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A Closer Look At Hudson Technologies Inc. (HDSN)’s Financials.



The closing price of Friday was Hudson Technology Inc.’s (NASDAQ: HDSN) shares were trading down -$0.12 and was lower -2.71 percentage to $4.30. The average number of shares traded daily during the past five days was 317,380. Over the past twenty days, an average of 327,705, whereas during the last fifty days, it had been 228.846. Five times the number of new record highs have been recorded during the past five days, and there was an average of a $0.49 increase in the same period.

Since last month, HDSN stock has risen 11.69%. The company’s shares dropped to $3.48 on February 14, 22. This was the lowest point over the last month. The 52-week high of $4.89 was recorded on 01/03/22 following a rally from the 52-week low of $1.25. Since the beginning of the year, HDSN’s share price has fallen by -3.15 percent or -$0.14 and has reached the first new high. The stock has slid by -12.07 percent since its 52-week highest point.

Insider Transactions

Hudson Technologies Inc. (HDSN) was last updated on insider trading activity the previous day, 79 days ago, on December 16. ABBATECOLA, the company director, sold 10,000 shares for $3.76 on December 16. The result was a $37,590 divestment for the insider. ABBATECOLA VINCENT P sold 23,000 shares for an average of $3.84 on December 15. Insiders now own 140,297 shares after the sale. On December 10, Director ABBATECOLA P purchased 35,320 shares at $4.04 each. The deal was valued at $142,799.

Valuation Metrics

Hudson Technologies Inc. (HDSN) has an estimated P/E ratio of 9.66. In addition to figures, the trailing price-to-sales (P/S) ratio is 1.07, and the price-to-book (PB) ratio is 2.81. The company’s beta is 1.23.

In the three months ending September 29, Hudson Technology Inc.’s quick ratio was 0.80, and its current ratio stood at 2.00, which suggests that the business is not capable of paying off its debt. According to the company’s report, the long-term debt-to-equity ratio for the period that ended on September 29 stood at 1.11, and the total debt-to-equity ratio was 1.29. In terms of profitability, the trailing twelve-month gross margin was 33.90 percent. The year ended on September 29, the EBITDA margin amounted to 8.13 percent, whereas operating margins were 19.00 percent. Based on data from the year, HDSN earned $35.41 million in net profit and raked in $147.6 million of revenue.

The management of a company is additional factor investors consider when determining the value of their investment. Last year, the return to the investment (ROI) reached 4.80 percent. The return to equity (ROE) in the previous twelve months was 42.90 percent. In the last year, the average ROE was 10.38.

Earnings Surprise

According to Hudson Technologies Inc.’s quarter-end financial report from September 29, the company reported that the company’s total liabilities were $74.25 million. According to the information on earnings, it was reported that the company posted more net income in the latest quarter than in the prior quarter. The revenue of HDSN grew by 31.62 percent to $60.55 million in the period as net income crept upwards by $60.65 million. Analysts had expected Hudson Technologies Inc. to publish $0.12 quarter-end earnings. In reality, the amount came in at $0.34 per share. That’s which beat expectations by 183.30 percent. Hudson Technologies Inc. earned $18.74 million in EBITDA in the first quarter. Hudson Technologies Inc.’s liabilities Hudson Technologies Inc. were 130.19 million at the time of the most recent quarter ending September 29, and the total debt of the company stood at $93.22 million. The value of equity in the shareholders’ was $43.97 million.

Technical Picture

This short technical analysis looks the Hudson Technologies Inc.’s (HDSN) prices’ momentum. With a historical volatility rate of 89.09 percent, The RSI 9-day average was 63.95 percent on March 04.

HDSN shares trade +15.28 percent above their 20-day simple comforting mean and +31.10 percent over the 100-day simple moving average. However, the shares are currently trading around +8.31 percent higher than its SMA50 and +109.76 percent above its SMA200. Concerning the five-day moving mean, the price at current Hudson Technologies Inc. price is up +12.86 percent, or $0.49.

The Stochastic coefficient K was 83.02 percent, and the Stochastic coefficient of D stood at 73.91 percent, while ATR was 0.31. Based on the Stochastic measurement of 73.88 percent for the 14 days, this RSI (14) value is 60.50 percent. At the time of writing, the reading of the MACD oscillator is 0.27, and the 14-day task is 0.37.

Analyst Ratings

Hudson Technologies Inc. downgraded its rating for Hudson Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: HDSN) to a Neutral in a letter to investors on August 12, 2019. The analyst firm had previously held a Buy rating for the stock. Analysts give Hudson Technologies Inc. (HDSN) an Overweight rating. According to the brokerages of 0 agencies, HDSN is a sell, and 1 recommends it as an investment. There are no analysts who believe that the stock is not worth it. 0 analysts give the Hudson Technologies Inc. stock as a buy, with one suggesting it to be overweight.

What is HDSN’s price goal for the next twelve months?

With a median price target of $5.00, The most recent consensus forecast of the company’s stock ranges from $4.00 between $4.00 and $6.00. Based on these estimates, analysts expect Hudson Technologies Inc. (HDSN) will hit an average price goal of $5.00.


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Education business about poor people

Education business about poor people

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While there are many business opportunities in the education sector, it’s important to be aware of the challenges that come with working in this area. Poor people face many obstacles to getting a good education, and businesses that want to help them must be prepared to deal with these challenges. By understanding the needs of poor people and being prepared to address them, Education businesses about poor people can make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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