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The earbuds may be onto something. However, the execution isn’t quite there yet.

What I’m looking for from an electronic device for sleeping. I’m looking for something to aid me in falling asleep to sleep, block out my husband’s snoring, wake me up in time, and let me know how I did. So far, the majority of sleep-related technology I’ve seen can be classified into two types: fitness trackers that are designed to monitor how well you sleep and audio-based devices that assist you in falling (and remain) asleep. I’ve yet to discover one device that combines both categories effectively. Therefore, I was cautiously optimistic about getting an item that could be described as $249.99 Kokoon Nightbuds – the earbuds promise to accomplish all this, along with additional benefits like adaptive audio and the option to select the content you want to listen to.

In essence, the Nightbuds result when you cross the Calm application with the Bose Sleepbuds II and the Oura Ring –– an equivalence of the existing sleep technology and everything I’ve ever wanted. However, they are headphones and, after several years of testing an array of sleep gadgets, wearable devices for sleep have a difficult time finding the perfect combination between comfort and battery longevity. These include wrist-based trackers and earbuds; however they have specific challenges. With a slender profile, you’ll have a sour inner pressure in your ear, sounds from friction, and the buds were frequently disappearing mid-sleep. Regarding the battery’s life span, what is noise-masking when it blows if my cat gets into a fight with the cat in her 3 AM patrol around the bedroom? I don’t know how many times I’ve awakened feeling groggy, looking beneath the mattress for an AirPod Pro with zero percent battery.

The Nightbirds amazed me with their comfort. They are small at 5.4mm and comfortably fit into your ear. The product also includes a variety of ear tips sizes, and I did not have difficulties finding one that I liked the most. However, the neckband’s design poses some concerns: Would I need to separate the wires that run through my hair? The control box would be uncomfortable against my neck? I was delighted to discover that neither of these issues was an issue. There is, however, an adjustment time. The first night, I found the Kokoon on the floor of my bed, under the blankets, possibly because I cut off the pieces while I was sleeping as they were uncomfortable. After a few days, I was able to get rid of the issue.

The battery life was not as spectacular. The Kokoon is advertised to last at least 10 hours per charge. In actual use, it lasts for about two nights. The Bose Sleepbuds II has a similar battery, but the case can double as a charger, meaning you don’t need to connect anything to the outlet for at minimum 4 to 5 days. A similar case would have been ideal here.

Content can be the difference between success and failure for sleep technology that relies on audio. It’s one of the reasons that apps like Calm as well as Headspace are so well-known. This is why you’ll find that the Kokoon Nightbuds both shine and are let down. They aren’t the best. MyKokoon app’s library of programs is small, and the programs I did hear also didn’t have the most outstanding quality. It’s got the job done, but I’ve also found better versions in many applications, sleep gadgets, and YouTube.

Brighter Mornings is designed to keep you energized each morning, and you have only two options, each of which is less than three minutes. Its audio material is split into four sections: Go To Sleep, The Fear of Being Anxious, Feeling Nervous Disrupted Sleep Brighter Mornings. I have listened to the two before cleaning my mouth and brushing it. I’m not planning to play the same tracks every single day. There’s more choice in various other areas; however, there’s too much overlap. It was not helpful that one of the sessions in the sleep section required me to locate and concentrate on an object within the room while I was asleep in the dark with my eyes shut.

This session was likely designed for use during the daytime; however, the Nightbuds aren’t the best for daytime use. They can be used as regular earbuds. It even comes with a microphone to make calls. But, it was not worth the cost. You’re required to bill more often, and the volume controls are awkwardly placed in the neck’s back. For the quality of sound, it’ll work for the moment. However, it’s not what I’d choose if I want to have crystal clear sound when I call or truly appreciate my music. In addition, I’d feel uncomfortable using it in a workplace setting or when out and about.

The absence of content isn’t too bad since the Nightbuds allow you to listen to your music. I can launch MyKokoon’s Calm app and listen to some of the Sleep Stories while also playing the soundscapes I like using MyKokoon. MyKokoon app. I can also listen to my playlists! This was among my biggest complaints about Bose Sleepbuds II. Bose Sleepbuds II. Although the Bose also comes with a uniform profile and a more extensive library of sleep music, they can’t connect to your phone for audio, meaning that meditations and audiobooks aren’t possible. The soundtracks are preloaded, which means you’re restricted to the sounds available within the Bose Sleep app.

However, my preferred feature is that Nightbuds reduce the volume when it senses that you’ve fallen asleep. This is a feature that a lot of sleep apps offer; however, What makes it stand out is that, once you’ve lost asleep, you’ll notice that the MyKokoon application will switch to the option of different-colored noise (pink, white, black, and brown, to be precise). In-ear noise-blocking will be much more beneficial than standard white noise machines. Also, If you’d like to take it further, you can set that device to get you to sleep. In reality, it’s easier than joining several devices to accomplish similar things. However, while the fade of the audio was influential in my case, the alarm was not effective. In all my tests, I have never had these headphones succeed in waking me as it was their job.

This leads me to the app’s most frustrating feature that tracks sleep. Many nights of sleep weren’t properly followed or didn’t sync with the app. Kokoon Chief Executive Officer Tim Antos told The Verge in an email that the company was aware of the issue and is planning to release an update in the coming weeks. However, the results from nights that were monitored weren’t as helpful. Unfortunately, this is an optical heart rate monitor located in the right earbud. In theory, this should give you better heart rate monitoring since the ear is among the ideal places to install optical sensors. However, the app does not utilize the fact that it monitors heart rate or variability, a well-known measure of stress and recovery beyond sleep stages.

Check out my latest results. The MyKokoon application claims that I achieved 90 percent efficiency in my sleep and displays an image showing my stages of sleep. This is in line with that of the Oura Ring, but the rings also give me additional information about my level of readiness, which isn’t as good since I ran fast during a run earlier than I usually do. I received the same recommendation in my Garmin Fenix 7S, which also gave me sleep ratings of “restless” and “fair.” The latter two are far better for making plans for my day.

Another tab is the “Insights” tab which analyzes your sleepover time; however, the information is simplified, and I cannot view my sleep history beyond two weeks. It’s perfect if you’re only seeking a birds-eye perspective of your sleeping habits, but it’s basic if I try to understand how my long-term routines affect my sleep.

I could ignore the Nightbuds imperfections were it not for the cost. They were not cheap. At $249.99, the Kokoon Nightbuds are too expensive for the overall experience to be so mixed. Bose Sleepbuds II are equally costly and don’t offer the same — however, they’re an excellent product and execute their main job very well.

I was so hoping for this Voltron of the device to fulfill its promises. However, I came away with a product with an amazing idea but with mediocre execution, at a cost, I’m not willing to shell out. Perhaps a new model of Nightbuds will eliminate all the wrinkles, and I’ll be able to get that elusive all-encompassing sleep gadget. For now, we’ll keep looking.

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