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Do I purchase a brand-new model or a second-hand Kubota Tractor?



There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding to purchase a new or used Kubota Compact Tractor, particularly in the current economic environment we’re facing. In recent years there has been an enormous rise in the demand of consumers, which has increased the stress on the chain of supply that has led to a global shortage of both new and used Compact Tractors.

The majority of this is due to an absence of raw materials like Steel and Rubber, and as a result, it is no wonder that the Used Compact Tractor Market has increased in size. The price for New Tractors has also increased due to the inflation rate.

If you’re considering purchasing New and Used Kubota Compact Tractors, this article will aid you in making an informed investment.

What is a compact tractor?

A small tractor can be described as a tool developed to complete many different tasks. They are available in various dimensions and shapes, generally between 15 and 60HP (horsepower), to accommodate various customers, subject to their needs and budget. Today, most reliable brands have power steering and are equipped with a rear 3-point connection which allows you to connect various accessories (implements) to the Tractor’s rear. They’re usually driven by an engine in the rear that is a PTO (power lift-off). Some come with a dual-speed feature to operate specific implements at a lower speed. (revolutions per minute).

Compact tractors are generally classified into two distinct categories for various applications. These tend to be manual gear drives or hydrostatic oil drives. Each type has its advantages and drawbacks.

Things to take into consideration when buying an old or new compact Tractor:

What Type of Tractor?

In the first place in your search to purchase New or used Compact Tractors, it is important to determine what kind of Tractor you want. In most cases, it is described as Manual Transmission (Geared) and Hydro Transmission (Hydrostatic).

It is then necessary to determine the right size for your needs, usually determined by the HP of the Engine (HP). If you’re considering buying a Used Compact Tractor, you might have to wait to locate the exact model you need.

For more details on choosing the right Compact Tractor, Please read our blog: How to choose an efficient Tractor and what should you consider?

Why buy a Used Compact Tractor?

It is typically dependent on budget, but this isn’t always the case. In recent times, the cost of Used Compact Tractors has rocketed. This is why it is crucial to research the market and make sure that you are paying the market price and not paying more than you should for an older model, and in this case, you might think about purchasing a new one.

Always check if a full-service record is readily available when purchasing a Used Compact Tractor. If it’s an auction or purchase from a dealer, try for a guarantee when feasible. A reputable dealer will usually offer any used item with a 3-month comprehensive mechanical warranty. It is also recommended to ensure the machine is maintained and in good operating condition before delivery.

Why buy a New Compact Tractor?

Purchasing a new Compact Tractor assures you of security and will provide dependable service. In the majority of cases, you’ll be capable of negotiating an agreement with your local dealer, which in turn will be able to offer complete after-sales service packages that include parts, service, and warranty.

Most reputable manufacturers offer an extended warranty of 2 years for their Compact Tractors. Recently, Kubota has launched Kubota Care which offers a guarantee of peace of mind that extends to five years. It offers consumers a premium product at a very low price. In addition, most Kubota dealers can offer an affordable service plan for the same time frame, allowing customers to budget more efficiently and maximize efficiency.

A GGM Service Agreement is a simple and flexible way to budget the regular maintenance your equipment requires. There are many advantages to choosing an agreement for service, such as:

  • Priority response
  • The prices are fixed for the duration of the contract
  • Standards of quality service
  • Engineers with specialist training
  • Extended Machine Life
  • Peace of mind
  • Increased resale value
  • Costs that are budgeted

Another advantage of our service agreement is that we provide service to all models and makes. We ensure that the servicing is done according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for service. We offer a warranty of 18 months for Kubota components, environmentally friendly disposal, free machine health test, and all oil and filters will be covered.

The GGM service contract ensures that maintenance is scheduled, costs are affordable, and you’ll have complete security about your purchased machine.

Which brands should you look into?

Kubota is widely regarded as the top name for the Groundscare Industry However, other brands that are reputable, like John Deere, Iseki, and New Holland, are worth looking into.

There are other brands that provide equipment to fit those with a smaller budget, including TYM, Branson, Farmtrac, and Solis, among some. However, the reliability, aftersales support, and residual value of these manufacturers’ products aren’t as certain as those of the more well-known brands. In general, Kubota and John Deere Tractors seem to maintain their worth better than the majority of


If you’re planning to purchase New or Used Compact Tractors, Be sure to conduct your study. Take a look on the internet and locate a local dealer. This is usually the best place to begin because they have a knowledgeable person who will give you some helpful advice.

If you’re looking at an older machine, make certain to inquire about the full-service history and also ask someone who’s mechanically inclined to examine the machine prior to making a decision.

If you are considering buying an entirely new machine, make sure you talk to multiple dealers. Be aware that the lowest cost doesn’t necessarily mean the most value, even if you are discussing the same item. !

It is essential to take an eye on dealer customer reviews on the internet. You must take note of their aftercare and breakdown service times, as well as their parts warranty and service back. If a dealer does not offer you the possibility of a service package, it is likely to indicate that they are more concerned with selling you a product is related to the services you will receive.

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The “001-$wag$-sfap49glta4b7hwyl5fsq-3802622129” might appear like a jumble of random letters, numbers, and symbols thrown together, but upon closer inspection, it really has a cryptic message.

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