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In recent years, WhatsApp has made many improvements to its system. WhatsApp, a social media app that started as a “social message app”, is now more business-oriented. Since then, users of the app have access to “business accounts”, which allow them to receive an automated response after sending a message. WhatsApp’s functionality will not stop there. The company recently announced that they are working on a new feature for business. The chat will let users manage their business orders. WhatsApp’s latest business feature will be “cover photo”.

Wabetainfo reports that WhatsApp is now allowing beta testers of iOS to create cover photos for their businesses to help them improve their profile. This feature has been in development for several months. Business profiles will have the option to view the cover photos. With the WhatsApp Business beta release for iOS, beta testers will now be able to feel the cover photos. This beta is now available through the TestFlight beta program.


Users will be able to add a cover picture to their business profiles after installing this update. Users will be prompted with a message letting them know that they can now add a cover photo to their business profile. The user can either tap on “Tap To Add Now” or go through their business profile to set up the cover picture.

Important to remember that chat information will show the cover photo. The cover photo should represent the business. This cover photo feature is currently only available for WhatsApp Business beta iOS. It will be available to Android beta testers soon.

To optimize your space, you will need a cover photo of 1211×681 pixels in resolution. You don’t need to worry if you cannot access WhatsApp cover photos on your Android platform. This feature will soon be available. A standard Whatsapp account cannot view cover photos. Because this feature is reserved only for WhatsApp business accounts, they will not be allowed to create cover photos. The public was made aware of this feature two days ago. There will be more improvements in the future.

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Do you think podcasts are the best choice for your company?



Podcasts aren’t new; however (along with the other audio formats), they’re still experiencing an eternal expansion. The potential isn’t overlooked by brands, with an increasing number of branded podcasts that are legitimately connecting with their listeners and sponsored and advertising possibilities. We sought out three expert panellists from The Drum Network: what’s the potential for brands?

Tamara Littleton, chief executive officer, The Social Element: the chance to have genuine intimacy

We’re seeing more companies add podcasts to their overall marketing strategy and develop innovative ways to engage and entice current and prospective customers. Podcasts are a great way for brands to create an image or a brand’s expertise and make customers followers.

For me, the appeal of podcasts is in the sense of intimacy they bring. My time is spent hosting The Genuine Humans podcast alongside my chief people officer Wendy Christie. It’s been an excellent way to get to know those who run the brands. It’s not just an opportunity to talk about corporate culture and leadership and culture but also to provide a place for marketing executives to share their personal stories, be vulnerable, and demonstrate that great brands are made by real people.

Daniel Liddle, SEO lead, Impression: an opportunity (only) to get the real

However, if companies are seeking an opportunity to make a hard sell, podcasts are not suitable for them.

Podcasting allows listeners to get acquainted or even become a fan of your brand. It’s a method of showing your brand’s knowledge, goals, values, and culture. If it’s not authentic and engaging, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of corporate podcasts that flood with audio stream services.

A few great examples of successful branding podcasts include Shopify, Basecamp and Slack. One thing they have in common with the fact that they are all digital is that they each have distinct individuality. It’s casual, and one could be found near the coffee maker or even after drinking after work. This could be a natural coincidence as it is situated in Silicon Valley.

The most important thing is that they’re pertinent. It’s crucial to keep the conversation around what people want to hear instead of what the business wants to dictate. Brands should think about the current topics around the globe and the impact or significance they can add to the conversation.

Rob Keery, marketing manager Anything is Possible: niche within-niche = trust in traffic

Of all the one-to-many channels, podcasting offers one benefit for its listeners that nothing else can compete with in the world: intimacy. The connections that podcasters create to their audience members are simple and strong. When brands work with podcasts to connect with those listeners, they get a genuine sense of confidence.

It’s not difficult to figure out that this is the case. The DIY origins of podcasting have resulted in an astonishing variety, depth and breadth of output, which means there’s a suitable podcast for everyone, regardless of the niche you’re in. A good podcast can give listeners a sense of belonging and home, feeling like they have found their community finally. Whatever your campaign’s resonance is, you will find the right podcast for it.

Online experiences are becoming increasingly shackled and controlled and controlled. Podcasting is one of the few pure organic channels that remain. It’s YouTube without the dangers of the comments or videos’ enormous mental load and demands.

A positive relationship with your audience is where the most worth of brands lies. They may not always be massive. It is possible to give creative control over to the podcaster so that their voice can be heard. However, with careful targeting and a careful brand alignment, the endorsement of a host read is among the most powerful credibility signals you can obtain.

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