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Big Data Analytics Startup Kyligence Secures $70 Million to Power Cloud and AI Innovations.



Kyliegence, a highly advanced and future-generation startup in big data analytics, has raised $70 Million in its latest Series D funding round. The announcement was made on Wednesday.

Kyligence, a San Jose company, offers an AI-powered analytical platform. It can deliver sub-second query responses against petabytes. It was initially called Kylin Technology by the founders of Kyligence, an eBay company based in Shanghai, China. It was later donated to the Apache Software Foundation in 2021.

Kylin then launched Kyligence in 2021 to provide a commercial version of open-source technology. It also offers additional capabilities and features to help businesses. The core OLAP functionality of the system (online analytical processing) allows for great speed in data analysis and queries.

The firm also launched Kyligence Cloud 4 in January 2022. This is the first cloud-native release of the Kylin platform.

The Kyligence business model is built on Apache Kylin. This distributed analytics engine allows for the multi-dimensional analysis of large datasets.

The company said it would integrate the funds raised to improve its global expansion and customer adoption. The company used the funding to fund its research and development in building machine learning and cloud-native technology.

Luke Han, co-founder, and CEO, expressed excitement about the market. They stated that “today’s cloud-native data warehouses and data lake analytics are struggling to deliver cost-effective analytics as a user and data volumes explode.” He said that Kyligence could significantly improve the economics and profitability of these platforms through its cloud-native architecture, AI-augmented operations, and other features.

He added that Kyligence customers could expect unparalleled performance and concurrency combined with a unified semantic layer. “Our investors know that we are moving in the right direction because of our commitment to innovation, customer focus, and cost control for cloud analytics.

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CenturyLink vs Suddenlink: Comparing the Pros and Cons to Determine the Better Option.



In the world of telecommunications, two of the biggest names are CenturyLink and Suddenlink. Both companies offer a range of services, including broadband internet, digital TV, and home phone services. Deciding which one is the better option for you can be difficult, so we’re here to help. In this article, we will compare CenturyLink and Suddenlink on key factors such as speed, reliability, customer service, and cost.


One of the most important factors for customers is the speed of their internet connection. CenturyLink offers broadband speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps, depending on your location. On the other hand, Suddenlink offers speeds up to 940 Mbps in some areas. While both companies offer high-speed internet, Suddenlink has a slight advantage in terms of maximum speed.


Reliability is another key factor that customers consider when choosing an internet service provider. CenturyLink has a solid reputation for reliability, but Suddenlink has a slightly better record in terms of network uptime. Suddenlink has also invested in its network infrastructure, which has helped to improve its reliability.

CenturyLink vs Suddenlink

Customer Service:

Customer service is a critical aspect of any company, and it’s no different for internet service providers. CenturyLink is known for having friendly and helpful customer service, but Suddenlink has a slightly better reputation for its customer service. Suddenlink’s customer service representatives are known for being knowledgeable and able to solve problems quickly.


The cost of internet service is an important factor for many customers. CenturyLink is typically more expensive than Suddenlink, but it also offers more features and services. Suddenlink, on the other hand, is a more affordable option for those who want high-speed internet without the added features.


CenturyLink and Suddenlink have their strengths and weaknesses. CenturyLink offers a wider range of services and is known for its reliable customer service, but it is also more expensive. Suddenlink is a more affordable option with a slightly better reputation for its network uptime and customer service. Ultimately, the best option will depend on your individual needs and budget. We hope that this comparison has helped you to determine which one is the better option for you.

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