper tape that works perfectly well for brown packaging boxes because the material and texture are almost similar. This tape usually has a rubber-based adhesive that works extremely well for paper. It sticks well and holds strong to the box.

In addition to its stronghold, the brown paper tape is actually easier to remove as compared to the poly tape. It can easily be torn without the help of a blade. However, you can rest assured that the adhesive is strong enough to keep the box closed even during the longest shipping route. These tapes also come with a water-basedacrylic adhesive. In terms of strength, this adhesive is just as strong as the rubber-based adhesive, but it is more resilient to extreme temperature and different storage conditions.

The Invisible Tape

When we say invisible tape, one naturally thinks of the Scotch tape, which is basically a brand name for transparent tapes made by 3M. Not every transparent tape is Scotch tape, neither is Scotch a good tape for all purpose. It is more appropriate for stationary related purposes.

Since we are talking about packaging tapes here, let’s put the scotch tape aside and talk about the invisible tape that goes on the cartons. It is usually the good old poly tape orpolypropylene tape. It has a hot melt adhesive. This kind of adhesives is extremely effective when it comes to packaging boxes. This tape can’t be pulled off or torn apart like paper tapes. You will have to use a knife or a sharp tool to cut it open.

The only downside of poly tapes is that that the adhesive is usually sensitive to high temperature and other external factors. If you are to store the package for a while, the tape might lose its strength unless it’s a temperature-controlled environment. So, it is best to use it for shipping but not for storage.

This kind of tape comes in different lengths and widths. For personal use, invest in a smaller roll unless you know you will use it all within a few months. Tapes usually don’t have a long shelf-life.

Conclusion – How to Choose the Right Packaging Tape

Whether you are looking for a tape for commercial use or personal use, you need to make sure you are well aware of the surface you want to use the tape on. Both the invisible and brown tape work great for cardboard boxes. You can speak to your vendor to learn more about the adhesives and size options available to you. For business related shipment and deliveries, the right tape can do much more than hold it together. Choose wisely!

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