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Bravo TV Cost in Australia: How Much Do You Need to Pay?



Bravo is among the television networks based in America and is famous for its efficient television series like The Real Housewives, Flipping out and many more. Now operated by Comcast’s NBC Universal affiliate, Bravo TV began its acclaimed reality TV programming in 1980.

You can stream Bravo TV in Australia with or without purchasing cable television services. To enjoy the entertainment you want with Bravo TV, you will need to utilize the streaming services of the networks like Hulu, YouTube TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, etc.

After the Bravo free trial offer in Australia After the trial, the Bravo TV cost of subscription differs based on your preferred streaming media. To find out what is Bravo TV costs in Australia and the various Bravo TV deals, read this article.

What is Bravo TV’s cost in Australia and its Pricing plans?

The Bravo TV cost can vary according to the streaming service. For instance, Sling TV offers two monthly plans that cost AUD24.72/US$35 and AUD70.78/US$50. However, streaming platforms like fuboTV offer Starter, Pro and Elite programs ranging between AUD92.00/US$64.99 up to AUD113.23/US$79.99.

The Premium Peacock plan will cost you around AUD7.07/US$4.99 per month. However, you’ll need to shell out around AUD14.15/US$9.99 for a month to watch ad-free. If you choose Youtube TV, Bravo and other channels on the platform will cost around AUD92.04/US$65 per month.

What are the Bravo TV Deals?

Below are a few Bravo TV deals that will be beneficial to you.

What channels are available on Bravo TV? You can stream Bravo TV by subscribing to various streaming channels like fuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu, Youtube TV, DirecTV, Xfinity Choice TV, Fubo Elite, Spectrum TV, etc. These streaming services online offer viewers a variety of entertainment choices.

When you sign up to one of these platforms, you won’t just have access to Bravo TV but also to several other channels.

Bravo TV is usually on Channel 237 (SD) and Channel 1237 (SD) if you are signed up to DirecTV. However, when you have an account with Dish Network, you will see Bravo TV on Channel 129 (SD) and Channel 9492 (HD).

FAQs – Bravo TV Cost in Australia

What is the price of Bravo each month in Australia?

What is Bravo TV for free?

Do I have to pay for Bravo?


The streaming service offers varied content, including Bravo TV programming in Australia and Bravo TV Movies in Australia and through Bravo TV when you purchase an account on streaming platforms such as Hulu, Sling TV, DirecTV, fuboTV etc. Pay of Bravo TV cost in Australia may differ based on the choice of streaming service.

If you aren’t satisfied, you can end Bravo TV services. For more information on the Bravo TV app’s costs, read on and scroll through the entire post. If you have any questions, leave a comment below, and we’ll be in touch whenever we can.


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Innovative Alchemists: Unleashing the Genius of Technical Masterminds



In the dynamic realm where circuits hum, code weaves its intricate dance, and innovation is the currency, there exists a league of individuals who transcend the ordinary—Technical Masterminds. These aren’t just engineers, developers, or architects; they are the innovative alchemists, turning bits and bytes into technological gold. Join us as we delve into the minds of these visionaries, exploring the unparalleled genius and transformative power that defines the world of Technical Masterminds.

“Tech Alchemy Unleashed: Decoding the Minds of Technical Masterminds” is not just a title; it’s an exploration into the wizardry of those who navigate the digital realms with finesse. This article is an invitation to unravel the layers of creativity, problem-solving prowess, and visionary thinking that set Technical Masterminds apart in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

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As we navigate through the digital alchemy of Technical Masterminds, the article becomes a celebration of the minds that fuel the technological marvels we encounter daily. It’s a recognition that, in the realm of technology, Technical Masterminds are the driving force behind progress and innovation.

“Tech Alchemy Unleashed: Decoding the Minds of Technical Masterminds” is not just an article; it’s an ode to the alchemists who turn lines of code into digital symphonies, who engineer solutions that redefine industries, and who navigate the complexities of the tech landscape with unwavering expertise.

As Technical Masterminds continue to chart their course in the ever-expanding horizon of technology, “Tech Alchemy Unleashed” invites us to appreciate the brilliance, the ingenuity, and the transformative spirit that defines these individuals. It’s an exploration of the minds that turn tech dreams into reality, leaving an indelible mark on the digital tapestry of our interconnected world.

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