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6 Software like Gemini 2 for Mac



When we use our system regularly it keeps on storing duplicate files, folders and unused applications. You forget to manage the files and delete the unwanted ones and that is the reason the precious hard disk space gets blocked by these unwanted files. Thus the problem you have to face is sluggish performance and storage issues. To get rid of the situation you need to download a duplicate file finder software that can deeply scan your Mac for the duplicate files, junk files, temp files and all the other redundant files that are blocking your storage space. Most of the users use Gemini 2 to clean and optimize their Mac.

Undoubtedly, Gemini 2 is one of the best and most effective Mac cleaner software but lacks many features which you can get in its alternatives. People are looking for Gemini 2 alternatives due to several reasons like it fails in clearing all the clutter and junk from the Mac and is quite expensive and that is also not worthy of the price.

Gemini 2 consumes a lot of system resources and is a heavy application. According to its price, Gemini 2 doesn’t offer a great range of tools which you can get in other Software like Gemini 2. If you are using Gemini 2 for Mac cleaning and do not satisfy with the software then you are on the right platform.

This article is specially meant for those users who are looking for software like Gemini 2. In this article, we will be discussing the top 6 software that are the best alternatives to Gemini 2 but offers more features, consume fewer system resources and are less expensive compared to Gemini 2. Let’s have a look at them.

6 Software Like Gemini 2 for Mac

1. iObit MacBooster

IObit MacBooster is one of the best Mac cleaning software which you can use instead of Gemini 2. The software is capable of optimizing your hard disk and boosting its performance. It has several tools which protect your Mac device from malware attacks.

It can scan the old and unwanted files that are hogging the disk space and making your system slower. The software consists of a built-in utility to identify and delete duplicate files. In this software, you will also get tools like Turbo boost and startup optimization.

2. CleanMyMac X

When we talk about the best Mac cleaning software one name that always strikes our mind is cleanmyMac X. It is a tool like Gemini 2 and is developed by the same company that is MacPaw. It is a great Mac cleaning software that consists of a drag and drop option to scan files immediately and handily.

CleanMyMac is a software that can also update outdated software. Using this application you can also get detailed information regarding each application so that you can easily know that which application is consuming what amount of disk space.

Apart from cleaning and optimizing the Mac it also protects your device against malware, virus,  ransomware and other malicious activities.

3. PhotoSweeper X

Another software which is an exact software like Gemini 2. It is capable of removing all the junk and unwanted files from your Mac. It is the best software that can manage your photos library and iPotos. The software helps you to organize your library by removing duplicate and blurred photos.

PhotoSweeper X is the foremost application that is easy to use and has a simple user interface. It allows you to review scanned files in three different ways; face to face, one by one and all in one. Using this software you can also delete duplicate photos and videos from external device.

4. DupeGuru

DupeGuru is another reliable software like Gemini 2 that makes your Mac device clutter free. It scans for the duplicate files in two ways; filenames or contents. Using the filenames scanning feature can bring out the duplicate filenames even when they are not specifically similar.

For finding the duplicate music it uses a special music mode that can scan tags, display music related information in the duplicate results window. It can also scan similar looking photos.

DupeGuru not only lets you delete the duplicate files but also allows you to move or copy them in different places. Apart from Mac, the software is also available in Windows as well as Linux platforms.

5. Duplicate Cleaner

Next, Duplicate Cleaner is also a prominent Mac cleaning software that you can use instead of Gemini 2. Duplicate Cleaner is a software that can quickly identify all the duplicate files such as photos, documents, videos, music and other files and removes them to free up a huge amount of disk space.

This is the best duplicate photo finder for mac whether they are edited, cropped or resized. Duplicate cleaner comprises a huge array of advanced tools like advanced filtering, snapshot states, finding duplicate folders, searching inside zip files, etc.

The user interface is very simple and you can easily start searching for duplicate photos. Its Assistant selection helps you in selecting files by groups, dates, drives, folders, etc. It uses advanced visual comparison techniques to discover all types of duplicate images. It is an all in one tool to make your Mac clutter free and run it smoothly.

7. TidyUp

Last but not the least, TidyUp is software like Gemini 2. It is a Mac cleaning software that can wipe out the waste and junk files from your device and boosts its performance. It can remove the duplicate files to free up the hogged up disk space.

The software has the ability to remove duplicates from the Lightroom library. It deeply scans your system and finds duplicate files from different locations. It is a free mac cleaning software.


The above mentioned are some of the nicest alternatives that you can use in place of Gemini 2. With these tools, you can get more features than Gemini 2 at better prices. I hope the above-mentioned software can help you in recovering the lost storage space which is equipped with duplicate files and all the other junk files.


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